Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

It is the holiday season and soon enough (if not already) we will all be creating our December layouts! With
If you have been around for a while, you may have noticed that I love the use of watercolor in
Happy Halloween! Well, it's not Halloween yet, but now is the time to prepare for Halloween. Here is a list
It’s autumn! Or do you prefer to call it fall? Either way, leaves are turning and soon to fall, people
I do not know much about astrology or zodiac signs, or really anything related; however, my sister is and I
The weather is cooling and Halloween is approaching, that means that it is fall! Or autumn, whichever you prefer. Further,
Minimalistic bullet journal layouts are of my favorite types of layouts to look at. I always find myself browsing minimal
Here is a breakdown of Maddie's two custom purple nature bullet journal. Maddie's notebooks are in a black A5 size
Here is a breakdown of David's navy blue custom bullet journal inspired planner. David's notebook is a black A5 size
This month’s bullet journal layout is far different than my layouts usually are. Normally I keep my bullet journal fairly
For June 2018, I made some minor aesthetic changes to my bullet journal. The main changes were simplifications from what
Weekly layouts are often the most prevalent layouts in a bullet journal. When you create this layout so often, you
Boy, is this year moving by so quickly! Does anyone else agree, or is it just me? Anyway, it’s May!
Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Sam. Sam's notebook was created in a black
If you are anything like me you are obsessed with house plants and you have way too many—yet not enough…
Did you know that this month there is an Elephant Day! Yes, April 16th is Elephant Day! To celebrate Elephant
For October' bullet journal, I chose to take a completely new approach. Until recently I haven’t really used tools like
When I created September’s spread, my goal was to leave a lot of white space and keep it minimalistic. I
The art of the bullet journal is growing in popularity. I saw them all over my Pinterest feed and because I