9 Study Mistakes You Are Making That Will Cost You Your Grades

9 Study Mistakes You Are Making That Will Cost You Your Grade

You would be surprised by how many mistakes students make even though they feel confident about their studying skills. It's easiest to see that there is a problem when exam grades begin to drop. Continuing to use the same technique will only lead you to get similar results. Then, before you know it, you're grades are tanking and it’s too late to save them.

When it comes to studying these days, it is not enough to just retain the information in a textbook. A lot more is tested in exams. So, to do good on your exams a lot of things may need to change. Especially for those who do not choose to be coached and instead study on their own.

Here are some of the study mistakes you are making that will cost you a lot academically!

You Always Procrastinate

You say you can’t study today, but what about tomorrow? If you continue to procrastinate, you are setting yourself up for failure. Putting off your studies will leave you with a much larger workload. Doing all your studying all at once will lead to you not being thorough or grasping all of the fundamental concepts.

Studying In A Rush

It's not smart to approach your studies like you would a marathon. Some students pick a perfect studying environment with a desk and then stick by that place all day long. The problem with this is that you are not allowing yourself any rest time. Technically, your chances for learning a lot of material is very low with this technique. The reason for this is that the brain needs to rest every once in a while to process information effectively. Instead of procrastinating until your deadlines, schedule your course work in small bits at a time which is more digestible.

Additionally, realize that moving around helps with your brainwork. Experts suggest that moving around betters blood circulation. And better blood circulation permits your brain to sharpen thinking and higher in productivity.


If you are taking multiple courses at one time and end up hiring online class-takers, do not forget to go through the course yourself. You do not want to prepare for an exam in a rush and end up failing. A common motivation for this is usually to get more flexibility that allows you to do other things outside of class-time. While this is a valid reason, multi-tasking is not quite the solution when it comes to studying. Trying to do multiple things at the same time will only exhaust your brain and you won’t retain as much information. You will also be dividing your concentration from one thing, which means you are not fully attentive to learn all concepts. Give your mind ample time to process the information in one project before taking on the next.

Trying To Memorize Everything

Whether you are studying last minute or you are right on schedule, memorizing everything does not necessarily help. The more times you try to master the information in your notes, word for word, the higher your chances of failing in the exams. Ideally, questions are not set to be the exact order of words in textbooks. As long as you understand the logic or concept of the content, you should be all set for any exams set in that area.

Media Distraction

Social media has become ill for students during study time. A student may be very willing to concentrate on studying, but the distractions from social media hinder them. If you are one to keep looking at your phone, then it will be challenging to focus on your studies. Technically, when studying, you should leave your phone in your bag or in a different room from the one you are in. If you can study without using the internet, then do so. If you have to use the internet, consider shutting down all the tabs concerned with social media or entertainment like video games, YouTube, funny memes, among others.

Studying Alone

Every once in a while, a little solitude is excellent when studying. The problem comes in when you are always studying alone. In the company of people, you get different perspectives from which to approach a topic. As these people help to bounce ideas off, your brain better decodes the information. It is also the perfect time to clarify confusing and complicated matters in the subject at hand. Additionally, the more ways you are studying the better a grasp of the information you will have. Try teaching some of the concepts to your study-mates. Teaching them will not help you to retain the information, but it will help them to learn it as well!

Not Asking For Help

Along with bringing along some company during the study, you are doing yourself a disservice when you do not ask for help. Your professors and any other educators have a vast amount of knowledge they can share with you. Capitalize on the office hours of these people as your opportunity to gather more information. This is especially helpful for the technical bits of your coursework. Additionally, many schools have tutors available to you. Utilize these resources if you are struggling!

Studying A Few Days Up To The Exam

It’s easy to find yourself spending all your time up to your exam watching Netflix and avoiding your studies. Then you’ve found yourself cramming and rushing around to make sure you’ve studied. The few days prior to the exam, your tension has built-up too much causing your studying to not be as effective.

Instead of letting the pressure limit you, consider beginning your studies a couple of weeks before your exams.

Poor Time Management

Some students get almost everything else right, apart from time management. Realistically speaking, it can be hard to compile a 20-page document in two hours. However, students often take studying as a pressure-filled activity that needs to be rushed through. Some students only spare 30 minutes of their day for studying, and the rest of it on other activities. That kind of schedule does not allow your mind to soak in the information you have read. As an alternative, choose a proper balance in how you spend your time so that it is not too much or too little. Set aside an hour each day to study.


Studying is so much more essential than many students realize. Be sure that you are studying right with these tips! Let us know how these tips have helped you to study better in the comments below!

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