Pixie of Productive Pixie | Bullet Journal Feature

This month's feature is Pixie because her content is super cute and she has a great story to tell! Let's get on to meeting Pixie of Productive Pixie!

This month’s featured bullet journal is Pixie of @_productivepixie on Instagram. I chose Pixie for this month’s feature because her content is super cute and she has a great story to tell! To stick to talking about her bullet journal content, it is obvious her favorite color is pink and boy does she pull it off so well! Anyway, let’s get on to meeting Pixie of Productive Pixie!


Meet Pixie of Productive Pixie

Hi, I am Pixie, the blogger behind Productive Pixie! I blog about bullet journaling, productivity, fashion, and lifestyle. I love bullet journaling (Of course!), blogging, knitting, ballet, and doing calligraphy. Pretty much just anything and everything creative!

Facts About Pixie

  • I would love to travel to see the Eiffel Tower someday.
  • I am learning French just for fun.
  • My favorite color is pink! (It is probably rather obvious)

Pixie of Productive Pixie Bullet Journal Journey

Bujo Beginnings

I first heard about bullet journaling from a friend. I thought it was a great idea, but I had just bought a pre-dated planner, so I decided I would try it out later. Fast forward a few months (I had already failed my planner) I decided to start a bullet journal. I started in a composition notebook and made tons of tracker layouts. Well, after three months, I stopped using it because it took too much time to make a layout. So I went back to using a planner, but this time it was a ring-bound planner, and I made my own pages.

Getting Bored & Making Changes

Around a year went by, and I started feeling bored with the uniform printed layouts I had designed. I knew I couldn’t design new layouts every week or whenever I wanted to add a new page to my planner. Plus, I wanted to be more creative with my planner. It was back to the drawing board again!

I decided to start printing out dotted pages. And this worked great… for around half of a year, and then I started procrastinating. I didn’t want to make new pages. Further, I kept telling myself I would print out new pages the next day, the next week. I kept telling myself that bullet journaling in a binder was the perfect system because I could add and remove pages, have sections in my bullet journal, and use different types of paper. But, I didn’t really want to add and remove pages in my bullet journal. I didn’t use different types of paper, and I didn’t really need sections. So I decided to buy a new journal.

A Fresh Start

At first, I thought I would only use it for my bullet journal collections, but then I realized that I had no use for two bullet journals. So, I made the decision to only use the new one, which was a traditional style bullet journal. I also realized that I loved the paper quality and having dots on every page in my bullet journal! Lastly, I love sitting down to make new layouts!

This is where I am now in my bullet journal journey, but I know that my journal style will always be changing, so I just need to find what works for me at the moment!

Tips from Productive Pixie for Bullet Journal Beginners

My bullet journal journey is going to be different than yours, and I am definitely not a pro, but I have a few tips for you if you are feeling ready to dive into the wonderful world of bullet journaling.

Your Journal Does not Need to be Perfect

If you try to make your journal absolutely perfect, then it won’t be as fun, it might become stressful, and it will become time-consuming. The purpose of the bullet journal is to make your life easier, not harder, so don’t stress about imperfections and mistakes.

I like things to look perfect, but in the journal I am using now, I have been trying to draw and write things more freehand instead of doing everything in pencil first. I still sketch the general layout in pencil, but I don’t draw in all of the details like I used to.

Also, I tell myself that if I make a mistake, I can always fix it. One of my favorite bullet journal tools is to use a white gel pen to cover up mistakes. If you are a perfectionist, and you are hoping to break free from always having everything perfect, then buy yourself a white gel pen and start drawing freehand. If you make a mistake, you can simply cover it up and move on. I wish I had known about using a white gel pen to cover up mistakes when I first started bullet journaling.

Don’t Force Yourself to Bullet Journal Every Day

If you force yourself to bullet journal every day in the beginning, then most likely, it will turn into a chore, and it won’t be fun anymore. Form the habit of bullet journaling gradually, so it isn’t just another failed planner.

If you need a break from bullet journaling, then take it. Bullet journaling is supposed to help you have a more fulfilling life, and if it is not helping you to be happy, then take a break and come back later.

Find Supplies You Like

If you don’t like your journal, how motivated are you going to be to use it? I like to think of my first bullet journal as a “trial run.” Start out in any old notebook, but if you decide you like bullet journaling, then invest in a notebook and a pen you truly love.

It will make a difference! If your pen is scratchy and your pages are so thin, the ink bleeds right through every time you write anything, then it won’t be enjoyable to use. The supplies you buy don’t have to break the bank either! The notebook I am using now cost me less than $10, and I enjoy writing in it. If you love it, you will be more likely to use it. 🙂

Find What Works for You

It doesn’t matter if your journal isn’t like anyone else’s, because. if it works for you, then go for it! When I first started, I made almost every layout I could find. I went on Pinterest and read just about a million articles about bullet journaling. This is definitely unnecessary, and in the long run, it was what caused me to stop the first time. All those layouts were too much to keep up with.

While it is good to know the basics of bullet journaling, you don’t need to know it all. Your journal does not need to be perfect. Just find a cute notebook, which you like, and then take it from there. Your handwriting and layouts will improve over time. I know mine has!

Last Words

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this opportunity to be featured on your blog! I really appreciate it, and I enjoyed writing this article! 🙂


If you like Pixie’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Pinterest Here!

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Dee of @heraldeecreates | December Featured Bullet Journal

This month's featured bullet journal is Dee of @heraldeecreates on Instagram. I chose Dee for this month's feature because her content is amazing and she is such a sweet and reliable person! To stick to her bullet journal content, it is picturesque and satisfying to look at! Anyway, let's get on to meeting Dee of @heraldeecreates!

This month’s featured bullet journal is Dee of @heraldeecreates on Instagram. I chose Dee for this month’s feature because her content is amazing and she is such a sweet and reliable person! To stick to her bullet journal content, it is picturesque and satisfying to look at! Anyway, let’s get on to meeting Dee of @heraldeecreates!

Meet Dee of @heraldeecreates

Hello lovelies, it’s Dee from Heraldeecreates! I’m so excited to tell you how I started my bullet journal journey. But before anything else, let me give you a little background about myself.

Facts About Dee

  • My full name is Heraldee but you can call me Dee for short. I was named after the Christmas song “ Hark the Herald”. However, unlike the angel Herald, I seriously can’t sing. (too bad HAHA) 
  • I love staying indoors. If I go out you can either find me in a bookstore or a craft store. Well, sometimes I visit new places but that’s very rare.
  • I’m a dog mom. I have a 1-year-old rescued black labrador and he’s such an angel.

Let’s connect on Instagram or Pinterest!

Dee of @heraldeecreates’ Bullet Journal Journey

My Backstory

Last year, I had to quit my job from Hawaii and move to the mainland. My husband is in the Military and due to the nature of his job, we have to constantly move. Our move went as planned and everything settled perfectly. But the problem is not about the move, the problem is about me. 

I felt like I’m alone. My family is in Hawaii and I had no friends or relatives here. Getting a job is also difficult because we have to constantly move. I lost my sense of purpose and from then my confidence just went downhill. As the days went by, I found myself being crippled with loneliness and anxiety. 

How My Bujo Journey Started

One sleepless night, as I was scrolling through social media, I saw a post about bullet journal for mental health. I started to research more about it and decided to give it a try. My bullet journal journey officially started in May 2019. And from then on, everything changed for the better. 

I slowly regained my inner peace. My journal helped me empty my thoughts and clear my head.  I was able to narrow down the things that I have to do and I started achieving my goals. From then on, I became more productive and organized. It also opened a creative side of me that I never thought I had.

Aside from that, the bullet journal community is incredible. There are a lot of social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook groups that encourage each other. I gained a lot of friends who share the same passion as me. It truly is life-changing. 

Sharing the Good News

Bullet journaling brought such a huge positive impact in my life so I decided to take it to the next level and started blogging about my journey. I created Heraldeecreates to encourage creativity and positivity to my readers. 

Tips from Dee for Bullet Journal Beginners

Be You

There are a lot of gorgeous bullet journal spreads all over the internet. And honestly, as a beginner, it can be pretty overwhelming. But before you exhaust yourself in creating the “best” spread, take a step back and create something that reflects your style. Don’t try to replicate and match what other people do. Strive to create a journal that shows who you are and what you like. It doesn’t have to be lavish, start on something simple.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

When I first started my journal, I wanted everything to be perfect. I always get a ruler and try to make things straight and polished. If I mess up a little, I discard the page and do it all over again. It was exhausting! My obsession to make everything perfect caused me to be more and more frustrated with my journal. 

So please, don’t strive for perfection. Who cares if your lines are not straight? Who cares if you colored outside the lines? Don’t burden yourself with making everything perfect. Making mistakes is part of the journaling experience. Don’t stress too much about it. Accept it and move on.  

Just do it!

The new year is about to start and somehow you might still be on the fence about starting your journal. My advice for you is simple – just do it! Stop holding yourself back. If you know that journaling will be helpful to you, take the step and begin your journey. Stop worrying about the “what-ifs”, believe in yourself. I know you can do it!

Last Words

I hope I was able to inspire you with my story. If you have any questions, feel free to check my Blog or message me on Instagram or Pinterest. I’ll be happy to help.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

If you like Dee’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here!

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September Bullet Journal Feature | Caroline of @carolines.journal

This month’s bullet journal feature is @carolines.journal. Caroline's work is absolutely gorgeous and super unique and creative. Check her out!

This month’s bullet journal feature is @carolines.journal. Caroline’s work is absolutely gorgeous and super unique and creative. The bullet journaling community is a great place, and I love being able to share other bullet journalers, their journey, and some tips they have for bullet journal beginners. So, without further ado, here is @carolines.journal!

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Meet Caroline of @carolines.journal

Have you ever been part of the bullet journal community? If you are reading this post, you probably are. This community is the best one I have ever experienced. Bullet journalists have inspired and empowered me in so many ways! My name is Caroline, I am 17 years old and I live in the black forest in Germany. After high school, I would like to be a designer. For me, school can get very stressful. The bullet journal helps me to bring more fun and distraction in my, often monotonous school day.

Caroline’s Bullet Journal Journey

I came across the concept of bullet journaling through a friend of mine. She showed me her planner and I instantly loved it. I must say the concept just blew my mind. How had a managed to live with the pre-printed planner before? I could just design my personal journal, that was perfectly adjusted to my needs! Within the next month, I had already found a nice notebook (from lemome) and sorted out some pens to start. Like every start, I didn´t look flawless. To be honest I don´t like my first pages at all. But with time and practice, I got better and now, two years later, I even started my new Instagram page, which is very exciting! 

On Instagram, I often see a certain structure in the way people design their journals. There is a new theme every month. I personally never applied to such “rules”, because my creative mind gets bored way too quickly with one single theme and color palette. Every page is created by a new idea and totally different. This way I get to experiment a lot with different colors and styles. 

Since I have the bullet journal always by my side, I feel like there is more space in my mind. It might sound a little weird, but now that I can note everything that I need to know, I don´t have to remember any due dates and my head can focus on other important things. Moreover, I am more structured and less stressed. Bullet journaling challenges my creativity. It also forces me to overcome my laziness and draw more to improve my art skills.

Caroline’s Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

I have started bullet journaling 2 years ago, so I am just at the beginning of my bullet journal journey. Nevertheless, there is some advice that I can give you.

Be proud of your work! 

Even if the result might not always look the way you wanted them to be, you probably put lots of effort into your spreads. So, don´t let that tare you down. Mistakes happen and you will get better with every single page. Don´t worry if not every line is straight. Cherish your accomplishments!

Make your own rules.

Just because everyone else uses a certain type of pen doesn´t mean that you should do it too. The best part of bullet journaling is that you can create your own masterpiece. If you don´t like the monthly setup, just leave it! Think as free as you can it will allow you to make your bullet journal special and unique! I, for example, didn´t like the dark dots from the Lemome journal and so I bought one just with blank pages. Crazy right? Don´t follow everyone else’s and make your own.

Have a plan

This is more a practical issue, but I really wish I had thought about it before starting to randomly fill the pages. It is incredibly helpful to roughly know what you want to do. Make a mind map and brainstorm all your ideas, then think of a rough order and structure. I have my grades and my schedules on the first few pages. On the last pages, I decided to put a calendar and this system works perfectly fine for me. To plan even just a little bit beforehand will make your journal more organized.

A Note From Caroline

Thank you so much for reading. I will be very pleased to answer any further questions on my Instagram page (@carolines.journal). Lastly, I would like to thank Elizabeth very much for featuring my account!

Thank you so much for sharing, Caroline! If you like Caroline’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here! Thanks so much, Caroline for taking part in my bullet journal features and sharing your journey and tips with us!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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June Bullet Journal Feature | @istanbullet

This month’s bullet journal feature is @istanbullet. @istanbullet does some really creative work and is fairly new to the Instagram community! The bullet journaling community is a great place, and I love being able to share other bullet journalers, their journey, and some tips they have for bullet journal beginners. So, without further ado, here is @istanbullet!

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Meet @istanbullet

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank my friend, Elizabeth, for hosting me this month!

I’m İpek from Turkey/İstanbul. I’m 30 years old, and yes, sometimes I wonder why I’m late for that. But anyway, it’s not too late for anything! Further, I chose my Instagram name from the city I was born in and currently live in – Istanbul – @istanbullet. I hope you enjoy my planner, trackers, and drawings.

@istanbullet’s Bullet Journal Journey

Bullet journaling for me is a rehabilitation tool that takes me away from anxiety and negative thoughts. I don’t even know how many hours have passed while I was creating my pages. Of course, since I’m a night owl, it’s hard to go to work the next day. But the satisfaction of creating something gives me the power to spend my whole day.

Bullet journaling is not just a planner for me; it is an area where I can realize my art. When I finish the design of my pages, I love what I do at the end and like to share it with the people I’ve met in this community.

I’m a veterinarian, and I have been keeping agenda for six years as a part of my job. During these six years, maintaining agenda and writing something in my personal planner became one of the things I enjoyed the most. After a while, I wanted to add my drawings to my planner, and that’s how my bujo adventure started! So, I officially joined the bujo community in April 2019.

@istanbullet’s Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

1. Instagram page layout!

At least for me, the Instagram page layout is very important for the first time visitors to your account. Of course, your page layout doesn’t determine the quality of your works. But it will attract the attention of the visitors at first sight.

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

I really was so nervous about drawing or painting wrongly. But then I realized that no one but just I noticed that mistake. Your planner is your free area, and you are free to make a mistake! And also you can use a white gel pen or correction fluid on your wrong line and get rid of your wrong. 🙂

3. You don’t have to have expensive and branded items!

I have hundreds of different quality pens. I have both high quality and non-branded pens. But according to me, no matter which quality pen I use. The most important thing is imagination and design. And I’m feeling free to use my pens according to my theme. If you create a unique design, believe me, you will stand out from many people.

4. Don’t compare yourself with the others!

Yes, just follow your own style. Don’t count the number of likes or followers. Build your own bujo community with the people who can improve you and inspire you.

5. Try something different!

You can have your own style for sure. But to be open to new ideas is also a good way to develop yourself! Get out of your personal style, at least for once.

Thank you so much for sharing, @istanbullet! If you like @istanbullet’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here! Thanks so much,@istanbullet for taking part in my bullet journal features and sharing your journey and tips with us!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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May Bullet Journal Feature | Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae

May Bullet Journal Feature | Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae

This month’s bullet journal feature is Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae. Rachael does some seriously cool work. Additionally, she is super kind and great to talk to. The bullet journaling community is a great place, and I love being able to share other bullet journalers, their journey, and some tips they have for bullet journal beginners. So, without further ado, here is Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae!

May Bullet Journal Feature | Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae

Meet Rachael of Planning with Maggie Rae

Hey all! It’s Rachael from planningwithmaggierae.com, and I’m so excited to be featured by Elizabeth here on Jihi Elephant. I blog about bullet journaling and easy to implement time management strategies. The goal for me is to help people make the most of their time so that they can spend more of it doing the things they truly enjoy.

I’m new on Instagram but would love it if you would follow me, @maggie.rae_!

Fun Facts:

  • The last four digits of my phone number spell RACH. Thanks, mom 😊
  • I have a twin sister and both our eldest children have the same birthday, the day before ours (not creepy at all…)
  • My handwriting is abominable

Rachael’s Bullet Journal Journey

The Beginning

I was coasting. I was never late or forgot about appointments, and I never missed deadlines. But I didn’t plan, and I was scared of setting goals. So I did the minimum. I was lucky, though, my minimum was still a straight-A student with a part-time job that earned almost twice as much as my peers. I was doing fine but I wasn’t thriving.

After graduating university with an honours degree and having two beautiful daughters, I was still in the same spot. It hit me. If I kept doing what I was doing, I would stay right where I was. And that was a jarring realization.

Making A Change

I wanted to be somewhere different, so for the first time, I set a goal. Learn more about the method I used HERE.

So, I started planning my days in a way that would lead my life in the direction I had always seen myself going. I started with an agenda and swapped it out for a variety of different styles, but I could never find one that was just right for me.

Regardless, I needed places to put notes, tasks, goals, and accomplishments. I needed more space. But I couldn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for.

Trying The Bullet Journal

In my enthusiastic search to get my life together, I came across bullet journaling. It hit me like a ton of bricks! Of course, why wouldn’t I just make my own planner?

Uh, because I grew up believing I wasn’t creative or artistically gifted.

But the bullet journal was a productivity tool, and that was what I needed. I decided to commit and try it out. It was a decision that had a massive impact on my results at the end of every day. I was able to get a new job, which led me to open my own business and then adapting it into two more! I could stay on top of my meetings, my daily goals, my family responsibilities, and I even found that I had way more time than I ever realized I had.

My bullet journal made me more efficient and effective. And it let me dabble in some doodling. At first, I was super self-conscious. But, as I did it, I allowed myself to get creative in my journal, thus, allowing myself to think I was more capable when it came to my planning. I set bigger goals and got more confident.

What Bullet Journaling Has Done For Me

Because of my planning journey, I ended up with a business that brought in almost $400,000 in revenue in the first year. I was able to stop working in that business and start working from home and got more time with my kids. I started my blog and was able to make it profitable in less than six months. My bullet journal has been instrumental in this, and using it for goals and planning has been key!

I have a Learn to Plan Challenge on my blog you can sign up to for free if you’re ready to start making significant changes in your life too!

Rachael’s Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

Keep it simple, at least at first. It’s easy to get carried away with all the fun ideas and trackers that are out there. But by keeping it simple, you’ll allow yourself to get familiar with the system, what’s important and figure out what works for you.

If you’re using it for productivity, reflect often. Was your last spread easy to use? Was there a section of your monthly set up that ended up empty? Is there something missing? Adjust your approach as you go until you create the perfect system for you.

Have fun. Your bullet journal is for you and no one else, so make it exactly what you want it to be! I love how flexible the system is and how you’re able to make every single spread custom. You want to add crazy colours and designs, go for it! If you want to keep it classy in just black and white, do that. The possibilities are endless in both decorating and spread options.

If you like Rachael’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here! Thanks so much, Rachael for taking part in my bullet journal features and sharing your journey and tips with us!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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Sarah of @stationerymagpie | April Bullet Journal Feature

Sarah of @stationerymagpie | April Bullet Journal Feature

This month’s feature is Sarah of @stationerymagpie. She is someone whom I follow and I enjoy her content. She has a unique bullet journal journey to share as well as some tips for bullet journal beginners. I highly recommend reading her testimony and guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

Meet Sarah of @stationerymagpie

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah, I’m a 25-year-old Brit and I run the stationery and journaling blog Stationery Magpie. I’m currently living in Mexico and working as an English teacher but I devote a lot of my spare time to finding cute coffee shops to bullet journal and blog in where there is plenty of AC! I love coffee, cats and of course stationery. You can follow me on Instagram to check out my latest spreads or sign up to my newsletter on my blog where I send monthly emails of the best stationery offers online!

My Bullet Journal Journey

I started bullet journaling in the summer of 2016, just after I had graduated which was very annoying as I think it would have been a great help while it was studying! I stumbled across it on the internet and just immediately knew I had to try it. I’ve been bullet journaling non-stop since then even when I was traveling the world I created a travel style bullet journal!

I’m about to start my fifth journal and it’s crazy to see how much my style has developed. I’m always very conscious of making my bullet journal practical rather than just pretty after all it’s the system itself that has changed my life. Thanks to bullet journaling I’ve been able to be a lot more productive with work and my free time as well as developing myself and practicing mindfulness techniques to better deal with the crazy modern world!

I started my blog just after I had to quit a Masters degree course in November 2017. I had tried to blog before but it seemed that I had found my right niche and interest in stationery and journaling. Since then it has steadily grown and I’ve been lucky to work with some established stationery brands as well as connect with other bullet journalists online. It’s a wonderful community of creativity and positivity and I don’t think the whole thing would have been possible without using my bullet journal to keep myself to account! Take my word for it; bullet journaling can make big things happen!

Now I’m focussing on building a community of like-minded stationery lovers and growing my blog into a place that helps others find the amazing life changing phenomenon of starting a bullet journal.

Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners

I’ve mentored quite a few friends on starting bullet journals and my number one tip is to just start and focus on what the bullet journal system can do for you rather than worry too much about making everything look perfect.

Another piece of advice is that even though you don’t need fancy supplies to start a bullet journal sometimes investing in a notebook you will love and cherish and some pens that are a joy to use will help keep you motivated with your journal.

Make sure you are open to trying out different layouts and spreads. I was super against the idea of a gratitude log when I first started my journal. I thought it was cheesy and corny but then I tried it for myself. Now I never miss out my gratitude log. Writing down just one little thing every day that I’m thankful for definitely helps me to get through the day!

Your first bullet journal pages are very unlikely to be perfect but through practice and self-reflection you will start to find your style and how to make your bullet journal work for you. It’s a wonderful process of self-discovery that will do you wonders.

Thank you, Elizabeth for having me on your blog!

If you like @stationerymagpie’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Here!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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March Bullet Journal Feature | Mire of @mutant_bujo

This month we are featuring the amazing Mire of @mutant_bujos!! If you haven’t checked Mire out, she is a wonderful example of the amazing work bullet journaling can do for mental health AND productivity. The bullet journal is the perfect tool for everyone, Mire is going to tell us exactly why!

Meet Mire of @mutant_bujo

March Bullet Journal Feature | Mire of @mutant_bujo

Hello everyone, my name is Mire (but call me Mutant), I’m 40 years old, and I’m Italian. Ah, I’m a woman-mutant, and I strongly believe in positivity, education, and change. Recently I opened my own blog, Mutant Blog, where I write about Bullet Journal, mental health, and other things I want to share. I am hoping it can be useful to someone.

I also created the Italian version of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club, Metodo Bullet Journal Club Libro, in which I make available in Italian the contents and tools of the official club

My Bullet Journal Journey

I started using the Bullet Journal in December 2017, in one of the worst periods of my life, when my first and most violent panic attacks suddenly appeared. They forced me to leave work and lock myself in my home for months. I started in a very simple notebook I had at home, based on what I found on the web. Slowly I came to discover the original method.

The Bullet Journal helped me to start living from scratch again. I recovered all the normal habits of a person, like washing, dressing, taking care of my body, cooking, washing dishes, leaving the house and going out. These were all tasks for me since I spent my days still on the bed without doing anything at all.

Slowly, I also recovered many passions that I had put aside, including drawing, reading, watching movies and videos, running. I’ve learned a lot of new things, discovered new passions, built new habits (such as Morning Pages or meditation) that increasingly resemble me and finally I know who I really am, who I want to be and live my life intentionally.

How Bullet Journaling Helped Me

Many pages of my Bujo have been dedicated to reflecting on the condition I was living, on why, on hopes, on motivational phrases that could help me. From my empty days, I started to fill them with all the things that I love and that are part of me. The Bujo also welcomed all the tools to help with anxiety and panic attacks. I used these tool according to the time and need. I put my fears, little big successes and relapses on paper allowing me to develop awareness, face my fears gradually, learn self-compassion, and dream of being able to return to do everything I want.

Bullet Jouranling & Mental Health

The bullet journal has an extraordinary value for mental health. While the bujo alone is not enough, in cases like mine you need the support of a professional and possibly medical therapies. In any case, this was and still is my bullet journal journey. I loved my journey and it really allows me not to feel alone. Through this, in the end, I am in good company, that of myself, my best friend!

The Bullet Journal has never been just related to or focused on my mental health and my problems. Rather, it is similar to many other journals, with tasks, tracker, etc.—do not take it for a “Diary of therapy”, because it has never been. My bullet journal is my Life Companion!

Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

To those who are starting to use the Bullet Journal I recommend:

  • Know and learn about the original method. Do not believe that the Bujo is just what you see around on the web! Give yourself this chance!
  • The bujo is for everyone, just know the ability to handwriting and have a notebook and a pen.
  • The Bullet journal must reflect yourself, do not imitate models or try to be someone else. Otherwise, it will not really be useful! Rather take as inspiration what you see on the web!
  • Don’t use the Bujo just to get likes on IG and Facebook, it was not born for this!
  • Open up, and try, try, try, try whatever comes to mind, from graphics to layout, to content.
  • Always remember that the Bujo is not born to be a beautiful object to show. It has its own way, it’s up to you to find yours!
  • If you are shy (like me), try to meet other bullet journalists by writing them in DM. There are people behind every notebook!

Thank you, Elizabeth for hosting my testimony on the importance of the Bullet Journal as a support for our mental health!

If you like @mutant_bujo’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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Jessica of Genuinely Ginger | February Bujo Feature

This month’s feature is Jessica of Genuinely Ginger. Jessica has some seriously gorgeous layouts and a beautiful blog! So, let’s check out what she has to share about her own bullet journal experiences!

February Bullet Journal Feature | Jessica of Genuinely Ginger

Meet Jessica of Genuinely Ginger

My name is Jessica Owinyo, also known as Genuinely Ginger. I have the never-ending creative itch and embrace it fully! I provide handcrafted graphic design services to businesses, teach creative classes, and design my own products,. Products I design include the “What a Day” bullet journal planner and hand-drawn prints for your home. Additionally, I am an avid coffee drinker and my leather covered bullet journal is pretty much always by my side!

My Bullet Journal Journey

When I first started bullet journaling, I had just received a beautiful leather journal filled with sectioned booklets. I knew I wanted to use it for bullet journaling! Having had many a planner in my day, I haven’t finished a single one. I was, however, really good at failing with my planner for a random month at a time and then having large sections of blank pages throughout my planner (can I get an amen?). So I knew this “plan as you go, un-dated” method was for me.

I started out with just the very basics, didn’t do any fancy layouts, just me and the bullet points. As you can imagine, my creative driven self was not very enthused with using it and it lasted a whopping 3 months. I completely fell away from it for an entire year! But after a fresh season of my life opened up, I decided I needed a fresh start in my planning skills, too.

Making My Bullet Journal Work For Me

In reality, at the time I had no planner at all and was flying by the seat of my pants every single day. So I began a new bullet journal and decided I would make it pretty and bend the rules a little to make it work better for me and boy did it work! I loved the challenge of thinking of a new weekly spread and having a fresh new design to look at each week! Due to this concept, it turned into a great outlet I commit to doing every week. My love for bullet journaling grew, as did my productivity and use of it.

As a result of my adaptation, my bullet journal now holds it all, schedule, goals, dreams, marketing plans, budgeting, etc. After many inquiries of how it works for me, I decided to move forward and teach a class series on my approach. Since then, I’ve got inquiries about making bullet journal templates. I’ve made the “What a Day” bullet journal planner, filled with spreads for weeks, months, goals and more was born! It has been such a sweet experience as the bullet journaling has a great community and I am so thankful to be a small part of it!

Jessica’s Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners

One thing that really helps me use my bullet journal efficiently is using it for everything!
For instance, I add my budget, meal plans, goals, ideas, doodles, random notes to remember, and anything else important. With more things I need all wrapped up in one place, I use it more often. And as long as I have my bullet journal with me, I have what I need!

Maybe you’re just starting out, maybe you’re starting over, maybe you’re thinking of trying, or you’ve been at it for a while but feel stuck. Here is my advice to you… You don’t need to follow all the bullet journal rules! If it doesn’t work for you, change it so it does. One method simply won’t work for everyone, so bend the “rules” a little bit and run that bullet journal your way! You can add illustrations, add washi tape to the page edges. You can add lots of colors, clippings from a magazine, and anything else that inspires you! As long as you are keeping those basic principles of bullets and utilizing your key, you’re still bullet journaling. You’re just doing it with your own twist…. as it should be, in my opinion. Happy Bullet Journaling, friends!

Come join me and a bunch of other creatives on Skillshare! When you join me, you get two months for free by following my skillshare link or visit my website for more info. Can’t wait to see what you create!


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January Bullet Journal Feature | Rachel of Planning Mindfully

This month’s featured bullet journal is @planningmindfully, an account which I am personally a huge fan of! She does amazing bullet journaling work as well as plenty more information and helpful resources in planning and being mindful!

January Bullet Journal Feature | Rachel of @planningmindfully
January Bullet Journal Feature | Rachel of @planningmindfully

Meet Rachel of Planning Mindfully

My name is Rachel Watts, and I am the CEO of Planning Mindfully. I blog about bullet journals, creative time management, and personal development. I am also a blog coach; so, I help women learn how to monetize their blogs. Further, I am 30 years old, married to a lovely husband (also my tech support), and we have a five-year-old daughter.

My Bullet Journal Journey

I started bullet journaling in 2016 when my therapist introduced it to me. She didn’t know much about it, but heard enough she thought it would be my ‘cup of tea’. I fell down the rabbit hole and haven’t stopped since! It’s amazing to think about the progress I’ve had in life just because I started bullet journaling two years ago. I mostly use my bullet journal as a planner but do include some fun spreads and collections.

A big part of my focus with bullet journals is on the ‘practical’ side of making it work for your needs; I try to help provide ideas anybody can use, tips to optimize, and time management tools for those who use their bullet journal as a planner. Yes, I include fun art, but make sure that my readers are set to use their bullet journals successfully from a time management perspective. My audience tends to be ‘Type B’ personalities; people who see the importance of time management and planners, but don’t like the traditional tools and information available.

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Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

One thing that I found helpful as a new bullet journal user was having accountability. While I didn’t directly intend to have it, since I started my bullet journal at the recommendation of my therapist, I found that I often brought my bullet journal to sessions to talk about my week. I also used it for therapy homework. I’d recommend finding a friend you can hold yourself accountable to, or even finding somebody who can also start a bullet journal along with you. Plan to meet up one or two times a week to set up for future weeks. Plus, bonus, you get to share bullet journal supplies!

This isn’t so much a tip, but more a ‘disclaimer’ I like to pass along to new bullet journal users. A bullet journal is a tool that you will learn and grow with for as long as you use it. Your first spreads probably won’t be to your liking, you’ll probably make spreads you never use, and you will probably worry about making mistakes.

I highly recommend you read these lessons that I learned from six months of using a bullet journal, as well as lessons from my first two years of using a bullet journal. I think they are very eye-opening and will provide you with helpful insight and realistic expectations. As you can see from the two blog posts I’ve added, you’ll learn more as you go, and find your tips/tricks to make bullet journals easier. t journals easier.

I’d love to help you master your bullet journal, so here is how you can follow me!

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Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance | December Bujo Feature

This month’s featured bullet journal is @scribblesofsubstance, which is an account I greatly appreciate! I love when bullet journals actively help out other journalers and encourage a healthy beginning. This is exactly what Ashlee does!

Meet Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance


I’m Ashlee Begoray and I’m 33 years young. I’ve been a teacher for 10 years and I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year now. I started @scribblesofsubstance after I seen how bullet journaling impacted my students in such a positive way! I also have an obsession with lists, pens and washi tape so bullet journaling and me are a natural fit!

My Bullet Journal Journey

I teach bullet journaling once a week to my 2-15-year-old students. Usually, my class ends up full! Many see how organized and calmer they are, after journaling. I love how my students inspire me in my own bullet journaling!

Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

When I started, I was so nervous to make a mistake. I now realize that one of the best aspects of bujo is that you can look back and see how much better you are at it. It’s so satisfying!

  • Tip #1 – make mistakes and celebrate them because that means you’re getting better!
  • Tip #2 – try and write at least one thing per day that you think was positive. I do this on my weekly spreads. I find it just ends the day on a positive. Sometimes it’s the smallest things like taking your dog for a walk that you appreciate. I find it centers me and helps me to reflect on the goodness in my life.
  • Tip # 3 – start your weeks on a Monday, not a Sunday. This way you have the WHOLE weekend to look forward to!
  • Tip # 4 – keep the last 2 pages of your journal as a pen test page. This way you can try colors together and see if they will bleed through your page. 
  • Tip # 5 – don’t be scared to switch up your layouts and what spreads you put in. What works for you one month may not work for you the next. Be flexible (this was hard for me at first)!

If you like @scribblesofsubstance’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here!