With spring approaching fast, I am getting more and more excited for summer! here is a quick little round-up of sunflower bullet journal page inspiration!

16+ Sunflower Themed Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

With spring approaching fast, I am getting more and more excited for summer (my favorite season)! To celebrate my excitement, I decided to do a quick little round-up of sunflower bullet journal page inspiration! In this round-up, I have gathered over 15 different types of layouts that incorporate sunflower visuals!

Sunflower Mood Tracker


Sunflowers make for great mood tracker! These flowers have so many petals it is easy to use them for 30 or so days of moods. I love this one, the petals are so pretty!

How To Draw Sunflowers


Ever wondered how to draw a solid sunflower in your bullet journal?? I love these quick doodle tutorials, they are so easy to follow and helpful!

October Cover Page


This cover picture stands out to me for several reasons. First, the mood coloring is so different than the rest of these layouts and is super gorgeous! Second, I love the use of color in the polaroid and black and white around the polaroid!

Blue Mood Tracker

Here is another version of the sunflower mood tracker. I like this one because it incorporates several sunflowers instead of just one! If you prefer to call them daisies, this imagery is super versatile!

Sunflower Habit Tracker Tutorial


Have you ever thought of using a sunflower image as a habit tracker? I sure have not and I love the concept! I wish a key was included so that I could see how it is used!

A Week In May


How absolutely beautiful is the background of this weekly bullet journal spread! I love it when the theme or visual fill the background of a layout like this one does!



Do you use braindumps? When you do a braindump; how do you organized the spread? I love this particular dump and how they used the sunflower as a backdrop for the header and twinkle lights as a border! It looks amazing and very much like a summer bullet journal spread!

Hello August

Kelly Creates

I would love to see how Kelly created this wonderful August cover page! At first glance, I would assume watercolor paint but I believe she used Tombow Dual Brush Pens! I love this!

June Cover Page


I created this June cover page for Jenny and I LOVE the way it turned out. I had not thought to do something like this with two flowers before she had requested it and I can see myself re-using the spread!

Sunflower Weekly Log


How cool is this weekly spread? I love the art style and the use of textured washi tape!

Sunflower Sleep Log


Sunflowers are not only a great centerpiece of a bullet journal page, but they also make a good accent and space filler. This layout does such a great job with these details!

Circle Mood Tracker


How sweet is this circular mood tracker? The shades of yellow make for such a bright and happy feel. additionally, the sunflowers really pull together the yellow shades, theme, and happy vibe!

Flower Petal Mood Tracker

Ashley's Baby Pink & Baby Blue Bullet Journal | Client Gallery
Sunflower Mood Tracker

Here is just another awesome sunflower mood tracker! This one is completely blank!

Sunflower Mood Tracker


I love these cute little mood tracker flowers! The creation of not only the flowers but also the environment really adds to the concept and visual of the spread!

Kathleen's Watercolor Title Page

yellow title Kathleen

I love this very minima watercolor bullet journal cover page! No details, just simple watercolor artwork! Do you use watercolor in your bullet journal?

2019 Watercolor Sunflower

Karyn's Watercolor Pocket Calendar | Client Gallery

Flowers in general, but particularly sunflowers make for great header or cover page artwork because of the large centers of the flowers. You can fit a lot of lettering and additional details in the large center. This cover page is one example where I put the header and a doodle in the center of the flower!

Black & White Sunflower


I recently created this pen artwork for a custom journal client and she loves it! Her theme was very bold, black, and white for the most part and she requested something including a sunflower. I think that you cannot go wrong with some sketch-style artwork!

What is your favorite theme to use in your bullet journal? Is it sunflowers or other flowers? Let us know in the comments! Love checking out our bullet journal ideas? Get more inspiration with our GIANT list of bullet journal theme ideas!

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