27 Magical Winter Wonderland Bullet Journal Ideas

27 Magical Winter Wonderland Bullet Journal Ideas

Sure, I’ll admit it, winter is my least favorite season. I almost hate winter, it's cold and wet and the air indoors becomes so dry in a desperate attempt to keep warm. But even I must admit the beauty of winter; it's gorgeous. The magic of a winter wonderland is exactly what these bullet journal layouts inspire; here they are!

Doodle Advent Calendar

netzpieper december month
photo credit: @netzpieper
This 31-days-of-doodles layout is set up like an advent calendar and I love it! Would you ever create a bullet journal advent calendar?

Let it Snow

the.inky.bujo let it snow
photo credit: @the.inky.bujo
This layout may not show illustrations of a winter wonderland, but it's calling for a snowfall!

Baby, it's Cold Outside

letteringbykaren baby its cold outside
photo credit: @letteringbyKaren
I love good winter-themed lettering! Karen does such a wonderful job!
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Here is another beautiful snowflake hello layout!

Winter Weekly Log

creative_desaster month week
photo credit; @creative_desaster
This layout is so cute because of the snow throughout the whole layout. Then, the little portrait of a girl in winter gear tops the cake.

Snowflake December Cover Page

bujomood december cover
photo credit: @bujomood
This minimal snowflake hello page is perfect for the seasonal mood!

Snowman Scarf Winter Mood Tracker

bujo.summer mood tracker
photo credit: @bujo.summer
A snowman's scarf for a mood tracker, what a brilliant idea!
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And the final layout is the circular hello January page featuring snowflakes!

Polar Bear Weekly Log

creative_desaster blue january week
photo credit: @creative_desaster

Snow Globe December Cover Page

bulletjournalnoob december cover
photo credit: @bulletjournalnoob
Who doesn't love a winter snow globe? How adorable is this hello page?

December Winter Wonderland Overview

color.bujo blue december month
photo credit: @color.bujo
I think it is so neat how this layout's background was created to look like a snow flurry. Super cool and creative!
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I am a huge fan of watercolor and nature art like this page. The fact that it is also winter themed is absolutely gorgeous.

Polar Bear December Overview

gigis_journal blue december overview month
photo credit: @gigis_journal
I believe this layout features a polar bear head, super well done and beautiful! I also love the winter flurry going on in the background of the image and the overview.

December Weekly Log

juliajournal december week
photo credit: @juliajournal
Snowflakes are so wonderful and unique. I love that you can replicate them in a bullet journal layout to make it a winter wonderland.

Winter Forest December Cover Page

bujo.becca hello december cover
photo credit: @bujo.becca
Birch trees and willow trees are my favorite trees. Birch trees look perfect in the snow, and I love how they can be used in a nice winter layout.
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This layout is so bright and beautiful! I love the winter scene in the forest.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

elizabethturn baby it's cold outside
photo credit: @elizabethturn
Here is another awesome lettering page featuring some snowflakes!

Winter Weekly Log & Tasks

aprilannnine week
photo credit: @aprilannnine
I find this snowy layout to be incredibly interesting to look at. It uses circles uniquely while somehow still showing off that it is snow!

December Cover Page

s.mayaesthetic december 2018 cover
photo credit: @s.mayaesthetic
Do you love Christmas music as I do? If so, you'll love the song lyrics next to the wonderfully snowy hello page featuring snowflakes.
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I have never seen anything like this layout, which is exactly why I wanted to feature it. How cool is this for a welcome to the cold-weather seasons!

January Overview

aprilannnine january month
photo credit: @aprilannnine
How beautiful is this layout, showing off just how minimal and gorgeous snowflakes can be?

Winter Doodles

blossomsandbulletjournals winter doodles
photo credit: Blossoms & Bullet Journals
How adorable are these doodles? Doodle pages like this are always so cute; this winter doodle page is no different.

Winter Favs

blossomsandbulletjournals winter favs
photo credit: Blossoms & Bullet Journals
What are your winter favorites? I love the cozy vibes and comfy sweaters most!
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Hello, snowflakes! I love the use of winter snow in a bullet journal layout.

Winter Forest January Cover Page

weheartit january cover
photo credit: @Tohsaka_
This might be one of my favorites out of this collection of winter layouts because of its minimal nature and the art style used on the trees. Gorgeous!

Winter December Cover Page

weheartit december cover
photo credit: @loveiscomingdown
Hello December! The art on this page is spectacular! How beautiful is the snow falling on this cabin in the forest?

December Weekly Log

tristartist december week
photo credit: @tristartist
I would love to know if the art on this page is from stamps, stickers, or drawing. I love the different styles of trees. Want more bullet journal layout inspiration? Click here!
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