Having a clean house can be daunting. So, in order to clean your home and keep it clean, here are some of the best layouts to help you clean your house!

The Best Layouts to Help you Clean your Home

It is not spring time, but that does not mean it is not time for a clean home. You can clean your home any time of the year. However, this can sometimes be a very overwhelming and daunting task. So, in order to help you clean your home and keep it clean, here are some of the best layouts to help you clean your house!

House Cleaning by Room

This first layout is so fun to look at. It is a cleanly done spread with the cutest doodles. Further, I love that this spread splits up the tasks by room.

source: MashaPlans

Cleaning Schedule

If you are looking for something more simple to help you clean your home, then this cleaning schedule is perfect for you! Further, this one utilizes daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual cleaning into a simple one-page design. I love it!

source: ElizabethJournals


Home Remodel Planning

While this is not a cleaning spread per-se, I still wanted to include it here in this blog post. Further, I wanted to include it because often, remodeling consists of an element of cleaning and organization. So, what better place to show off this incredibly beautiful, minimal, and unique bullet journal layout!

source: Productive and Pretty

Spring Cleaning

One very popular element of cleaning your house is spring cleaning! Here is a great way to organize a good spring cleaning session by room!

source: Little Bear Creations

pink cleaning schedule zone cleaning Emily

Cleaning Schedule & Zone Cleaning

If you are looking for a more in-depth version of the cleaning schedule featured above, this one is perfect. However, this one includes every day, every week, every month, and every 3 to 6 months. Additionally, the second page contains the various zones in a house and areas which you should clean regularly!

source: EmilyBujo

House Keep

I love the tidy and detailed nature of this spread. It is easy to create and includes my favorite thing--color coding! This layout will help you clean your home!

source: Side Real Life


purple home cleaning Michele

Home Cleaning

What I enjoy about this spread is how easy to customize it is. This one includes a broom doodle and eight different sections! You can add to each of these sections, remove parts, or anything else!

source: MicheleBujo

Monthly Cleaning Tracker

This layout is incredibly perfect if you are looking for something more like a tracker. This spread tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning goals for each month, which is excellent! I love the various ways each item is tracked.

source: SideRealLife


KonMarie Method

Are you a fan of the KonMarie Method to help you clean your house? Then this spread is perfect for you. This spread utilizes the KonMarie Method to help you start cleaning and stay organized.

source: SideRealLife

Cleaning Doodles

I focused on more functional spreads in this blog post. However, for those of you looking to add some art to your spreads, here are some awesome cleaning doodles!!

source: MashaPlans


pink cleaning track task Lyndsey

Cleaning Tasks Monthly

Here is another fantastic bullet journal spread t help you clean your home! This one adds sections "bi-weekly" and "focus area."

source: LyndseyBujo

Home Maintenance Checklist

I love the color coding of this spread! So, this layout is more home maintenance, which is similar to cleaning, but not cleaning. I have included this layout because many of the items in the spread are cleaning tasks! This one is a great visual for my fellow visual learners!

source: BethanyBujo

yellow green pink blue home maintenance checklist bethany

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