Get A Bright Smile | Teeth Whitening for Self-Care

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I am a HUGE advocate for self-care! Self-care is much more than taking a walk, eating right, or a nice relaxing bath. Self-care involves taking care of yourself in a way that causes you to LOVE yourself and who you are. Walking or eating right can surely help this, but there are a million other ways to feel good about who you are. You might splurge on a nice outfit, quality skincare, or you might invest in teeth whitening. Brightening your smile is a GREAT way to practice self-care. Smile Brilliant provides easy teeth whitening experience without those gooey strips other brands offer. Continue reading for an exclusive discount!

A Brighter Smile for Self-Care

You’re aware of the importance of self-care by now. But how exactly is a brighter smile a form of self-care?

  • First, smiling (even if it’s not a genuine smile) can reduce stress and increase mood! Want to learn more about the science of smiling? Check out this Huffington Post article.
  • Second, a bright smile is a sign of mental wellness and happiness. When you are happy and doing well, you are doing something right.
  • And third, when you feel good about the way you look and feel, you are more likely to feel good about who you are and life in general.

One way to feel amazing is to have white teeth! Keep reading to learn more about the easiest way to brighten your smile and whiten your teeth and claim your exclusive coupon!

Get A Bright Smile | Teeth Whitening for Self-Care

The Easiest Way to Get a Brightened Smile

Smile Brilliant is the easiest way to get a brighter smile. What makes it so easy is that you can do it from home and it is exactly what you would get if you went to the dentist instead. Being a full-time student, full-time blogger, business owner, AND working part-time I do not have time to go to the dentist for teeth whitening.

Smile Brilliant mailed me everything I needed to create my molds and made it easy for me to mail them back! Within two weeks I got my custom-fitted whitening trays back and began whitening my teeth!

I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t drink red wine, but I have weird grooves in my teeth that no dentist has been able to file smooth. Because of these grooves, the color of my teeth has always been splotchy. I had talked to my dentist previously about whitening, they had no issue with me doing it but wanted me to try a more expensive toothbrush instead. The toothbrush made no difference.

Get A Bright Smile | Teeth Whitening for Self-Care

Within the first week of using Smile Brilliant, I started to see whitening IN the grooves! My teeth were never yellow or browned—they were splotchy. After a month and a half of every other day use my teeth are white, and it’s consistent—no splotches!

Now that my teeth are all white and are no longer blotchy I feel great about smiling, and I am no longer self-conscious when I notice people staring at my teeth! Teeth Whitening has made me feel great about my smile—whitening my teeth has been a major form of self-care!

Enough about me! You are here to get your own Brightened Smile! You get 15% off sitewide using the code: JIHIELEPHANT15

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