18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

I love to travel, and so many other people do too! Traveling is always easier when you prepare right. This post is full of super inspiring travel planning bullet journal layouts to get you excited and ready for your next trip! If you have wanderlust and a need for organization, this post is for you!!

Travelling by Christina77Star

I love these layouts because I am all for lists and planning! Christina even goes into detail about these layouts.

Travel Spread by Corners of the Sky

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

I find map travel layouts incredibly inspiring and amazing! They always look so good and this one is no different. I love how she marks and highlights the places she has been as well as includes a list of places she wants to go.

Travel Scrapbook

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

Photographs and ratings! What a way to remember all of the places you have been and what your experience was like.

Packing List by ohheyclaudia


This is such a clean packing list, I love it! This layout is so perfect and easy to use.

Trip Planning & Travel Layouts by Kara of @BohoBerry


This is a really cool itinerary layout. Kara's work is always top notch!


This one is a really cool compilations of the map, lists, and itinerary layouts.


Summer road trip itinerary! I love a good road trip and planning for it would be essential!

Travel Planner by Katrin of @plansandletters


This is such an important layout for going out of the country. Katrin includes all essential travelling information in one beautiful spread.

Trip and Travel Planning by Jennifer of @inkbyjeng


Jennifer does some amazing bullet journal work and her travelling layouts are no different. I love this super minimal Portland trip planning layout.


Jennifer must really love coffee, she listed it in her Portland layout and now has a whole spread dedicated to Austin coffee!


I love a good flow chart, what a cool and minimal way to track your travel plans in a fluent way!


The last of @InkbyJenG that I will share is this "hello" title page transition. It is so artist and minimal. She says goodbye to Colorado and heads to Austin!

Travel Photo Checklist by Migdalia of @kanguraventuras


A photo checklist, how unique! I love this take on travel planning because I am really bad at remembering to take photographs!

Cruise Countdown by @amazinglymarvelous


I love this cruise ship countdown layout, how creative and exciting!

Trip Journal by Blossoms and Bullet Journals

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

Do you journal during your travels? This simple layout is a great way to keep notes of your days while on vacation.

Maps by Bad with Directions

This map colors in the various countries and places they have been! Super awesome.

Family Vacation

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

Do you go on family trips? This layout is a really cool take on using a map as an itinerary and travel plan as well!

Itinerary by Kim of @tinyrayofsunshine


Kim always has such beautiful layouts and this one is no different. She does a beautiful job with her travel itinerary and packing list.

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