Sunshine-type themes are my absolute favorite making me happy and reviving my energy. So, here are over 20 happy sunshine layouts to enhance your planner!

20+ Happy Sunshine Layouts to Enhance Your Planner

Sunshine-type themes are my absolute favorite. They make me happy and revive my energy and focus. Considering this is my favorite theme, I cannot believe I have not created a round-up of sunshine themed bullet journal spreads. So, without further ado, here are over 20 happy sunshine layouts to enhance your planner!

I've Got Sunshine Quote Page

If we are talking about sunny bujo spreads, you cannot go wrong with a reliable quote page. Further, this one is referencing some sunshine-themed lyrics!

source: Pinterest

yellow sunshine gratitude tracker Gi

Sunshine Gratitude Tracker

Here is another incredibly popular sunny spread that you cannot go wrong without! Further, gratitude is phenomenally powerful in a positive mental attitude. So, naturally, this spread is a great way to be more grateful!

source: ElizabethJournals
yellow sunshine august title

August Cover Page

If you are a fan of watercolor or watercolor brush pens, then this is a phenomenal sunshine bullet journal idea! Further, it is super simple and easy to recreate in your planner!

source: ElizabethJournals

Ashley Baby Blue sunshine July cover page

Blue Sun July Cover

Here is another super simple way to incorporate the sun into your planner. You can simply outline the sun. Then, throw your favorite header style in the center!

source: ElizabethJournals

Sunshine Gratitude Layout

We already looked at a sun-themed gratitude tracker or log. However, I thought that this one was so beautiful! So, I absolutely had to show you!

source: BohoBerry
yellow sunshine july hello title MariaVictoria

Watercolor Sun July Cover

I recognize that many of these layouts have been a title or cover page. However, you can still utilize these themes and styles throughout your spreads! This layout, once again uses watercolor brush pens to picture the sun!

source: ElizabethJournals

Pay It Forward | Be Someone's Sunshine

This spread is an excellent combination of the sunny theme, sun quotes, and a list of positive ways to pay it forward. Further, I LOVE the style of this spread!

source: Journal Me Pretty

Sunshine Tie Dye Cover Page

This layout is my personal 2020 June spread theme. It is not specifically a sun. But, I wanted to show you ways to use the sunshine theme abstractly. Further, this spread utilizes watercolor in yellow and orange with gold lettering. So, there is not specifically a sun, but it is sunny!

source: ElizabethJournals

Sun Record Company Cover

This Sun Record Company cover page is so incredibly unique and beautiful! I love this out-of-the-box way to utilize this sunny theme!

source: Plant Based Bride
yellow sun july cover pinterest

Sunshine July Cover

Here is another excellent cover page featuring sunny rays! Further, I love that the sun appears out of the corner, and the coloring is very blended.

source: Pinterest

Watercolor Cover Page

This spread is a beautiful watercolor cover page. However, you could remove the header and replace it with a quote, a small tracker, or anything you'd like!

source: AmandaBujo

Sunshine Washi Tape July Cover

If you have not figured it out by now, I love to paint in my bullet journal. This spread utilizes yellow acrylic paint, gold lettering, and sunshine washi tape!

source: ElizabethJournals

Sunshine Quote Page

And this quote page could be another fantastic addition to your planner! Use brush pens, paint, or media paper to fill in the yellow page!

source: Pinterest

Sunny March Cover Page

This final layout is, of course, as fantastic as the rest of them. If you are not super artistic, you can create this spread using a ruler! So, this one is perfect for all skill levels.

source: Tumblr

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