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30+ Summer Mood Trackers That Will Boost Your Mood

Summer is finally here, which means it is time to create summer-themed bullet journals! Because there are so many different themes and ideas for summertime, but summer is a short time, it can sometimes be hard to decide. Use these awesome summer mood trackers to inspire your planner and boost your mood!
inkredible_mel-flipflop beach bucket and lemonade-mood tracker
credit: @inkredible_mel

Beachtime Mood Tracker

This summer mood tracker is such a cute idea. It features various beach buckets, flip tops, and drinks to be given faces according to mood. Of course, you could alter this one, so the colors represent the mood instead of the faces.

Daisy Mood Tracker

Here is a more minimal style mood tracker that could be used either for spring or summer because it features daisies. I created this mood tracker in one of our custom bullet journals. It is an easier design option for some of the less artistically inclined journalers.

Ice Cream Scoop Mood Tracker

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thecreativehour-honeycomb-mood tracker
credit: The Creatives Hour

Honeycomb Mood Tracker

A time classic for summer mood tracking is a honeycomb concept. This is a fairly simple visual to create but still looks incredibly aesthetic.

Yellow Flowers Circular Mood Tracker

If you aren't sure how to incorporate your theme into a mood tracker but still want the tracker to be themed, creating the circle is a great idea. We feature several ideas for doing this in this article; however, this is the first. This mood tracker features some yellow watercolor flowers around a circle with a pink watercolor header.

Tiki Surfer Mood Tracker

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rachelbujo-lemon tree mood tracker and habit tracker
credit @rachelbujo

Lemon Tree Mood & Habit Tracker

There are many fruit-themed mood tracker ideas in this article. Fruit is a great option for a summer bullet journal, especially citrus. I love this tracker because it utilizes the circle piece with a lovely lemon branch pulling the mood tracker with the habit tracker. Of course, the color palette is more citrus-based.
credit: Emelia Bujo

Watermelon Slices Mood Tracker

Watermelon is a perfect summer mood tracker idea. This delicious fruit comes in so many shades of red, and this mood tracker features watermelon perfectly. This tracker, in particular, focuses on slices!

Pineapple Mood Tracker

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Sunshine Mood Tracker

Sunshine is such an important part of summertime. This is just one possible way to feature the sun in your summer mood tracker. Each ray can show a different shade of orange or yellow according to your mood!
journal with penny-orange slices mood tracker
credit: Journal with Peggy

Orange Slices Mood Tracker

As we mentioned, citrus is a GREAT summer mood tracker idea, particularly because citrus is already broken into natural parts. This layout focuses more on orange as the chosen citrus. However, this layout could easily represent grapefruit, lemon, or lime by altering the color options!

Popsicles & Surf Mood Tracker

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Underwater Fish Mood Tracker

Oceans and other large bodies of water are another really vital part of summertime. So, it is natural to include some underwater vibes in this collection. This layout is particularly awesome, featuring so many cute little underwater creatures and plants. freebie-form-image-weekly-log

Lemon Wedge Mood Tracker

I know, I know, this might be getting a bit redundant. However, here is another awesome summer mood tracker idea with a citrus theme! This one, in particular, is mean to represent lemon but could easily represent another citrus.

Flamingo Mood Tracker

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rachelbujo-underwater plants mood tracker
credit: @rachelbujo

Underwater Foliage Mood Tracker

Did you love the underwater mood tracker noted previously? Here is another really cool under-the-sea option that incorporates the circle! This one could be left black and white, OR you could color in the plants to match the circle slices.
credit: Pinterest

Geometric Sunshine Mood Tracker

I mentioned the importance of the sun as a summer mood tracker option, so here is another version. This sunny tracker breaks the sun up into some really awesome geometric sections to color in according to the mood!

Cactus Mood Tracker

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credit: unknown

Ocean Wave Mood Tracker

Many summer hobbies occur in the water, including summer sports, many of which involve the use of waves. Here is a beautiful example of how you can utilize waves as a summer mood tracker.

Lemonade Mood Tracker

Lemonade is such a popular summer drink, but it can be difficult to have a lemonade mood tracker. So, one way to use a lemonade theme is by adding your mood to the straw or cup instead of the drink itself.

Sunflower Mood Tracker

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lenamarterer-ice cream-mood tracker
credit: LenaMarterer

Ice Cream Cones Mood Tracker

Do you love a cool snack in the warmer summer months? Ice cream is a popular option that creates an amazing mood tracker concept! Here is one that involves a ton of little ice cream cones.
explorejournaling-seashell mood tracker
credit: @explorejournaling

Underwater Seashell Mood Tracker

Another great way to use underwater vibes in your summer mood tracker is with seashells. This example is so beautiful!

Jelly Fish Mood Tracker

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potted palm houseplant mood tracker

Potted Palm Tree Houseplant Mood Tracker

Another great summer mood tracker option is houseplants or tropical plants. A palm tree is such a staple tropical plant that makes a great mood tracker!
bbulletjournal-pineapple mood tracker
credit: @b.bulletjournal

Pineapple Mood Tracker & Watermelon Sleep Log

Pineapple is a delicious tropical summer fruit and is associated with summery, pastel colors. All of these factors make pineapple the perfect summer mood tracker option! This tracker focuses on showing off many small pineapples, while others might section off one large pineapple.

Summer Cocktail Mood Tracker

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bulletbycait-kite mood tracker
credit: @bulletbycait

Kite Mood Tracker

Other summer activities include flying kites. I love that this layout features a ton of little kites to color according to mood.

Tropical Leaf Mood Tracker

I've mentioned that tropical plants and circles are great summer mood-tracking ideas. Here is one that I created, which features a variety of tropical leaves surrounding a circle tracker.

Pineapple Mood Tracker

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elbujodefran watermelon mood tracker
credit: @elbujodefran

Watermelon Slice Mood Tracker

I showed off an example of a ton of watermelon slices, so here is one where one slice is sectioned off as a mood tracker. I really like more geometric sectioning as mood trackers.

Popsicle Mood Tracker

We have talked a lot about summer treats in this article, so of course, I will mention a few more. This layout is a giant popsicle broken into slices, and man, does it make me hungry looking at it!

Seashell Mood Tracker

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lemon lime orange mood tracker tea and twigs
credit: @teaandcreate

Lemon, Lime, & Orange Mood Tracker

I love the wave of citrus in this mood tracker. While the creator chose to designate color for various moods, she decided to vary the type of doodle associated with the mood so that no two moods are connected with the same doodle!
fruit mood tracker
credit: @byhaleyelizabeth

Fruit Mood Tracker

This final summer mood tracker a beautiful melding of 90's vibes, fruit, and circle trackers, I love the art style in this journal, and it is fairly simple to recreate. Did you love this collection of summer mood trackers? Then, check out some of our more nautical theme ideas or other summer ideas! signature-elizabeth
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