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Stay Productive & Educate Yourself With These Interesting Podcasts

Productivity has become a hot topic in recent years, especially with many people working and studying from home. These circumstances have presented a unique challenge. How to circumvent the challenges of remaining productive at home. Some things that stand in the way of productivity are burnout and remote fatigue. In fact, studies featured by Forbes have found that 69% of remote workers have exhibited signs of burnout while working from home. This is caused by factors like cluttered desks, the wrong diet, and inconsistent sleep schedules. These can all throw off your productivity and contribute to burnout. The truth is, there is no all-encompassing set of rules that can improve one’s productivity. The journey to being more productive is different for everybody. Thus, various resources such as YouTube videos, articles, and social media content will advocate for something different. However, one great resource that you can consider when looking to improve your productivity and educate yourself is the podcast. Here are some podcasts that can help boost your productivity while offering something new to learn:

The Daily Stoic

Learning philosophy is perhaps one of the best ways to promote productivity. While the two concepts seem unrelated, philosophy is an essential part of productivity and work. The study of philosophy enables us to evaluate and resolve problems, analyze concepts, and organize ideas and issues. It also encourages us to ask and answer questions of value. All of these are things we do when we assess our priorities for the day, whether it’s for work or school. All of these topics are covered on The Daily Stoic podcast. This daily podcast is hosted by Ryan Holiday, the #1 New York Times bestselling author who penned the book. A Medium review discusses how The Daily Stoic can easily be used for daily meditations to learn new concepts in stoicism and set one’s mindset for a productive day. Every episode is about two to three minutes in length. Further, they cover philosophical concepts in the context of today’s challenges. You can find this podcast on the Daily Stoic website and most podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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The Ground Up Show

A great way to become more productive with a podcast is by listening to content that discusses productivity itself. Matt D’Avella does just that in his podcast The Ground Up Show, where he features other creatives as they pursue their passions and make meaningful content in the process. Most of what D’avella covers is useful everyday tidbits with deep insight based on his guests' experiences. Subjects such as one’s journey to financial independence, motivation, quitting social media, meditation, and more are covered throughout 111 episodes. If you’re someone who’s into organizing your life, finding the motivation and discipline to pursue your goals and productivity, The Ground Up Show is for you. Listening to it can help you apply tips on daily productivity, such as using a calendar or making the most out of your time. You can even take it up a notch by applying what you've learned with our Planner Kits to make more meaningful use of your hours. Matt also extensively covers minimalism and habits on this podcast as well as on his YouTube channel. All the episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Matt D’Avella’s website.

TED Talks

Though technically not a podcast, TED Talks function in very much the same way. In Six Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money, Thasunda Duckett delivers a talk on a topic that many would rather avoid. AskMoney lists this as one of the best TED Talks you can listen to. It likens our relationship with money to our relationship with people, encouraging listeners to be open and honest to build a financial relationship based on trust. What does this have to do with productivity? Productivity leads to various types of output, but most people need to be productive to earn money. By understanding your relationship with your finances, you can also put meaning to your efforts for more productivity and better learning. Your finances can empower or hinder you, and it is best to know how it contributes to your productivity. You can tune into the TED Talks channel on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for other similar discussions on productivity and finance.

Jocko Podcast

featured image_productivity podcasts_women sitting at desk with podcast mic notebook and laptop Jocko Willink is known for his no-nonsense approach to just about everything. On his podcast, he covers topics on leadership and discipline. He also often discusses failure and how steadfastness can lead one to freedom. Willink explains how personal discipline will set you free by making you feel good in the long run. Choices that give you instant gratification and only add value to your life in the short term typically don’t contribute to these goals. Discipline and productivity go hand in hand. Without discipline, people would not have the ability to adhere to the routines, actions, and behaviors that contribute to their goals. For instance, we list 5 Ways to Use a Calendar to Improve Productivity. Ultimately, it is your choice whether you follow through with the plans you set on your calendar, whether you block or color-code your schedule. It takes discipline to turn plans into action. There is plenty more to learn on the Jocko Podcast other than discipline, but this overarching theme can allow you to take some pointers to be more productive. You can find this podcast on his website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. Signature-Jenna
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