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Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it is often packed with negativity and dark feelings. Indeed, Valentine’s Day comes with a double-edged sword, bringing happiness to those who are in a relationship and misery to many who struggle with being single. This only is enough to make February a challenging month, as the shops and the media never miss an opportunity to remind us of the international celebration of love. It can make you feel vulnerable or even worthless when you’ve got nobody to share the love with.

Additionally, it’s a winter month that brings freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions, forcing people indoors while the snow and the rain fall outside. There are only so many woolen beanies and gloves you can wear, and they don’t replace the appeal of a warm day and a bright and sunny sky. But don’t worry, though. The feeling of sadness that grows in the background in the winter has a name; it’s a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short.

SAD is the direct consequence of low exposure to direct sunlight, combined with the abundance of unpleasant events, from being lonely on Valentine’s Day to opening your curtains onto a gray and dark urban landscape. Can there be no bright side in the winter? Of course, there is plenty of happiness and joy all around you. All you need to do is to figure out how to create little pockets of happiness in your everyday life.

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary Blockages

Life is energy. When the energy doesn’t flow as freely as it should, you can experience negativity. Imagine a room with doors on each side. Inside the room, a heater keeps the temperature warm. When the doors open, the heated air can circulate. But if the doors remain shut, the adjacent rooms stay cold and unpleasant. The same principle applies to your energy chakras. When the chakras are blocked for a reason or another, it’s an entire energy center in your body that is deprived of energy, and that’s why you might be feeling blue, anxious, lonely, or even afraid. Nowadays, you can get in touch with a professional remote healer to help you tap into this unused energy and free your chakras, hence opening all the doors to let the energy flow. You can also find blockages in your environment, such as a pesky friend who criticizes you every action, for instance – as it can make you feel drained. The key to managing your mood is to make sure your positive vibes are not interrupted.

See The Bright Side Of Life This Winter

Eat Happy Food

What’s a typical February meal? For many, comfort food and junk food are favorite of the cold season. Indeed, most people grab foods with high sugar and fat content as a quick pick-me-up solution. Unfortunately, the sugar rush doesn’t have lasting effects.

On the contrary, your blood sugar levels drop rapidly afterward, which affects your mood. If you’re tempted to rely a little too much on junk food, you might be causing drastic mood swings and increasing your vulnerability to SAD. Instead, you need to actively choose foods that make you happy. Avocado, for example, can encourage the production of serotonin – the happy hormone. Berries can also help your body to reduce the risk of depression in winter. Dark chocolate is also a fantastic option as it’s not only super healthy but can also stimulate the production of endorphins. One bite of dark chocolate is guaranteed to make you smile!

Do Some Winter Craft Activities

There’s a natural correlation between craft hobbies and your stress levels. When you engage in a craft activity, your mind can finally release the accumulated tension of the day. It’s no wonder that journaling has become such a hit with the Millennial population; not only does it help people to stay organized, but it also dramatically reduces your stress levels. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s never too late to start a bullet journal that keeps track of your appointments and goals while encouraging your creativity. You can find plenty of inspirational examples online!

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Buy That Yoga Mat

Staying active throughout the winter months can encourage your brain to maintain the production of endorphins and serotonin. However, when the weather is so cold outside, the last thing you might want to do is to pack your gym bag. We’ve got your sorted! You can find indoors activities that you can do at home and that benefit both your mind and your body. Yoga is one of those. Indeed, the practice of yoga has immediate effects on your brain, as it increases your levels of GABA – low gamma-aminobutyric (or GABA) levels are linked to risks of depression and anxiety. IN only one hour, you can already fight out feeling blue!

Who Needs A Winter Date When You’ve Got Friends?

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t matter how happy you are in your life, it can be challenging for singletons to go through Valentine’s Day on their own, especially when everything is designed to remind you of relationships. But, don’t let Valentine’s celebrations go unnoticed. Instead, why not organize your own spin on the international day of love? Book a day with your friends to throw a party that gathers all the people you love. Make the time to cook for them. Indeed, you’ll be surprised by how this altruistic and culinary act makes you feel. Cooking for people is linked to feelings of happiness, bonding, and mindfulness; all these emotions are there to remind you that being single is not the same thing as being lonely!

Bye-Bye Gray Urban Sky

Winter is cold and gray. It’s dark early, and the weather only accentuates the soulless urban landscapes. That’s why you need to build a paradise of your own at home, using bright and friendly houseplants. A snake plant, for instance, is easy to maintain and can even purify your indoor air and help you sleep better at night.

Don’t let the coldness of February claim your happiness. On the contrary, now’s the time to nurture your happy place at home and in your everyday routine.

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