Bullet Journal Layout Inspiration

Here is a breakdown of Annie's pink custom bullet journal inspired planner. Annie's notebook is a black A6 size notebook
Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Ellen. Ellen's notebook was created in a black
For February, it is common to see pink and heart themes in bullet journaling. With Valentine’s Day being the major
Katrina ordered custom bullet journal inspired planners. Katrina's pink planners are A5-sized Essentials Dot-Matrix Notebook.  For Katrina's notebooks, the primary
It is time to break in the new year with a brand-new bullet journal and naturally a fresh January layout.
Here is a breakdown of Kristi's pink custom bullet journal inspired planner. Kristi's notebook is a black A6 size notebook.
Here is a breakdown of Marks three yellow, gray, and black custom bullet journal inspired planners. Mark's notebooks were created
With 2017 coming to a close and 2018 soon to arrive, everyone is thinking about all their goals and new
It is finally the last month of 2017! December's bullet journal layout is the last that I will be putting
November, say what!? It’s ALREADY November! Can you believe it, 2017 has flown by! What a year… am I right?
I was sitting at my desk the other day, looking at my list of bullet journal post ideas, trying to
For October' bullet journal, I chose to take a completely new approach. Until recently I haven’t really used tools like
I am always looking for new ways to design my bullet journal title pages. It gets boring doing the same
When I created September’s spread, my goal was to leave a lot of white space and keep it minimalistic. I
This month’ bullet journal spread is entirely different from the creative artsy look of July’s spread. For August, I have
There are quite a few aesthetic changes to my bullet journal spreads this month. While I was doing my pages
This month's bullet journal layout is not much different than April. It is simple, short, and organized. Regardless, I would
For my bullet journal in the month of April, I decided to make some changes that were much-needed. In March’s
Bullet Journaling is my favorite way to stay organized! Bullet journals are super customizable which is my favorite part. You
I decided to splurge for March and got myself a new notebook for my bullet journal! I was so inspired by the
The art of the bullet journal is growing in popularity. I saw them all over my Pinterest feed and because I