Red & Gold Mosaic December Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

This month I decided to use red and gold as my main theme. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

Each month I create a new theme for my bullet journal. This month I decided to use red as my main theme. I added gold and decided to use mosaic stamps. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

The Red and Gold Mosaic Theme Process

I have always done red and gold as a theme for December because of the holidays. Further, I prefer not to do red and green, its just not my favorite combination of colors. This year, because I have already done a gold theme in February, I stuck with red as the main color. Then, because in the past few months I have done more solid painting, I chose to use the mosaic stamps. Lastly, as usual, I chose gold for my metallic and for all of the lines and headers. The gold is difficult to see over the mosaic, but that does not bother me and I did not want to use black.

The Layout Descriptions

This month is very similar to that of my November bullet journal set-up. For the title page, I mimicked that of my April spread. Red mosaic stamps cover the majority of the page. Then, in the upper third of the page, I have used the ink pad to create a more solid red area. In this area of solid red, I wrote the header in a gold minimal script font. Then, on the top and bottom of the solid red area, I bordered in gold as well.

Following the hello December page is my weekly spread. This spread is split into two distinct parts. The first part, or left page, includes a half-hourly tracker from 7:00 AM until 10:30 PM. This page includes Monday through Saturday. The second, or right page, includes 6 rectangles. Each of these boxes represents a day of the week, and I split the sixth into two for Saturday and Sunday. The left page is meant to track my schedule by the half-hour; whereas, the right page is for my all-day events, holidays, due dates, and daily to-do’s.

The final part of my December bullet journal set-up is the Christmas gift tracker. This year, I spent very little time on this layout and did not intend for it to be very beautiful. First, I coated the background in red watercolor paint. Next, I roughly outlined the circles in gold and drew the header on in a minimal gold script. Finally, I connected the circles, which are meant to be Christmas bulbs, to the top of the page with red. The gold and red are both difficult to see; however, the layouts is functional. Next, I titled each circle in red script lettering. The purpose of this page is to list Christmas gift ideas according to each person I have to shop for.

Products Used

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December Bullet Journal | Red & Gold

This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year, and the only redeming quality of winter here in Michigan. Each year I go crazy for my December bullet journal utilizing gold and red (my favorite holiday colors). This year is, of course, no different. Check out my December bullet journal below. This post may contain affiliate links.

A Throwback to December 2017 Bullet Journal

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December Bullet Journal Theme | Red & Gold

Per usual, this month’s theme is red and gold. I generally used watercolor paint for the red and stamp ink, gold washitape, and Sakura Pentouch Gold Paint Pen for gold. This year, I went all out and covered the majority of my pages in red pain. I then added gold detailing via themethods described before. The title page is no different as it features a goldcircle. Outside of the circle is red paint and inside of the circle is golddetailing. December is written in gold, andthree gold Christmas trees are drawn minimally. Over the top of thered paint is gold Christmas trees added via stamp. These are not very bold andcan really only be seen when the light shines on the gold ink.

December Layouts

Before even entering my December layouts, I created a gift planning page. This year’s gift planning page is similar to that of last year and was placed before my hello December page since I began Christmas gift shopping in November. This spread features gold cursive titling off of which 8 ornament bulbs are hanging. The left page features two green bulbs, a red bulb, and a yellow-gold bulb. The right page features two red bulbs, a green bulb, and one yellow-gold bulb. Each bulb features gift ideas and pricing of these gifts for one person or couple.

Following the gift layout is the hello page described before, then the weekly pages. For each of the weekly layouts, I sketched in 7 columns per usual, except this time the columns are outlined in gold. Outside of the columns, everything is painted red and gold washi tape lines the right-most side. The main headers are in gold cursive and the letters which show the day of the week are in a minimal cursive followed by the date in a subscript. Just like in the title page, over the red paint are minimal gold Christmas trees from stamps.

Tools Used

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Plan with Me | December Bullet Journal Layout

It is finally the last month of 2017! December’s bullet journal layout is the last that I will be putting in my current bullet journal. This means this is the last time you will see this notebook! I know, you don’t really care, but that is still crazy to think about, is it not?

Anyways, this month’s bullet journal layout has a central theme: CHRISTMAS! I have tried to stick with red, green, and gold. I found this beautiful hello December inspiration (with minor modifications and my own touch of course). This is the simplest and least sparkly page I created this month, featuring a reindeer!

Monthly Spread

This month I gifted myself with some Arteza watercolor brush pens and played around with them. I used a red pen and a green pen to highlight certain areas. The rest of this layout is very basic and simple, utilizing calligraphy handwriting done with Tombow brush pens. The linework was done using Plugis liners.

Weekly Spread

For the first week of December, I didn’t go crazy. I was playing around with handwritten calligraphy using my Tombow brush pens. Other than the new font, I kept this spread very simplistic.

So, I am absolutely in love with this week’s spread. I used some script stamps on the sides and some beautiful gold washi tape. Then I accented the black and gold with red script and calligraphy handwriting. This layout was super simple to create but so good looking!

For this week’s bullet journal spread, I combined the use of my Arteza watercolor brush pens and Tombow brush pens. I even snuck some silver in on Christmas Eve, for this I used a Pilot extra fine point paint marker. I used the watercolor to give this layout the feel that it was at a Christmas tree farm, I love it!

Last, but certainly not least is the spread for Christmas week! I wanted this layout to be simple and elegant. I purchased some beautiful gold washi tapes and lined each page in it. Then I used simple red titling. Of course, I wanted Christmas to stand out, so I used more washi tape to indicate this day. You cannot really see it in the photograph, but I used some stamps to label Christmas day in gold ink with a little gold Christmas tree.

There were no tracking pages this month, but check out these tracking layout ideas!

Did you do something special in your bullet journal for Christmas?? Tell me about it in the comments!

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