February 2020 Minimalistic Bullet Journal Overview

I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020.

This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020. I note that this will be brief because there is very little that is different this month from January’s spread. As I mentioned in my 2020 overview video, I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. Let’s get started.

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The Minimal Gold January Process

As I have mentioned before, this year will be pretty simple and basic. So, this month’s theme is incredibly similar to January’s theme concept. At its core, my theme is gold and minimal. However, I have made minor functional changes (describe below). In order to create my golden theme, I primarily used Sakura Pentouch Paint Pens in 2.0 mm Gold.

The Layout Descriptions

As promised, I want to talk about the changes I made to my format this month. The largest changes are where I used gold, where I used black, and the composition of my February cover page. As you can see, this month’s cover page is essentially the same; however, instead of a notes and future events section, I simply have two horizontal lines in gold. I did not use the section last month and felt there was no use for it in February.

Next. I swapped where I used gold and where I used black on the weekly spread. This month, I outlined the boxes and columns in black and did all of my headers in gold. I do not know why I did not do it this way in January, to be honest with you. It makes more sense to me this way and I am glad that I made the change.

Additional Layouts

Next, I added a few additional layouts to my bullet journal this month. These layouts are non-specific to February but were added between the months of January and February.

The first of these layouts is my content calendar. I wanted to create a concrete weekly calendar to show me when I should be rolling out new content each week at ElizabethJournals.

Next, I created a semester overview. At first, I was not going to do this layout; however, I found myself wanted to go and look at an overview and not having had one. So, naturally, I created a very simple overview with only my major projects and assignments.

And lastly, I created a watering and fertilizing tracker; however, I have not yet completed the layout. To be added is the header and most recent waterings (written on a sticky note on my desk). I have a large collection of houseplants and it is becoming harder and harder to remember my last fertilizing and watering.

If you love houseplants and want to come alongside me in my houseplant journey, check out ElizabetPlants, my houseplant YouTube channel!

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15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February is known for Valentine’s day, and in February I find that bullet journals often get themed in pink, red, or purple featuring hearts and love letters, etc. However, February is so much more than Valentines day. This article will teach you a little bit more about February and show off a variety of February cover page options!!

There is more to February than Valentine’s Day?

  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Zodiacs: Aquarius (1st through 18th) & Pisces (19th through 29th)
  • Holidays:
    • Chinese New Year
    • Groundhog Day (2nd)
    • Valentine’s Day (14th)
    • Presidents Day (3rd Monday)
  • National Cherry Month
  • Black History Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • The 3rd week of February is National Flirting Week

Learn about more February Events and Holidays HERE.

Beautiful Body February Cover by @bulletjournalnoob

I love @bulletjournalnoob’s work, her Instagram is one of my favorites to follow and of course this spread does not disappoint! Check out Bullet Journal Noob’s feature HERE.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Pigs in Love by @serendipity.bujo

I didn’t want to include too many Valentine’s Day themed layouts, but I find this one to be absolutely adorable! How cute are those pigs!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Hello February By @chris.ellee

The artwork in this layout is absolutely gorgeous! How adorable are those roses! They feel almost like they are in a comic.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Minimal February Cover by Rediscover Analog

I love a good minimal cover page and Rediscover Analog delivered! The font in this layout gives me 1920’s vibes.

My Hello February Cover Page

This is my layout for February 2019! Gold is my 2019 theme so I thought I’d go all out for February and just slather the page in gold.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Simple Pink February by Zigs Zags & Zebras

While this is another that seems to fit Valentine’s Day, it’s also simple enough that it doesn’t have to. Also, I LOVE the font used for “2019.”

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Heart Candy Hello by It’s Me JD

Candy hearts!! I love these stupid little candies so much that I can’t even be mad about it’s technical Love-theme. I would use this layout any month!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Lion by @witchi_art_bullet_journal

How amazing is the art of this spread!? @witchi_art_bullet_journal does some seriously amazing artwork in her journal that I highly recommend you check out!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Feathers by Joliecious

Feathers! I love that these feathers are simple, yet detailed, and also they are so colorful! This is a seriously fun spread!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Lightbulb by Plan with Ady

I love this super simple hello page for February! Some watercolor and a lightbulb is all you really need!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Hello February by Between the Steps

This style of artwork is seriously so amazing! I love how she even got the dark blue to fade! Such an amazing alternative to Valentine’s Day themes.

Hello February Crystals by Jihi Elephant

I created this cover for a client of mine and I absolutely love it! I love using watercolor and it turned out so amazing in the form of crystals!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Roses in February by @capricorn.journals

THese flowers are seamlessly beautiful! How amazing did this layout turn out!! The color choice is absolutely perfect as well!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Thistle & Roses by Plant-Based Bride

Thistles and roses is a gorgeous theme idea for a February cover page! The semi-circle simply ads to it’s beauty.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Watercolor Space February Cover by @creativebujo_

Last but not least is amazing watercolor space February cover page. This one is for sure one of my favorites!!

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February Gold Bullet Journal | Plan-with-Me

I really struggled to come up with a theme for February. But, I settled on gold because I do not like theming my months around significant holidays, at least not obviously. I also don’t really care for Valentine’s day so I had to get creative. Check out what I came up with for my February gold bullet journal spread.

Golden Theme

Instead of a Valentines, pink, red, or heart-themed layout, I thought about doing cherries—a recommendation from someone on Instagram, I also thought about something black and minimal. Neither felt right. When working on a client planner, the thought hit me! I would go solid gold for February. This will match my minimal gold theme for the whole planner and felt inspiring!


There are two distinct layouts in my February spread the hello page and the weekly spreads. The hello layout is coated in gold paint. In the center in a simple cursive font is “February.”

The weekly layouts are also painted with gold all except the center, enough space for 7 columns. These columns are identified by thick black lines. In a capital print font is the day of the week and date at the top of every column. February and the week number are in a similar cursive to the hello page, at the top of both pages.

Updated Layouts

Tools Used

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Periwinkle February 2018 Bullet Journal | PWM

For February, it is common to see pink and heart themes in bullet journaling. With Valentine’s Day being the major holiday of the month, that makes sense. However, while I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, I had no interest in theming my bullet journal that way. I chose to focus on periwinkle and keep it minimalistic. This post may contain affiliate links

February Theme

As I mentioned above, my theme is periwinkle color using my Tombow dual brush pens. I then felt the title page needed more and added the flower. Throughout the entire month’s layouts, I title using the same periwinkle color. Other pens used include Staedtler pigment liner, size .8, and Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens. I am not sure how i feel about the theme as a whole, but it seemed like a pleasant change from the generic pink and red February hearts and Valentine’s Day themes.

Monthly Layout

This month is ultimately the same as last. I shrunk the calendar to fit on one page then put goals and running to-do on the adjacent page. I like the idea of this layout including goals and a more generic to-do list for items that do not have a due date. If you are interested to learn more about running to-do lists, head over here.

Weekly Layout

Again, my weekly layout is the same as January’s layout. This is a grid layout involving eight rectangle-spaces with periwinkle titling. Each Rectangle gets a day of the week and I leave the eighth space blank for weekly goals or notes.

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