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How To Stimulate Your Creativity With These Must-Do Activities

As anybody in a creative field or industry will tell you, it’s extremely easy to come up empty when brainstorming ideas. Maintaining a constant stream of viable ideas is challenging in the best of times. It can become nearly impossible when experiencing any mental draught. Fortunately, several activities can stimulate your creativity which are easy to incorporate into your daily life

Regular Exercise

Staying in one position for too long is not just rough on the body, but it’s also hard on the mind. Regular exercise and movement will improve blood flow throughout the body and mind. As you exercise more, your body, mind, and self-esteem will continue to improve, And improved self-esteem will encourage confidence to try new things or ideas.


Daily Journaling

Another great activity to help get the juices flowing is through daily journaling. There are many established benefits to journaling. These benefits include acting as a resource for capturing your ideas before having the chance to forget them. Certain techniques, such as bullet journaling, are perfect for keeping individual thoughts and ideas for later reference. Keeping a record of your thoughts allows you to read them later. Referencing old journal entries allows you to be inspired or help get your head back in a productive place.

Writing Tricks

If you’re not someone who likes to jot down their every thought, freewriting or writing from prompts offer another way to write. Freewriting is an activity where you sit down and write every thought that comes into your head as it happens. This is done without returning to make edits, adjustments, or corrections. Writing prompts are open-ended starting points to a scenario which the writer uses to base their story. Both methods are highly effective in that they give you a place to start. They take the mental block out of the equation, freeing your brain to explore different paths.

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Explore Nature

Sometimes, a change of scenery is necessary to help retrain your brain. Taking a walk through a nature preserve or state park is one of the most effective activities that stimulate creativity, doing wonders for idea generation. In situations where mobility or other factors limit your ability to explore the outdoors, something as simple as a house plant for your desk can help break the monotony.

Keep A Sketchpad

Keeping a small notebook or sketchpad on hand is an excellent method for sparking creativity for those who enjoy art. This gives you a chance to doodle and draw your ideas when they happen instead of letting them slip away in your mind. This is an incredibly effective tactic for those trying to break out of a creative funk. Sketchpads allow you to focus on other projects and tasks instead of trying to remember your genius idea from three hours ago.

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