20 Fun Summer Bullet Journal Layouts

It's officially summertime! Summer is by far my favorite season and I am so excited to spend time out in the sunshine! I see no reason why my bullet journal can't reflect my love for summer. So, here are 20 summer bullet journal layouts.

20 Fun Summer Bullet Journal Layouts

How to Draw Pineapple by @junefolio

It makes sense that to start out summer right, learning to draw summer items is useful. Further, this layout is a simple four-step how-to-draw pineapple layout. Since pineapple is a summer fruit, this is a must for our collection!

February Pool Time by @sab_terri

I think the use of photos in bullet journal layouts is super creative. Further, I like the creativity yet minimalism of this amazing summer layout. Not only is it simple, but features a picture of someone floating in a very clear body of water.

Summer Flowers by @bujo_by_sarah

At face value this layout might not seem very summery. However, if you look close enough at the "A" you will find some very summery flowers and plants! What a great idea for a summer layout!

Tropical June @ rox.the.planoholic

This summer spread features so many summer items! In this spread you can see tropical plant leaves, a flamingo, AND pineapple!!

Flamingo and Tropical Leaves by @creative.journals

Bouncing off of the previous layout, this one features so many summer bits! Further, both flamingos and tropical plants are perfect for summer.

Hello June Beach Day by @bujoforstars

This beach layout is phenomenal. I love the style of art as well as the inclusion of so many beach items. What is your favorite part of this one? Mine is the sun in the top!

Fruit Doodles by @bujoabby

This layout is another amazing doodle page! Not only do you get to learn how to draw pineapple but you can learn to draw lemon, watermelon, and cherries as well!

Summertime Treats by @myblossom journal

What is your favorite warm weather treat? Mine is a simple fruit popsicle! Regardless of your favorite, this layout has them all! Checkout this weekly treat spread!

Pool Time Float by @abby.happyplans

I don't feature this style of planner very often. However, these little pool floaty doodles were a must-share! What is your go-to flotation device!?

Popsicle Moods by @littleolivebujo

More Popsicles! This layout is a great way to do a mood tracker. The different popsicles feature multiple moods. Doing this makes for a great fruity treat layout!

Ice Cream week by @abby.happyplans

More ice cream! I can't help but love these colorful treats. Further, this layout uses the tasty snacks for each day of the week. It is super creative and summer-y!

Pineapple Habits Tracker by @rox.the.planoholic

Here is some more pineapple love for you! Instead of a doodle layout, this one is a habit tracker. Further, each day of the month has a little section on the pineapple.

"Make Your Own Sunshine by @bujoforstars

I love a nautical summer layout! This underwater quote is a perfect addition to any warm weather seasonal spread! Additionally, I love the different shells featured and the art style!

20 Fun Summer Bullet Journal Layouts

Summer Bucket List by @hannahbananabujo

Each season needs a bucket list. This bucket list spread is a great one for summer! Further, the four sections featured here are perfect; food, crafts, sports, and places. Additionally, the seasonal doodles make a great touch! And finally, did you notice the pattern in the header? No? It's watermelon!

Ferris Wheel by @bujobeyond

The Ferris wheel is a staple summertime fair ride. I love this fair theme for a July spread.

August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Happy Sunshine Yellow

Yellow Hello August Sunshine by @jihielephant

As I mentioned in my July 2019 PWM video, I use yellow for my theme once every summer. In 2018 I created a yellow watercolor and washi tape styled spread, and I loved it! Here is just the hello page. However, if you are interested, you can check out the whole spread in my August 2019 PWM.

Summer Beach by @plansthatblossom

More beach spreads! However, this one is different because of a few details. Instead of just showing off some seashells and sand, this one has seagulls, beach balls, an umbrella, and a cute little crab! This spread is adorable.

Summer Thoughts by @metro_boulot_bujo

This bullet journal spread is not explicitly summery. However, if you look close enough you will see some beach-y flowers. These flowers imply that this female is an islander of some sort. I love this subtle additional!

Summer Treats by @vk_bulletjournal

Here are some more summer treats! Additionally, check out the cute little creature holding the massive ice cream! Does anyone else wish they were him?

Sunshine Yellow Hello July by @jihielephant

This is my currently July spread. I used yellow paint, gold ink, and sunshine washi tape. In my opinion, yellow is the ultimate summer bullet journal theme!

Do you love these super fun summer bullet journal layouts? Check out some other amazing bullet journal theme ideas HERE!

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