Bullet Journal Layout Ideas by Page Type

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying page types. Further, these posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

All Types / Miscellaneous

These layouts are those which encompass multiple page types or do not fit into any of the other pages.

Collections & Lists

Essentially, these layouts are lists or collections or ideas, items, shows, books, etc. These layouts might include more artistic styles or could simply be a checklist.

Doodle & Artistic Pages

Doodle pages come in several forms. Sometimes they lay out steps to how to do a specific doodle, they might include random doodles, themed doodles, or they could be a calendar with 30-days of doodles. Like most layouts, there are no rules.

Family Planning Layouts

These layouts are those which are used to organize family events, child information, etc.

Future Planning

Future planning encompasses future logs and year at a glance style layouts. Further, future logs plan for the future by looking ahead at future months. Sometimes these logs focus on items such as assignments or birthdays.

Hello & Cover Pages

These spreads are meant to welcome the new month and occasionally say goodbye to the previous month. There is almost no limit to these spreads, though they are generally in the form of a title page.

Holiday Layouts

These layouts encompass any page that helps plan for or track gift giving or that plan for a holiday.

Home & Living Layouts

Similar to family planning, these layouts plan out home and living related items. Items which might be planned out in these pages include house maintenance, home-related routines, cleaning schedules, etc.


An index is an overview of what is in a given notebook usually indicating the page it is on. These are usually one of the first layouts in a bullet journal or planner.

Key Pages

Keys lay out colors, symbols/signifiers, etc. These items help to organize the information in the planner. There are some general key examples; however, these are best when made for the user.

Mental Health

Mental health pages are those that deal with mental health. Frequently this includes mood trackers, stress trackers, self-care layouts, etc.

Monthly Layouts

A monthly page can be in the form of a calendar, log, etc. These pages are often meant to overview the month ahead. These spreads sometimes include tracking, goals, etc.

Productivity & Goals Pages

Productivity and goals pages are those that help you remain productive, are a productivity plan, detail goals, etc.


Quotes are frequently used and can be whatever the creator wishes them to be so long as there is a quote or phrase. These quotes can be a page all their own or they may be a part of other layouts, including title pages.

Social Media Layouts

Social media layouts include thank you pages, trackers, scheduling, and more.

Student Layouts

These layouts are for students. These layouts encompass schedules, assignment lists, notes, guides, etc

Tracking Layouts

Tracking layouts include all layouts which track something. Common examples are habit trackers, financial trackers, mood trackers, sleep trackers, exercise trackers, etc.

Travel Layouts

These layouts are those used to plan out a trip or vacation, keep memories from these travels, or to track the places the journaler has been.

Weekly Layouts

These are similar to the daily spreads except they include a full week in one layout. Like monthly and daily layouts, weekly spreads might include tracking.

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Bullet Journal Layout Ideas by Page Type