February 2020 Minimalistic Bullet Journal Overview

I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020.

This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020. I note that this will be brief because there is very little that is different this month from January’s spread. As I mentioned in my 2020 overview video, I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. Let’s get started.

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The Minimal Gold January Process

As I have mentioned before, this year will be pretty simple and basic. So, this month’s theme is incredibly similar to January’s theme concept. At its core, my theme is gold and minimal. However, I have made minor functional changes (describe below). In order to create my golden theme, I primarily used Sakura Pentouch Paint Pens in 2.0 mm Gold.

The Layout Descriptions

As promised, I want to talk about the changes I made to my format this month. The largest changes are where I used gold, where I used black, and the composition of my February cover page. As you can see, this month’s cover page is essentially the same; however, instead of a notes and future events section, I simply have two horizontal lines in gold. I did not use the section last month and felt there was no use for it in February.

Next. I swapped where I used gold and where I used black on the weekly spread. This month, I outlined the boxes and columns in black and did all of my headers in gold. I do not know why I did not do it this way in January, to be honest with you. It makes more sense to me this way and I am glad that I made the change.

Additional Layouts

Next, I added a few additional layouts to my bullet journal this month. These layouts are non-specific to February but were added between the months of January and February.

The first of these layouts is my content calendar. I wanted to create a concrete weekly calendar to show me when I should be rolling out new content each week at ElizabethJournals.

Next, I created a semester overview. At first, I was not going to do this layout; however, I found myself wanted to go and look at an overview and not having had one. So, naturally, I created a very simple overview with only my major projects and assignments.

And lastly, I created a watering and fertilizing tracker; however, I have not yet completed the layout. To be added is the header and most recent waterings (written on a sticky note on my desk). I have a large collection of houseplants and it is becoming harder and harder to remember my last fertilizing and watering.

If you love houseplants and want to come alongside me in my houseplant journey, check out ElizabetPlants, my houseplant YouTube channel!

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Minimal Gold January 2020 Bujo Plan-with-Me

With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! For January 2020's theme, I went with a very minimal gold concept!

With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! There are many changes coming to the website including new products, freebies, and more. So, it is only natural that I also refresh my bullet journal to match! This year I have gone for something significantly more simple, yet also very similar to before. If you want to check out my 2020 bullet journal concept, click HERE. Otherwise, let’s jump right into my January 2020 bullet journal set up!

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

The Minimal Gold January Process

Because of my incredibly busy schedule currently, I plan to keep this year’s planner very minimal. For this reason, there is not much to my theme process. At first, I was using only gold. However, I quickly realized this was too much gold and decided to add some more black. But, that is it. I used gold lines and some headers, the rest is black. The fonts chosen for all the headers was a bouncy minimal script.

The Layout Descriptions

For this month, I decided to keep my cover super simple. However, I also wanted something for a monthly overview without doing an entirely monthly spread. So, I decided to combine my very minimal gold cover page with a box or section for major dates or events for the month. I am not entirely sure if I will use this section, but I like to have the option.

The only other pages in my main spread are my weeklies. I kept the same layout as previous months. Further, there is a half-hourly tracker on the left page for Monday through Saturday. This section tracks clients, appointments, events, etc. Whereas, the right page tracks due dates, all-day events, and daily to-do’s. Saturday and Sunday share a box. For these layouts, the theme remains minimal gold. However, I used black for the header and sub-headers and gold for the lines.

Bonus Layouts!

After creating my normal spread, I became inspired to use my bullet journal to track and plan my upcoming membership launches (stay tuned) and some courses I’d like to create this year. While most of these pages are primarily blank at this time, I kept with the theme. I put the main headers up the left side using a gold bouncy minimal script and simple black print and script lettering.

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Red & Gold Mosaic December Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

This month I decided to use red and gold as my main theme. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

Each month I create a new theme for my bullet journal. This month I decided to use red as my main theme. I added gold and decided to use mosaic stamps. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

The Red and Gold Mosaic Theme Process

I have always done red and gold as a theme for December because of the holidays. Further, I prefer not to do red and green, its just not my favorite combination of colors. This year, because I have already done a gold theme in February, I stuck with red as the main color. Then, because in the past few months I have done more solid painting, I chose to use the mosaic stamps. Lastly, as usual, I chose gold for my metallic and for all of the lines and headers. The gold is difficult to see over the mosaic, but that does not bother me and I did not want to use black.

The Layout Descriptions

This month is very similar to that of my November bullet journal set-up. For the title page, I mimicked that of my April spread. Red mosaic stamps cover the majority of the page. Then, in the upper third of the page, I have used the ink pad to create a more solid red area. In this area of solid red, I wrote the header in a gold minimal script font. Then, on the top and bottom of the solid red area, I bordered in gold as well.

Following the hello December page is my weekly spread. This spread is split into two distinct parts. The first part, or left page, includes a half-hourly tracker from 7:00 AM until 10:30 PM. This page includes Monday through Saturday. The second, or right page, includes 6 rectangles. Each of these boxes represents a day of the week, and I split the sixth into two for Saturday and Sunday. The left page is meant to track my schedule by the half-hour; whereas, the right page is for my all-day events, holidays, due dates, and daily to-do’s.

The final part of my December bullet journal set-up is the Christmas gift tracker. This year, I spent very little time on this layout and did not intend for it to be very beautiful. First, I coated the background in red watercolor paint. Next, I roughly outlined the circles in gold and drew the header on in a minimal gold script. Finally, I connected the circles, which are meant to be Christmas bulbs, to the top of the page with red. The gold and red are both difficult to see; however, the layouts is functional. Next, I titled each circle in red script lettering. The purpose of this page is to list Christmas gift ideas according to each person I have to shop for.

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Burnt Orange November Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Autumn is in full swing and I wanted to celebrate with burnt orange, autumn leaf-colored spread. Keep reading to learn about my struggle and disappointment!

Autumn is in full swing and I wanted to celebrate with burnt orange, autumn leaf-colored spread. I also decided to completely change up my spread. Keep reading to learn about my struggle and disappointment!

The Burnt Orange Theme Process

My goal for my November theme was a burnt orange color to represent falling autumn leaves. I figured I would mix my orange paint with the brown and call it a day. So, I did this. And while the paint was wet, it looked perfect! However, as the paint began to dry, it became a generic orange. I was and still am disappointed, but I do not have time to fix it. Instead, I have accepted this flop and decided not to be upset about it!

I originally used copper colored lines; however, this looked bad and so I replaced it with black ink, even though this made the theme appear even more Halloween based than it already did. Again, this was a disappointment, but I had no time to try to figure anything else out.

The Layout Descriptions

There are two layouts that I generally use for my November spread–a title or hello page and a weekly layout. This month, I decided to spread my hello November page over two pages. I painted them orange and then wrote “November” across the two pages in a white minimal script. Then, surrounding the header are 8 little white falling leaves.

My next spread is completely new this month. Because of the recent changes in my schedule, I needed to create something that would work better for me. So, my weekly spread is broken into two parts. The left page is the schedule. On this page, Monday through Saturday are broken into half-hour segments from 7:00 Am until 10:30 PM. I then color in the time frames in which I have an appointment, session, plan, etc. Above this section is the header in a white minimal script and orange covers the background.

The right page of my weekly set-up is similar in that the background is orange and the week number is in white. However, this page is broken up into six boxes with the sixth box broken into two. The first 5 boxes represent Monday through Friday and the sixth is Saturday and Sunday split by a diagonal line. This page will be used for all-day events, due dates, and daily to-dos.

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Teal Mosaic Stamps | September 2019 Bullet Journal Layouts

Summer is over and school season has begun! For me, this means that I am beyond busy and it is time to crack down on my planner organization. For September, my theme is teal stamps. This article will walk you through my process and how I created my September teal stamps bullet journal spread.

The Teal Stamping Theme Process

This month’s process is much like my other processes. I decided to do something familiar and easy due to my schedule. While I was not sure what color to use, I eventually landed on using teal and white. I picked out an ink pad and began stamping. I realized that gold was far too yellow and instead went with copper which is more orange.

When I moved to work on my second page, I realized just how much the new ink bled through the pages. This led me to skip every other set of pages and glue them together to avoid the bleed through ruining the layouts. Additionally, I used scrap paper between pages while I was stamping. Last, of my process, I realized that the columns were difficult to read and write on because of the ink bleeding. So, I cut up pages from another notebook and glued down fresh columns. Then, I outlined these columns with copper as to hide the section edges.

Though there were complications, I really enjoy how these pages ended up!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my September spread includes a title or hello page as well as weekly pages. Additionally, this month I’ve included a fall semester overview.

First, the fall semester overview mirrors my spring semester overview. There are 4 columns and the 4th column is broken into two rows, December and August. Each section or column has a mini-calendar with major dates circled. Then, below the calendar is a list of major assignments such as presentations, projects, and exams. The main header is print and the sub-headers are in gold minimal script font. Lastly, note that each course was assigned a color.

Next the hello or title page is done in almost all teal ink. The majority of the page in covered in teal mosaic stamps. There is a section about one-third of the way down that is entirely teal ink with a copper border on the top and bottom. Finally, within this space is “September” in a white script font.

Lastly, my weekly spread is almost identical to that of my April spread. there are 7 copper outlined columns. Each column represents a day and has a white subheader over copper coloring. The main header is over teal ink in white script. The remainder of the pages features a teal mosaic stamp.

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22 Hello August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

I am fairly late to the August party with my re-brand and summer semester grabbing so much of my time. However, I hate to leave you hanging without a hello monthly roundup. So, here are 22 hello August bullet journal layouts ideas!

1. Underwater by @julia.pezowicz

I love the dimension of this two-page layout. If you can’t tell. the first page has a hole cut through it revealing a beautiful underwater scene! If you love this type of nautical under-water theme, check out more just like it HERE.

2. August Mountains by @fenkesjournal

I love the bold lines yet simplistic feel of this nature and mountainous themed hello august page. This one reminds me of my tattoo!

3. Avocado by @positive.journaling

Do you love avocados? This is such a cute title page in celebration of the avocado! Additionally, it’s such a fun green color.

4. Feathers and Branches by @bujotrulla

The artwork in this layout is stunning! I love the gentle watercolor feel of it. Also, I love the combination of feathers and branches together.

August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Happy Sunshine Yellow

5. Sunshine Yellow Hello August

This is a hello august page from my 2018 bullet journal. I love the use of yellow and sunshine so, naturally, I created this bright yellow sun page for august! Such a great summer aesthetic.

6. Lights & Crystals by @joanne_plans

I love this combination of styles. Not only are there lightbulbs but there are crystals and a geometric pattern in the header. This layout is gorgeous, yet minimal!

7. Hello August by @_coffeeandsarcasm_

What makes this layout stand out to me is the accident vibe of it. The different aspects seem almost accidental with the paint smudge and imperfect circles. It’s a phenomenal hello layout.

8. Hello August Lemonade by @marta_noli

Lemonade is a classic summer drink. The way @marta_noli depicts this drink in her hello August layout is super creative. I love the more cute and animated look on the left, then the more black and white photo-realistic version on the right.

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

9. Back to School Stationery

Here is another spread I created; however, I created this one for a client instead of my own plan-with-me. For many people, they are going back to school or getting ready to go back to school in August. So, it makes sense that school supplies are a viable theme for August!

10. Alien Invasion by @bujoforstars

You do not see themes like this one very often, so, you have to appreciate a good August alien invasion!

11. August Crystals by @tinysilverlinings

Here is another classic layout idea. The geometric, floral, and crystal mix and beautiful yet delicate. I love this combo of styles and themes.

12. Floating Islands by @nu.jour

How crazy cool is these floating islands!? The detail in the artwork is phenomenal and the feel the environment creates is amazing.

13. August Cupcake by @serendipity.bujo

What a cute little cupcake to welcome the new month! Additionally, this super minimal script lettering is gorgeous! I love a good minimalistic script font.

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

14. Watercolor Roses

You may have seen this watercolor floral theme or spread on my site before. Floral themes are very common and work with every month. Additionally, watercolor is very common and versatile. So, you can’t go wrong with a watercolor and/or floral hello August bullet journal spread.

15. Minimal Hello August by @kareninks

While the more artistic spreads are fun to look at, they aren’t for everyone. Here is a great example of a super minimal hello August bullet journal spread.

16. Hello August Lighthouse by @rox.the.planoholic

Here is a very summery spread! I love this nautical and lighthouse hello page. Additionally, I love the style that the waves are made of; it is very geometric!

17. Green Tree by @plansbythildra

How cute are these little patterned trees? I love the fun font and patterns used.

18. Hello August Watercolor Crystals & Gems

The crystal hello layouts I created for Sam’s custom notebook are some of my favorite layouts I’ve created. So, of course, I am going to include the August one here!

19. Hello August Koala by @vk_bulletjournal

I cannot get over how cute this little koala is next to this eucalyptus branch! Such a gentle, calm, and cute hell August layout!

20. 90’s August Vibes by @bujo.becca

90’s style is coming back into style and I couldn’t be more excited! I love these bright pastel shades mixed with geometric shapes. This layout is perfect.

21. Starry Night by @ginger.bullet.journal

I tend to stay away from darker layouts light this one myself; however, I absolutely love them! White on black can be done so beautifully and this layout is a perfect example. Also, you cannot go wrong with a nighttime sky theme any month of the year!

22. August Sunflowers by @bujoandcookies

You can’t go wrong with a bright and happy sunflower layout any summer month and August is no exception!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this round-up. What is your favorite August bullet journal theme?

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Sunshine Yellow July Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

It is officially summer, and that means bright, happy colors and sunshine activities. My bullet journal is no different! Each summer I like to use a yellow theme to celebrate the warm sunny weather. I decided that this year, July would be the month I used yellow. Keep reading to see how I created my sunshine yellow July 2019 bullet journal!

The Sunshine Yellow Theme Process

This month’s yellow theme is one I picked out back in April. However, I was not too sure how to execute the yellow theme. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my sunshine washi tape since my yellow summer layouts are the reason I created this tape.

I got busy and completely forgot what I was doing for July until I found my notes. In my notes, I had a few keywords and as I read them, I was inspired. I knew that I wanted most of the layout to be yellow. Yellow is a color that makes me super happy because of it’s bright summer-y feel. So, I decided to create a layout similar to my July theme, except I would create a border on one of the pages with my tape. I do enjoy how it turned out!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my July spread includes a hello page and then weeklies. First, let’s start by talking about the hello page. For July, the hello page is painted almost entirely in a bright golden yellow color. Then in the seam of the page, I have added a stripe of sunshine washi tape. Finally, in a minimal gold script, I have “July” written across the center.

Next, let’s discuss my weekly layouts. I generally follow a general design. I painted the space of this layout in the same yellow paint as the hello page. Then on the left page edge, I used the sunshine washi tape. Next, I outlined the seven columns found in the center of the two pages in gold ink.

Additionally, the header is in a gold minimal script font on the left page. Then, on the right page is the week number, again, in gold. Lastly, the letter and number indicating the day and date are in yellow at the top of the day’s column.

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13 Amazing Hello July Bullet Journal Layouts

Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by too fast? I sure do! Summer is my favorite season and July is the month we experience peak summer weather! No matter how you are celebrating and enjoying summer, I wanted to share some fantastic hello July bullet journal layouts!

July Dandelions by @seala.bujo

July Dandelions by @seala.bujo

It’s dandelion season where I live so this layout is super fitting for July! Not only is the subject fitting, but the colors are too! This layout is super bright featuring yellow and green.

Hello July Peacock by @cynthiabujo

Hello July Peacock by @cynthiabujo

This little peacock is absolutely adorable! I love the colors used on this peacock. Additionally, the lettering is beautiful!

July Mountainous Night by @shaydacampbell

July Mountainous Night by @shaydacampbell

I love hello bullet journal layouts like this one that uses circles as if they are windows. I feel as though I am looking through a window into another world and its perfect for a hello layout!

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello Sunshine in July for MariaVictoria

July is a sunshine-y month! And for that reason this hello July page is perfect! I created this page for MariaVictoria using Arteza watercolor brush pens and Faber Castell Liner in Medium. Regardless, I love how this layout turned out!

The original idea was to keep in on one page. However, for some reason, I decided to put the sun on both pages while keeping the header on one. I really do enjoy the effect this gives!

Hello Blue Snowcones! by @haleys_journal

Hello Blue Snowcones! by @haleys_journal

Ever had a snowcone? I LOVE them! Also, I love how this page incorporates snowcones! With it being warm and summery, you can’t go wrong with a summer treat!

Watermelon in July by @temi.journals

Watermelon in July by @temi.journals

Watermelon is a staple summer food. About this time of year, you find it watermelon featured in dozens of bullet journal layouts, and I love it! What makes this watermelon layout different then others is the texture of the artwork. The watermelon looks like a painted version of reality. How cool!?

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello July Red Roses for Alana

Here is another layout I created for a client. Alana’s notebook was full of watercolor flowers. For July, I created watercolor roses, and I love how they turned out. I think the use of watercolor and a floral theme are perfect for every month!

Summertime in July by @creative.krista

Summertime in July by @creative.krista

This layout is super creative. I would have never thought to do this for a theme before. Further, the hanging and taped up photos of summer items are so cute!!

Hello 4th of July by @jordanhowardjournals

Hello 4th of July by @jordanhowardjournals

Where are you from? In the United States, Independence Day falls on July 4th. So, this is an awesome layout to celebrate the 4th with red, white, and blue flags, fireworks, and ice creams!

Hello July Pink Flamingo by @ennbuljo

Hello July Pink Flamingo by @ennbuljo

Do you love flamingos? Of course, you do! This layout uses a flamingo in a super creative way. Additionally, the flamingo is paired with a pink rose and fun triangle. Also, the lettering is gorgeous!

July Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Introduction to Life of Colour Watercolor Brush Pens

Hello July Midnight Sky

This layout is one of my favorite hello pages that i have created for myself. I used watercolor pens to create a midnight with lights feel. Everything in this layouts except the black ink is watercolor. This particular hello page is even inspiring this year’s summer themes!

Hello July Ice Cream & Watermelon by @ana.b_art

Hello July Ice Cream & Watermelon by @ana.b_art

After writing this post, I am going to want to eat ice cream! This page is another adorable summer themed Hello July layout. It features some yummy ice cream and watermelon!

Hakuna Matata Hello Juillet by @ladoufamily

Hakuna Matata Hello Juillet by @ladoufamily

Who doesn’t love a good Disney theme? I am in love with this Lion King hello July page! Not only is the detail incredible, but the artwork is very well! Additionally, the lettering is beautiful!

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Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

I am not a huge fan of purple or cutesy-girly things; however, I wanted to create something using purple and decided to step outside of my comfort zone. While I enjoy the execution of this month’s theme, it is my least favorite theme so far for 2019. Here are my purple and floral June 2019 Bullet Journal layouts.