If you're like me, then you love using washi tape, but it can be difficult to find tape to fit you. Here are some of my favorite washi tape sets!

12+ Washi Tape Sets You Must Have

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love using washi tape in your bullet journals and planners, even in some of your DIY projects! However, with the immense amount of washi tape sets available, finding great washi tape can sometimes be challenging to fit your bullet journal.

Not only are there a million different washi tapes to pick from, but there are dozens (if not more) ways to use it! Let’s learn some more about washi tape, how to use it, and check out some of my favorite washi tape sets!

What is Washi Tape?

Maybe you are reading this article and wondering, “what is washi tape?” So, what exactly is washi tape?

Washi tape is a decorative, often colored or patterned, adhesive tape. They are often colorful, have decorative patterns, and are popular among bullet journals, planners, and DIY communities. Also, they can come in a variety of lengths and widths!

Where Did 'Washi Tape' Come From?

The term washi references a Japanese paper. Washi tape is usually (or at least historically) made from natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, or the bark of trees that are native to Japan.

How Can You Use Washi Tape?

One of the questions you have likely been looking to answer is how you can use washi tape. You might already know one or two ways to use it, but there are so many more possibilities than you are likely aware of!

While this list is not complete (as people are constantly coming up with new ways of using washi tape), here are some of the most popular ways to use washi tape!

  • Planner decoration
  • Bullet journal decoration
  • Planner labeling
  • Houseplant pot decorating
  • Wall decoration
  • Home decorating
  • Craft projects
  • Labeling
  • DIY stickers
  • Picture frame decorating
  • DIY picture frames
  • & MUCH more!

Our Favorite Washi Tapes

Now that we’ve explored washi tape a bit, I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite washi tapes with you. These are tapes that I own and use! Additionally, you can check out some of our other posts on Bullet Journaling Notebooks and Colorful Pens!

Wonderful Washi Tape – Geometric Collection

This particular set of tape was the very first set I bought myself. I am personally very picky about patterns, but I love many of the tapes in this set. My favorites are the arrow ones and the black and white ones. Pattern aside, this tape is a good quality for paper. Though, I have not tested it on other surfaces.

Savena Washi Tape Set

This washi tape set is another staple in my collection. I love a good black and white washi tape with a fun pattern! These tapes function similarly to the previous set in that they work great on paper, but I have not used them on other surfaces.

Ocamo Sky Washi Tape

I am a huge houseplant fanatic, so naturally, I ordered plant washi tape. The tape you see here is not the exact tape I ordered, but it is one of the available options with the houseplant ones. Each time I look back, the houseplant tapes are sold-out. However, they have a few other options, such as flowers and sky. The tape is sticky, and I have not had any annoying ripping. Plus, the designs are super cute!

Thin Black Washi Tape

I know, this tape is really, really boring. However, it's essential to have thin black washi tape for lining and borders. I love this role because it works. I used it in my October Plan-with-Me to create and complete lines. It only tore my paper when I let it sit too long or pulled it off too quickly; however, it sticks nicely!

Dalus Gold Foil Washi Tape

If you love gold as much as I do, this tape set is such a fun set to have. There are varied colors and designs, including gold foiling in the details. I absolutely love it!

Antner Floral Washi Tape

Floral washi tapes are a solid choice if you are unsure about what to get. The floral theme is so popular that you are likely to use it, well, unless you hate flowers. Either way, this set is great because of the sheer number of patterns, the price, and the good quality!

Knaid Floral Washi Tape

Here is yet another floral washi tape set. This one is more bubbly and fun than the previous one but is of similar quality. The main difference (other than the patterns) is that you pay slightly more for this one. However, the price difference is likely due to a tape dispenser being included in this set.

Thin Colorful Washi Tape

Thin colorful tape is another staple for bullet journaling. Luckily, this set is super cheap for the number of tapes you get! While these tapes lose their stick fairly easily, there are so many colors to choose from and for a fair price.

Washi tape is an amazing way to add creativity and function to your bullet journal or DIY projects. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to go out and use washi tape!

Do you plan to add tape to your bullet journal? Let us know how you use washi tape in the comments!

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