20 Creative Washi Tape Swatch Layouts For Your Bullet Journal

Are you a washi tape collector?? Me too! I am always trying to find new and unique ways to keep track of my washi tape collection but I can never quite find a way. Here are 20 different creative washi tape swatch layouts for you to use in your bullet journal!

Washi Tapes by @b.bulletjournal

What I like about this layout is its simplicity; this is the kind of simple swatch I might gravitate toward when creating my own!

Washi Swatches by @sleepy.tofu

As a fellow artist, I died when I saw this washi tape swatch because I love how creative it is. The idea of painting the tape across the layout was brilliant.

Washi Bookshelf by @nohnoh.studies

A bookshelf is another fantastic way to show off washi tape! Love it!

Sunshine Washi Tape

Washi Puppies by @casawashi

Puppies! How cute and creative, who would have thought to use dogs to show off your washi collection.

Hanging Washi Tape by @sleepy.bujo

The hanging photos is a classic and I love it!

Hanging Washi Tape by @zenithjournals

Here is another hanging washi tape layout, fantastic!

Washi Swatches by @bastiendoesthings

The eclecticism here is wonderful, this reminds me a lot of my design style and I might just steal it ;)

Washi Tape Collection by @bujomiranda

I like this hanging one because it is different, instead of being a ton of tiny squares, she keeps enough length to show off the tape design.

Washi Sneaker Swatches by @theinkystory

Sneakers! What a cute and creative way to show off washi tape!

Washi Theme Ideas by @amber.journals

How cool that this layout is a theme layout, not just for swatching. She matches ink to each tape; I love it!

Washi Tape Swatches by @bujobycindy

Taping "pictures" to the wall, what a cute spin on the hanging pictures style layout!

Patchwork Quilt by @birdybujo

I am a huge fan of this one because I love quilts, How fun!

Pastel Washi Swatch by @adagio.studies

How neat is it when a swatch also uses theming? I find it super aesthetically pleasing.

Mega Swatchi Tape by @hydrostudies

Price tags! How creative!

Washi Tape by @lamardewashi

Again, I love a simple tape swatch spread!

Washi Tree by @casawashi

I have not seen any washi tape spread so unique, What a cool idea of creating a washi tree!

Washi Café by @viva.fe.mas.creatividad

If you are a coffee fan, this swatch spread is for you!

Washi Tape Wardrobe by @ghiblistudies

Hanging tape off of hangers like fabric or clothing, I love how creative these swatch layouts can be!

Washi Collection by @laurelei

Another super amazing example of hanging washi tape!

July Washi Tape by @robys_bujo

I love seeing tape hung over hangers like fabric!

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