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4 Effective Ways to Stay Sane When Locked in Quarantine

Months into the pandemic, it’s starting to feel like keeping yourself, and others safe requires giving up a valuable part of your sanity. Everyone’s normal, day-to-day routines have been disrupted, and there’s a long list of activities you can no longer do. If you’re wondering how to stay sane during quarantine, these simple tips might help.

Don’t Wallow in Your Loneliness

It’s harder than ever to stay in touch with your friends. Chatting online works well in short doses, but after a while, your screen's soft blue glow gets old. If you’re desperate for real, physical interaction, there’s some good news. With the right precautions in place, face-to-face interaction is possible. When you’re meeting up with someone, try to do so in an area with low traffic. Open, airy parks are a good choice, as is either party’s home. If you can, make sure both of you have been tested and that your results are negative. At an absolute minimum, ensure that neither of you is exhibiting any symptoms and that you’ve stayed away from people who could’ve potentially been sick. Wear masks, and once you’re together, stay several feet apart from each other. Hugs and other physical affection aren’t recommended, but just being able to talk face-to-face is a huge mood-booster for many. For people who live alone, the loneliness tends to hit harder. If you have the funds and ability to care for a pet, now’s the perfect time to adopt. Not sure you can handle a larger, higher maintenance animal? Fish and hamsters can be good, easier-to-care-for alternatives. Remember, though, that all animals are living things. If you plan to adopt one, ensure you’re able to meet, if not exceed, its basic needs. freebie-form-image-daily-mental-health-journal

Stay Positive to Stay Sane

To the best of your ability, stay positive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the current state of the world, it’s okay to take a break. Humans aren’t built to take in so much negative information at once. If we do, it can take a quick and drastic toll on our health. Stay away from social media and any news outlets for a few days, and instead focus on the things that make you happy. Reading, baking, painting, and dancing are great activities to help you stay sane during quarantine.

Get Some Fresh Air

Nature is free to use and abundant. If you’re looking for something to do, there are several activities you can participate in from the comfort of your own backyard or an open, public park. Go for a jog, admire the color-changing trees, or take a book along for you to read outdoors. If the weather’s warm enough, you can go fishing, or if everything’s frozen over, consider digging out your old sled. tree in glass orb

Come Up With a New Routine

With their old routines shattered, few have bothered to come up with a new one. A lack of structure in your life makes it harder to be productive, and given enough time, you will gradually eat away at your happiness. If you’re stuck at home, come up with a new, basic schedule. Wake up and go to bed at the same hours every night. The minute you wake up, brush your teeth, or if you’d prefer, have a bit of breakfast first. To help boost your mood, transform certain days of the week into treat days. Monday might be the day you go out and buy yourself a donut and coffee, while Wednesdays can be a lazy day meant for binge-watching your favorite shows. Depending on where you live and work, you may be forced into quarantine for longer than you'd prefer. Regardless, there are ways to stay sane and continue living well. Take note and practice these four tips for success! Let us know in the comments other things that help you stay sane!

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