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Fight Autumn Gloominess With These Powerful Tips

It’s time to fight against seasonal depression and deflated moods. These tips will help you power through autumn gloominess.

The cool temperatures and beautiful colors of autumn may be welcome changes for many people, but late fall can be a difficult time for anyone who experiences seasonal affective disorder. If the seasonal blues have come early this year, you may need to begin your self-care methods ahead of time. What can you do to fight autumn gloominess this year? Here are some tips to get you started so that you can try to enjoy the end of the year.

Find Milestones Within the Season

Finding parts of the cold months that you enjoy may be difficult, but it’s necessary to keep your mood up and to stay optimistic. Prepare ahead of time by marking holidays you love, beloved birthdays, or even the beginning of the new season of a TV show. Getting through hard seasons is all about getting to the next happy moment. No one else needs to see your planner or calendar but you, so get excited for National Nacho Day or Espresso Day without shaming yourself—you’ve earned it.

Reflect on the Beauty of the Season

Even if you dislike certain seasons, beautiful moments can capture your heart in any month. People may advise you to “take a walk” because they believe the outside air will help with unhappiness or depression. Instead, take a walk to clear your head, and try to notice something beautiful you never noticed before. Little moments in nature will brighten your day as you reflect. Look for a family of ducks, a new vantage point for leaf-viewing, or the moon shimmering on freshly fallen snow. Use your walk to empty your mind or to work through internal grief and autumn gloominess. white pumpkins

Stay Cozy

It’s okay if you need to begin dressing for cold weather before everyone else. Different people handle temperature changes in unique ways. The clothes you wear can improve your mood, especially during remote learning or while you’re working from home. Wear comfortable, cozy house clothes on bad days. On days when you have more energy, try dressing up! A confidence boost from feeling attractive can energize your mood throughout the whole work or school day. When you need to go outside, wear enough layers to be comfortable. Even the slightest discomfort will serve as a reminder of how little you enjoy the cold-weather seasons, and it can drag down your mood.

Reward Yourself

Whenever you power through a tough task or day, give yourself something in return. There will be times when nobody is there to give you a reward for your hardships but yourself. Give yourself your favorite coffee drink from a nice café, or buy something online that you can look forward to receiving. Any special treatment you can give yourself during difficult months is a way to fight autumn gloominess.

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