I am back and had a surge of inspiration to utilize watercolor in my yellow June bullet journal. Check out my sunny tie-dye themed June bullet journal!

Bright Sunshine & Tie-Dye Inspired June 2020 Bullet Journal

I have been MIA lately regarding my personal journal. Due to my increased schedule and stress-load, my creativity became a second priority. Not only did my creativity fall to the wayside, but a global pandemic also hit, and my planner did not get used once during the month of May. However, for some unknown reason (probably the sunshine), I had a sudden and very random surge of inspiration! I absolutely love the summer and do a yellow-theme bullet journal each year. Check out my bright and sunny tie-dye themed June bullet journal, which is also my 2020 month of yellow!


Sunny Tie-Dye Theme

I really enjoy yellow themes and try to do something different using yellow each summer. I could not tell you what sparked my inspiration for this month's theme, but I got inspired out of nowhere and decided to do a sunny tie-dye theme! You can watch how I created the look in the video above. However, I simply blended yellow, pink, and a light orange together. Then, I dabbed the extra paint off with a paper towel. Finally, I decided to stick with gold lettering and lines to be sure the gentle but bold nature of the yellow was not too distracted from.

Layout Concept & Purpose

I made basically no changes to the layout concept that I have been using all year. The left page is a half-hourly schedule Monday through Saturday and the right page is all-day events, to-dos, and due dates. Saturday and Sunday are split diagonally. What I did do differently this time was to keep the main header the same color as the lines. Then, over top of the gold boxes and borders, I wrong the day of the week and date in black paint pen ink.

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