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30 Under the Sea Themed Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

The ocean is an absolutely amazing place. Not only is it incredibly HUGE and full of beautiful wildlife, but it is also in need of your help! For this article, I am not only showing off some gorgeous Under the Sea-themed bullet journal layouts, but I am promoting the Ocean. Here you can find some crazy and fun ocean facts; then, in the end, I am sharing some great ways you can help save the oceans.

Fun Ocean Facts

  • Our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.
  • The majority of life on Earth is aquatic.
  • We’ve explored less than 5% of the planet’s oceans.
  • The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater. Stretching over 56,000km, the Mid-Oceanic Ridge is a mountain chain that runs along the center of the ocean basins.
  • The deepest known area of the Earth’s oceans is known as the Mariana Trench. Its deepest point measures 11km.
  • There are more historic artifacts under the sea than in all of the world’s museums.
  • We still only know a fraction of the marine species in our oceans.
  • The ocean produces over 70% of our planet’s oxygen.
  • Finding rivers and lakes beneath the ocean is possible.
  • Around 50% of the US lies beneath the ocean.
  • The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest ocean and contains around 25,000 islands.
  • The name “Pacific Ocean” comes from the Latin name Tepre Pacificum, “peaceful sea.”
Source: Trafalgar, National Geographic Kids

Inspiring Nautical Bullet Journaling Tools

Under the Sea Doodle

sea themed doodle a day page
source: CraftHippie
I love this doodle page. Not only are the doodles gorgeous, but I love that the final product creates one larger image instead of 30 separate images.

Mermaid in a Bottle

mermaid in a bottle watercolor art in the center with weekly log
source: @gigis_journal
I did not find a ton of mermaid or fantasy-based under-the-sea layouts. However, I love the novelty of this one featuring a mermaid in a bottle. Additionally, the artwork is fantastic.

Blue Seahorse Weekly Log

seahorse art weekly log
source: @tiny_bujo
This seahorse layout is super creative. Don’t you love how the seahorse appears to be breaking out of a very geometric blue shell? You can even see the shattered pieces floating around in the layout.

Black & White Under the Sea

black and white under water scene weekly log
source: @metro_boulot_bujo
Something rare among these under-the-sea layouts is black and white. Most of these layouts are vibrant blues and oranges. However, this one is super detailed and gorgeous, but it is just black and white.

Sea Turtle August Cover Page

blue watercolor sea turtle august cover page
source: @thebujobuzz
This little blue turtle is the cutest darned thing! Additionally, the art and lettering styles are to die for! I would love to see the lettering process for this one!

Dolphins Weekly Log

dolphin watercolor scene in the center of the weekly log
source: @gigis_journal
Dolphins are one of my favorite (maybe my favorite) aquatic animals. I was lucky enough to swim with some on my recent vacation. I loved it so much; how could I not include some dolphin layouts in this round-up?

Whale Weekly Log

watercolor whale at the top of a water log
source: @allorasbujo
For this layout, the creator used watercolor in such a calming and beautiful way. I love that they used the same style in her daily circles as well as in the whale. Additionally, the lettering here is perfect!

Octopus Boat Weekly Log

watercolor octopus with building on it's head april weekly log
source: @mydearsputnik
The art style and lettering used for this under-the-sea layout are phenomenal. Additionally, the creativity used in the art piece itself is super unique. I love the space spin on it!

Sea Dragon Monthly Log

30 Under the Sea Themed Bullet Journal Layout Ideas
source: @jannplansthings
Here is my only other fantasy-based ocean layout. This sea dragon is beautiful, and the art style cannot be matched. Additionally, I love the use of gold.

Whale Mood & Health Tracker

geometric blue whale mood tracker and waves health tracker
source: @thefakejournal
How cute is this whale mood tracker!? I love this idea for summertime or underwater-themed mood tracker layout.

Underwater Wildlife August Cover Page

watercolored underwater wildlife august cover page
source: @rachelbujo
This hello August layout is super colorful and fun to look at. It really screams summer and is a perfect representation of the beauty of underwater wildlife. Though this layout does not feature any animals per se, I still love it.

Tentacles August Weekly Log

blue tentacle out of the see august weekly log
source: @_enaart
The calm nature and use of light blues really make this layout stand out. Not to mention the tentacles that creep out of the waves. It is not clear what creature we are looking at, but that’s the beauty of it!

Blue Fin July Cover Art

30 Under the Sea Themed Bullet Journal Layout Ideas
source: @allorasbujo
I’ve seen this layout quite a few times in my browsing, and I couldn’t help but include it. I love that it features only the back fin of something. Additionally, the blue watercolor spots are such a great touch!

Under the Sea Weekly Log

watercolor weekly log with octopus and diver
source: BangBangJournalang
Here is another layout with phenomenal artwork. Unfortunately, I cannot tell what was used to create this one. However, I love how the octopus wraps around the meals section. The octopus really gives this layout depth.

Seashell Mood Tracker

explorejournaling-seashell mood tracker
credit: @explorejournaling
Who doesn’t love a fun mood tracker? This one shows off some cool shells in an ocean wave!

Hello August Abstract Whale

30 Under the Sea Themed Bullet Journal Layout Ideas
source: @thefrenchbujo
We showed off a seahorse layout previously that is a similar style to this one, and I love it. This layout instead shows a whale that appears to be breaking out of a shell. Additionally, there is a wave creating a nice circular feel.

Jellyfish Doodle

blue jellyfish art
source: @bulletjournalbymarieke
This is less of a layout and more of a spread. Regardless, I just had to include this beautiful jellyfish in my round-up.

Whale Daily Log

blue whale art with daily log
source: @mydearsputnik
I feature a few layouts similar to this one, but they are too amazing not to include. I love how differently everyone portrays whales in their underwater layouts.

Dolphin Art

dolphin drawing with top half realistic and bottom half geometric
source: @thebujobuzz
Here is another aquatic animal breaking out of a geometric shell! This dolphin image is perfect! If you love the use of geometry, check out some other geometric bullet journal layouts.

Jellyfish Doodle

doodle guides for underwater creatures
source: @study.bunnie
I love when people teach us how to create some simple artwork. For those of us who are a little more artistically challenged, it really allows us to create simple art! This one shows off a few different ways to doodle a jellyfish.

Fishtail December Cover Page

fishtail art with "december" on brown paper below tail
source: @miz.bujo.art
I haven’t featured much fish in this round-up yet, and I only have one to share. This layout shows off a gorgeous blue and orange fishtail. The detail here is fantastic!

Space Whale Weekly Log

watercolor artwork on space cat on whale in space
source: @jannplansthings
How creative is this space and underwater theme? I love how the space cat is riding the whale in outer space. Love space-themes? Check out some galaxy-inspired layouts.

Sea Horse Weekly Log

blue and green dot art of seahorse in weekly log
source: @creative_desaster
This little blue and green seahorse is really neat. @creative_desaster uses a neat style utilizing circles or dots. This pairs super well with all the bubbles throughout this spread.

Blue Jellyfish Weekly Log

blue jellyfish art in the center of weekly log
source: @bullet_daily
Who doesn’t love a good jellyfish! Check out this beautiful blue jellyfish layout!

Ocean Waves Monthly Log

blue waves monthly log for july
source: @bulletjournalbymarieke
The art style in this layout is, once again, a really cool piece of art. The waves are broken up into sections which are different shades of blue, and it is flawless.

Let the Sea Set You Free

let teh sea set you free water plants
source: @jordsbybullet
This quote page is super bright. When looking at it, you cannot help but feel happier. Additionally, the lettering and quote themselves are gorgeous! Enjoy adding quotes to your bullet journal? Check out these amazing bullet journal quotes.

Shark Fin Monthly Log

monthly log of ocean with shark fin
source: @elas_bullet_journey
Here is one more black and white under-the-sea layout! This one features a shark fin and a sea wave crashing at night. This minimal layout is simply beautiful.

The Great Wave Month Overview

blue wave april month overview
source: @gigis_journal
Here is another adorable dolphin layout! Additionally, I love the lettering used for this one!

Hello Whale May Cover & Quote

whale art on may cover with quote
source: @not_subtitle
This quote and hello page is perfect and absolutely minimal. These two whales appear to be swimming around at night. The quote reads “Chance to take it all back whatever it takes.” I am not sure what this quote is from. Check out more bullet journal quotes.

Jellyfish Weekly Log

two yin yang jelly fish in the center may weekly log
source: @bulletwithe
This is my favorite jellyfish layout of all time. These two jellyfish appear to be dancing with one another. Additionally, the gentle use of color is beautiful.

Inspiring Nautical Bullet Journaling Tools

Want to Help Our Oceans? Here is How!

Infographic from Ocean Service, view here.
  1. Use less water so excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.
  2. Choose nontoxic chemicals and dispose of herbicides, pesticides, and cleaning products properly.
  3. Cut down on what you throw away.
  4. Choose sustainable seafood. Buy less plastic and bring a reusable bag.
  5. Use fuel-efficient vehicles, carpool, or ride a bike.
  6. Choose energy-efficient light bulbs and don’t overset your thermostat.
  7. Follow “catch and release” practices and keep more fish alive.
  8. Anchor in sandy areas far from coral and seagrasses. Adhere to “no wake” zones.
  9. Healthy habitat and survival go hand in hand. Treat with care.
  10. Volunteer for cleanups at the beach and in your community. You can get involved in protecting your watershed too! Learn more about where to volunteer HERE.

Amazing Companies That Help Save the Ocean

Here are some amazing companies that work to help us save our oceans.


4Ocean makes and sells bracelets using recycled plastic. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 4,400,255 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines.


Oceana is the largest organization in the world, solely devoted to marine conservation. It was established in 2001. Since its founding, Oceana has achieved hundreds of concrete policy victories for marine life and habitats. As part of its campaigns, Oceana is involved in efforts to end major sources of ocean pollution such as oil, mercury, aquaculture, and shipping emissions. In addition to that, the organization also campaigns for the protection of vulnerable places in the oceans.


Greenpeace is a global organization working to stop environmental crimes using non-violent, creative action. The main goals of the group are to protect biodiversity in all its forms, prevent pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air, and fresh water, end all nuclear threats, promote peace, global disarmament, and non-violence

Sand Cloud

Purchase a summer accessory and have 10 percent of the profits put toward marine life conservation. Become an Ambassador and help spread the work and save the ocean!


20 percent of the company’s net profits from its clothing and beachy accessories are donated to the FAU Marine Research Lab at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and the center’s nonprofit to benefit sea turtle conservation. How amazing is the ocean? It’s incredible, and so are these celebratory Ocean layouts. Loved these Under the Sea-themed bullet journal layouts? Check out more theme round-ups HERE. How do you plan to help us save the ocean this week?? signature-elizabeth
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