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Sarah of @stationerymagpie | April Bullet Journal Feature

This month's feature is Sarah of @stationerymagpie. She is someone whom I follow and I enjoy her content. She has a unique bullet journal journey to share as well as some tips for bullet journal beginners. I highly recommend reading her testimony and guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Meet Sarah of @stationerymagpie

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah, I’m a 25-year-old Brit and I run the stationery and journaling blog Stationery Magpie. I’m currently living in Mexico and working as an English teacher but I devote a lot of my spare time to finding cute coffee shops to bullet journal and blog in where there is plenty of AC! I love coffee, cats and of course stationery. You can follow me on Instagram to check out my latest spreads or sign up to my newsletter on my blog where I send monthly emails of the best stationery offers online!

My Bullet Journal Journey

I started bullet journaling in the summer of 2016, just after I had graduated which was very annoying as I think it would have been a great help while it was studying! I stumbled across it on the internet and just immediately knew I had to try it. I’ve been bullet journaling non-stop since then even when I was traveling the world I created a travel style bullet journal!

I’m about to start my fifth journal and it’s crazy to see how much my style has developed. I’m always very conscious of making my bullet journal practical rather than just pretty after all it’s the system itself that has changed my life. Thanks to bullet journaling I’ve been able to be a lot more productive with work and my free time as well as developing myself and practicing mindfulness techniques to better deal with the crazy modern world!

I started my blog just after I had to quit a Masters degree course in November 2017. I had tried to blog before but it seemed that I had found my right niche and interest in stationery and journaling. Since then it has steadily grown and I’ve been lucky to work with some established stationery brands as well as connect with other bullet journalists online. It’s a wonderful community of creativity and positivity and I don’t think the whole thing would have been possible without using my bullet journal to keep myself to account! Take my word for it; bullet journaling can make big things happen!

Now I’m focussing on building a community of like-minded stationery lovers and growing my blog into a place that helps others find the amazing life changing phenomenon of starting a bullet journal.

Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners

I’ve mentored quite a few friends on starting bullet journals and my number one tip is to just start and focus on what the bullet journal system can do for you rather than worry too much about making everything look perfect.

Another piece of advice is that even though you don’t need fancy supplies to start a bullet journal sometimes investing in a notebook you will love and cherish and some pens that are a joy to use will help keep you motivated with your journal.

Make sure you are open to trying out different layouts and spreads. I was super against the idea of a gratitude log when I first started my journal. I thought it was cheesy and corny but then I tried it for myself. Now I never miss out my gratitude log. Writing down just one little thing every day that I’m thankful for definitely helps me to get through the day!

Your first bullet journal pages are very unlikely to be perfect but through practice and self-reflection you will start to find your style and how to make your bullet journal work for you. It’s a wonderful process of self-discovery that will do you wonders.

Thank you, Elizabeth for having me on your blog!

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