For September, my theme is teal stamps. This article will walk you through my process and how I created my September bullet journal spread.

Teal Mosaic Stamps | September Plan-with-Me

Summer is over and school season has begun! For me, this means that I am beyond busy and it is time to crack down on my planner organization. For September, my theme is teal stamps. This article will walk you through my process and how I created my September teal stamps bullet journal spread.

The Teal Stamping Theme Process

This month's process is much like my other processes. I decided to do something familiar and easy due to my schedule. While I was not sure what color to use, I eventually landed on using teal and white. I picked out an ink pad and began stamping. I realized that gold was far too yellow and instead went with copper which is more orange.

When I moved to work on my second page, I realized just how much the new ink bled through the pages. This led me to skip every other set of pages and glue them together to avoid the bleed through ruining the layouts. Additionally, I used scrap paper between pages while I was stamping. Last, of my process, I realized that the columns were difficult to read and write on because of the ink bleeding. So, I cut up pages from another notebook and glued down fresh columns. Then, I outlined these columns with copper as to hide the section edges.

Though there were complications, I really enjoy how these pages ended up!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my September spread includes a title or hello page as well as weekly pages. Additionally, this month I've included a fall semester overview.

First, the fall semester overview mirrors my spring semester overview. There are 4 columns and the 4th column is broken into two rows, December and August. Each section or column has a mini-calendar with major dates circled. Then, below the calendar is a list of major assignments such as presentations, projects, and exams. The main header is print and the sub-headers are in gold minimal script font. Lastly, note that each course was assigned a color.

Next the hello or title page is done in almost all teal ink. The majority of the page in covered in teal mosaic stamps. There is a section about one-third of the way down that is entirely teal ink with a copper border on the top and bottom. Finally, within this space is "September" in a white script font.

Lastly, my weekly spread is almost identical to that of my April spread. there are 7 copper outlined columns. Each column represents a day and has a white subheader over copper coloring. The main header is over teal ink in white script. The remainder of the pages features a teal mosaic stamp.

Products Used

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