What You Need In Your Bullet Journal

What You Need In Your Bullet Journal

You should start with the fact that not everyone uses the bullet journal method for planning their time. You must clearly understand whether you need it or not. If you want to prioritize the present, past, and future then bullet journaling is for you. Prioritization will maximize your results. This will help you achieve the desired productivity and help you remember things better.

A key factor in the ownership of a bullet journal is the full control of the human situation.

Trying something new is always nice and useful.

Once you have decided that you want to plan your life, work, and rest, then you can get started. Most likely, once you're here, you wonder what to put in the Bullet Journal.

I hope my ideas will inspire you to create your perfect bullet journal. However, I’ll provide them with you!


Do not put meetings that happen every day in a bullet journal. Try to focus on what's important. It will give you some skills in this field. I'm sure there's something you'd like to add.

If nothing comes to your mind, then it's time to build your meetings, resume contacts with former friends, colleagues, and relatives. This will give you some sense of need, a sense of completeness. Here are some examples

  • A day to go to the pizza-shop
  • A day to go to the girlfriend
  • Watch a movie
  • A day to have a walk with someone


It sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? With pages of this type, you can do a lot of interesting things. You can make them as reminders or you can set them more concretizing character. It could be some kind of countdown or steps to getting anything. You should definitely do it if you intend to achieve your goals.

Gratitude Page

In a crisis of thought. Try to look at your life. If your life is not as rich as we would like, I advise you to turn your attention to simple things. Dedicate the thanksgiving page to simple things.

You can write here something positive either quote someone who you likes. Write down something good from your memories. Something you'd love to remember every day over and over again.

Grocery List

How often is it that you forget to buy something in the store? Is it annoying? In this case, you should give a place to the shopping list in your bullet journal. This list will allow you to no longer think about the fact that you have forgotten something. Cool, isn't it? Most likely it will become one of your favorite things, as well as an indispensable attribute in your bullet journal. It's better than writing something on a piece of paper every time, isn't it?

Dump of Thoughts

Does it happen that you come up with some crazy idea, and then at some point, you forget about it? And then you can not remember for a long time, or in General, you have some specific ideas that can lead you to something. Go ahead, write down all your ideas on paper, perhaps the next day after reading what you once wrote in your bullet journal will be for you something integral or something very interesting.

Textbook Money Tracker

If you are a student sometimes you face financial problems. For example, you spend a lot of money on textbooks or reference books. Sometimes you can save some money by selling them. But not always everything goes smoothly, most likely not leading bullet journal you just simply forget about it. And you will not be able to save a significant part of your money spent on the same textbooks. I guess this idea will be very helpful and simple for every student.

Household Schedule

It is also worth paying attention to banal household duties. Of course, without the organization of time for household duties may not remain. This is exactly what our bullet journal will help us deal with. As a decent person, you can track each duty separately. Checking our responsibilities will help us feel in full control of the situation. It will 100% save your time and some money!

Here are some of them:

  • Plan what to eat
  • Schedule your duties like to wash the carpet
  • Plan the cleaning of any unnecessary junk

Weekly summary

In my opinion, it is impossible to live without a weekly summary. It's a very popular piece in the bullet journal. Why is it so popular you ask? It's all about flexibility, you have a lot of space that you can use. You can use the following page at any time. Also, you can create a whole pack of notes. There is no need to take someone's design, you can always develop your own or show creativity adding someone else's.


The idea is that you have recipes that you use all the time. They are written on colored stickers and pasted into your bullet journal. The key feature is that you can use this page with your Grocery list. Just look at the ingredients listed on any of the stickers, you will be able to track them in parallel in your Grocery list. Perfect isn't it?

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