Must-Have Bullet Journal Tools

If you have been reading my posts for even a little, you know I am a huge bullet journaler. And like every other bullet journaler out there, I have tools that I use to create my layouts. These tools might include notebooks, pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, etc. Below is a list of my current and most frequently used bullet journal tools.

In addition to the stationery and tools listed below, I get my inspiration from a variety of sources. You can check out my bullet journal inspiration here, check out my own layouts here, and check out my bullet journal product reviews here.

Don’t have a bullet journal yet, new to the practice? Check out my bullet journal beginner’s challenge!

My Bullet Journal Tools


I am a huge fan of Arteza. Currently, I frequently use their watercolor brush pens and paints.

Stamps & Ink

Here are a couple different stamps sets I use and some ink I recommend.

Washi Tape

I have a TON of washi tape, here are some great ones off amazon as well as my own tape!

Sunshine Washi Tape

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

I have been using these pens longer than any other. I still use the black one in my own planner daily.

Tombow Products

Some of my most loved products are Tombow Products. These include the dual brush pens, twintone pens, white out, and fuskenbro

Sakura Pentouch Paint Pens

I love the variety and vibrance of Sakura Pentouch metallic paint pens. Great quality!

Zebra Mildliners

When I started using Zebra Mildliners I fell in love immediately. I use these babies every single day in my own planner!

Crayola Supertip

I am new to crayola supertips but I love how you can get so much with paying an arm and a leg. Totally worth it!

Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens

I use Faber Castell PITT Artist pens for EVERYTHING! I have all their brush pens and fine liners and I love them! Highly recommend!


Leuchtturm1917 is my current notebook of choice. I love the color choices, the double ribbon, the paper quality, and pretty much everything else.

Essentials Notebooks

The Essentials notebooks were my very first bullet journal notebook and they are super good quality without being as expensive as the Leuchtturm1917.

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