32 Body Positive Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

With all the negativity in the world, it is hard to find body positivity. When browsing my Instagram feed one day, I discovered that the bullet journaling community does a fantastic job of celebrating the human body. Check out these amazing body positive layouts showing off some amazing bodies!

Weekly by @vanessajournals

image 1 source; image 2 source

Gotta love these two amazing layouts showing off the human body in two distinctly different and uniquely beautiful ways.

Beautiful Friend by @beccaz.art

This isn’t technically a bullet journal, but I couldn’t help but show off some amazing body celebratory art while I was at it!

Lana Del Rey by @josusjournal

How gorgeous is this drawing of Lana Del Rey?? It looks amazing! Way to celebrate and appreciate!

Mood Tracker by @gigis_journal

If this isn’t a creative mood tracker, I don’t know what is! How fun is it to color some hair by mood! Love this drawing!

Hello February by @sweet.sweet.journal

How absolutely adorable is this hello page by @sweet.sweet.journal!? I love it!!

Body Appreciation by @bulletjournalnoob

image source: #1, #2

We all know I am a huge @bulletjournalnoob fan! Check out my feature of her here. I was so absolutely inspired by her layouts that celebrate the human body shamelessly and without judgment!

Change is Powerful by @josusjournal

I love the use of quotes in a bullet journal and in life. This is such a great quote and a celebration! Gorgeous work!

Hands by @josusjournal

I came across the sketch of these hands and fell in love. They just HAD to be included in this round-up of body positive bullet journal layouts!!

A Portrait by @cloudsbehindthemoon

Once again, this isn’t a bullet journal layouts, but it is a gorgeous layout of a human being that fits so perfectly here. It had to be added!

A Loss for Words by @benignblossom

This layout, or quotes page, might be considered controversial or risky even, but I love it. We find human affection so taboo, but it is natural! Let’s celebrate it!

Bullet Journal Body by @journalbymalin

image source: #1, #2, #3

@journalbymalini is another amazing bullet journaler who shamelessly promotes body positivity with her gorgeous minimal artwork. Here are just a few of her layouts. I highly recommend checking her out!

Face by @emres_blog

I love line artwork and this one is flawless! This one would look amazing in my livingroom 😉

Hello 2019 by @elas_bullet_journey

I loved the Native American flair in this layout! What a great way to celebrate not only the body but also culture!

Hello November by @charlottes_bujo

Hello November! How creative is this hello page and the way she added flowers tot he body instead of a head? Super creative!

Body Appreciation by @maris.bujo

image source: #1, #2, #3

@maris.bujo did some serious body appreciation in her journal. Check out all of the ways she depicted humanity and people!

Tattoo Ideas by @bulletjournalbymarieke

I would love to check out the ideas she got down on her layout!! I love tasteful tattoos and how she doodled on this gorgeous list layout.

Weekend by @planwithink

How cute is this little picture of a rainy day? Gotta love the multimedia used in this layout!

Ballerina by @bujojujii

How gorgeous is this ballerina sketch!? Beautiful to show off some art with some art!

White Queen by @rachelmayplans

I am super impressed with this artwork by @rachelmayplans. I’d love to know how she created it!

Trackers by @hellohelery_art

This artwork catches my interest, I love the style! What a creative habit tracker!

Prickly Prompt by @artsybusyizzy

I am a huge fan of plants, but I don’t think I’d want to hide behind a cactus this big! Love the artwork, it goes to show that you can do amazing artwork and bullet journal in even a lined notebook!

Hello November by @thejournaltea

This hello page by @thejournaltea is gorgeous and creative! Love the color palette as well!

Hello December by @mia_teegan

Who said body appreciation is only appreciating the outside of the body. How about we appreciate everything in our body that keeps us going!

Fairy Dust by @moonlight_cabin

Gorgeous fairy doodle! Super minimalistic and beautiful layout by @moonlight_cabin!

Weekly by @sweet.leaves.blog

Last but not least, this layout is one of my favorite layouts which I’ve collected for this round-up. The original image which this one was inspired by was done by Jess Wariorka, you can find Jess’s work here. It’s a great addition to a bullet journal too! What is under your clothes isn’t something to be ashamed off, love what you got!

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