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Tracking Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Bullet Journaling is my favorite way to stay organized! Bullet journals are super customizable which is my favorite part. You can add anything you want to help you keep organized. I like to add tracking pages! Here are a ton of layout ideas!

If you’d like more bullet journal page ideas, check out my post 15 Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas!

Habit Tracking

I find it really difficult to build habits all on my own. The only way I have found I can build them is to track them and keep myself accountable. However, if I use the same tracker all the time, they lose their effectiveness. Am I the only person who finds that to be true?

Here are a bunch of ways I have tracked my habits! Get creative and find something that works for you!

Embedding my habit tracker into my monthly calendar page is a great way to track a few habits and saving space! I love the idea but it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t look at my monthly calendars very often, so I end up forgetting about building habits.

january bullet journal 2017

Water Consumption

Water is something I definitely don’t get enough of. Keeping a water consumption chart in my bullet journal keeps me accountable and reminds me to drink more water. There are a million ways to track your water consumption (I like cute little pictures), here are a few that I have used.

blue week Nicole
Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

Financial Tracking

Tracking finances and savings is another useful bullet journal page. You can track your spending, or work towards a saving goal! Here are a few ways to track a savings goal. Want to see more examples? 

Hobby Trackers

I suppose this isn’t always to track my habits as much as it is organizing a collection. But really, lists are just another form of information tracking. Hobby layouts don’t have to stop at reading, you can track any hobby you want!

Here are the book or reading layouts that I have used in my last two bullet journals.

Like I mentioned, hobby tracking doesn’t have to be reading! I collect Disney classics over at Disney Movie Club (not sponsored). They have amazing deals when you sign up for a membership (right now the deal is: get 5 movies for only $1 each, PLUS free shipping!!). Sign up here if you are interested!

Use your bullet journal to track your collections and goals!

Mood and Gratitude Trackers

Keeping track of your mood is extremely helpful when it comes to understanding yourself better. You can keep an eye on patterns or learn more about your triggers. That way you can learn to control them if you’d like, or it’s nice just to know.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

I love keeping track of gratitude! Some people keep gratitude journals or do social media challenges. But, I like to make it a part of my bullet journal. I am already interacting with my bullet journal on a daily basis. So, I find it easier just to keep everything in one place. I find it less overwhelming to keep everything in one place.

Miscellaneous Trackers

Another page I tried was the weather. My moods are very interlaced with the weather. Because of this I thought maybe keeping tabs on the weather, and my moods would help me increase my self-awareness. However, the weather where I live changes drastically on the hour. So, I felt this tracker wasn’t as accurate as I had anticipated. If I move somewhere with more consistent weather, I will be re-adding this to my weekly bullet journal tracking.

What tracking pages do you find useful? Let me know how you track in your bullet journal!

Bullet Journal Tracking Layout

25 thoughts on “Tracking Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

  1. This is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Absolutely!

  2. I literally had been hiding under a rock so happy you shared this! I’m inspired to plan ?

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad I’ve inspired you!

  3. I love seeing people’s bullet journals and I love yours! Definitely going to look into the pens you recommended!

    1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE new pens! I’d like to write a post on just the pens, honestly. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the post, I write about my bullet journal at least monthly!

  4. I have always been so intrigued and slightly overwhelmed by bullet journals, but I really want to try them. I might have to try it out after reading this!

    1. The best way to get started is to use a notebook you already have and play around with ideas. Once you figured out what you like try getting a nicer notebook and doing one month at a time. I tried to do up an entire year once and I wasted the notebook because I decided the set-up wasn’t for me. It’s super overwhelming at the beginning because of the countless ideas out there, but there aren’t rules so you can do whatever works for you!

  5. wow you are amazing. I could never do this, I am good just to write in my planner at all. Ha!!! I so commend you, I love how neat and organized it all is!

    1. Thank you so much! That is a huge compliment, I love being organized! It’s oddly relaxing for me 😛

  6. I like your page layout ideas. I am new to BJ (my first month!) so always looking for some inspiration.

    1. That’s exciting! I am glad that my ideas were helpful!

  7. I am LOVING the book tracker!

    1. Thank you! I think it’s one of my favorites too!

  8. Some of these are really interesting! This is really ineresting to me because I haven´t seen some types before. I think that it might help me too. I am saving this for future reference (when I have more time to get organized, haha).

  9. Nice layouts for tracking things. They certainly look better than a Google calendar or Excel doc.

    1. Thank you! I love writing things down, helps me remember so google and excel don’t always do it for me

  10. You had me at tracking! You are speaking my language, I track everything and it makes me happy and feel productive, motivated to do more. You even gave me more ideas of things to track, especially habits!

    1. That is so awesome! I feel the same way. Having visual proof of progress is so motivational.

  11. This is an amazing post! I feel more organized and inspired just reading this.

    Carly |

    1. Awesome! That’s exactly what I was hoping for!

  12. I don’t use the Bullet journal (I’m a passion planner girl!) but I have friends who do and they love it! I do use some of the blank pages in the back of my planner to do things like this. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  13. These are tracking pages. I’ve wanted to start a bullet journal for a long time now but my handwriting is so horrible and I have no doodling talent lol. I get so intimidated by all the GORGEOUS journals. I love that you have a mood tracker! 🙂

    1. bullet journals don’t have to be artsy to work! All they need is the functions that you want! I like the mood tracker too!

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