Stacy's Custom Purple & Blue Bullet Journal

Stacy's Custom Purple & Blue Bullet Journal

Here is a brief idea of the breakdown of Stacy's custom bullet journal inspired planners created for Stacey and Hayley. These notebooks were created in black A5 size notebooks. These two have been lumped together because there is not much photographic evidence of them and I have only a vague memory of them. Layouts here include a title page, monthly calendar, weekly layout, bill tracker, and subscription tracker.

Bullet Journal Layouts Included

Since my memory of these notebooks is not clear, here I will break down the layouts that are pictured.

Title Page

In a simple print font, I wrote “Stacy Amendola,” then underneath a simple line I wrote “2018.”

Monthly Calendar

I used a simple grid calendar with basic all-caps print fonts. This calendar has a column on the right side for notes or goals.

Weekly Grid

This is a simple 8-square grid. All lettering is in a simple print font.

Bill Tracking

This layout accounts for 12 months of bills in two pages. The blue sections are for the title of the bill. Then an amount and date can be written in the sections below according to the appropriate month.

Subscription Tracking

This layout is similar to the bill tracking layout. However, this layout is purple and occupies only one page.

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Bullet Journal Tools Used

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