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Why You Need to Start Bullet Journaling Today

Are you unsure about whether you should start bullet journaling? Here is why you need to start bullet journaling today!

You probably have heard what a bullet journal is by now. It is a system where you note down all your important events, schedules, plans, memories, etc. If you are not familiar with bullet journaling and you want to be, check out this course here.

Googling it, you will most likely see some beautifully designed papers with different sorts of fonts and calligraphies, stickers, doodles, washi tapes, and trackers. These attributes might be optional, but these make a bullet journal much more attractive to some, easy to note down and track your dailies.

But if you are still unsure about whether you should start bullet journaling, here are some reasons why you need to start bullet journaling today!

To Help Remember Your Goals and To-Do's

You often decide something inside your head. You think about it a little but forget to make it work. Many goals and ideas remain unachieved just because you do not write them down or note them for later and, thus, forget about them.

More precisely, you may even forget your to-do lists and appointments with your dentist. Noting these down in a well-arranged journal will help you remember all the stuff as you have written it down yourself.

Keeping track of everything running around in your mind, alone, is a great reason to start bullet journaling!

Customize Your Planner Experience

What makes a bullet journal more useful than a store-bought planner, you might ask? Well, it's entirely customizable to your needs. Sure, a store-bought planner might work for some people, but if those planners are not working for you, bullet journaling is your natural next step.

A bullet journal can be made to suit any needs you might have. If you need a specific type of page that you cannot find anywhere, you can create it from scratch!

Also, if you cannot create a bullet journal yourself, you can always create a digital planner, print out bullet journal pages to add to your planner, or have someone else make one for you!

Neat planning is essential and helpful in getting your things done well. It could be a little calendar marking the dates related to your plan, a table with all the necessary steps, or maybe some doodles to illustrate the procedures.

So, if a completely customized planner piques your interest, perhaps the bullet journal is exactly what you need! The more interested you are in making one, the easier it will be to create your gameplan.

Some Of What Bullet Journaling Has To Offer

I mentioned a bullet journal's customizability, so let's talk about some of the most popular options you can choose from. This is not a comprehensive list; if you want to check out a more comprehensive list, click here. However, these styles are great to help you start bullet journaling today!

The Uses Of A Future Log

The future log holds all the significant events that are awaiting you. It may be holidays, birthday parties, weddings, tours, or any special occasion.

You can schedule your plans in order, making some checkboxes at the side. After those are over, you can mark them. This helps you keep track of events, and it might also be a small memory holder when you look back to this page in 2040!

Track your Habits, Goals, Bills, and Heath Plans

Sometimes keep track of items such as habits, goals, bills, health, or really anything else you want can be super helpful. You must track your monthly bills, diet plan, goals, and to-do list to get your life together. Especially the monthly bills are to be recorded if you are saving up for your favorite concert. If you are dedicated to lose or gain some pounds, diet tracker and exercise logs are a must. Various fascinating formats and styles of trackers are available that will entice you to keep going.

Keep Counts of Books, Movies, Tv Shows On The Watch List

If you are hoping to watch a series you have been thinking about a lot, you should note it down before you forget the name. The same goes with Movies, Books, or any other TV shows you want to check out.

Planning Pages

And last, but certainly not least, are the planning pages. Like all other categories mentioned here, there really are no limits here. You can have monthly pages, weekly pages, daily pages, or non-specific to-do pages.

Unleash Your Creative Mind

What is life without a little color? Knowingly or unknowingly, a bullet journal helps bring out your creative side that you didn't know you had.

You might need a little help if you are still a beginner. But once you get used to journaling, you will come up with different ideas to make your journal stand out.

Not interested in a creative style planner? You do not have to use it as a creative outlet, keep it simple if you'd like.

Take the quiz and learn what style bullet journal works best for you!

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Look Back At Memories

All the events, plannings, dailies that you jot down in your journal will take you back through a memory lane when you grow up and hark back to the pages.

For marking all the delightful memories, you can attach polaroid pictures and small details of the events.

A bullet journal is like a diary in that it is a chronicle of your past, where you have been, the progress you have made, and more. Look back at it at any point for some nostalgia.

Be More Organized

Last but not least. A bullet journal keeps all your tracks, goals, ideas, to-do lists, logs, planners in one place.

You will not have to search for that one piece of paper where you wrote down your to-do list for summer vacation out of haste. You can put them down in your journal and maybe use a bookmark to open them whenever you're searching for that particular information.

So, naturally, you need to start bullet journaling today to help you get your life together and organized!

If you want to get your act together, bullet journaling is what you should bring into play. And guess what? A "to-do list and ideas" section of a bullet journal was used to type out this very article! Then what are YOU waiting for? Set up your desk and start bullet journaling today!

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