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Snowstorm Theme January 2021 Bullet Journal PWM

For my January 2021 bullet journal spread, I chose to go out of my comfort zone with an evening snowstorm theme. Let me walk you through my process!

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Welcome to 2021! If you haven't already checked out my 2021 Bullet Journal Overview, I highly recommend you do so! If you have, then you are in the right place. For my 2021 planner, my monthly themes will be fairly standard for what I usually do. By that, I will continue to keep my planner pretty minimal and adjust the layouts as I need to. For January, I decided to go a little outside of my comfort zone. Let me walk you through my process!

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Evening Snowstorm Theme Breakdown

The theme for my January 2021 bullet journal spread is really where I jumped out of my comfort zone. Let me walk you through it. So, for 2021 as a whole, I will probably stick to fully painted or fully covered pages for theme consistency. So, naturally, my first month would kick things off for the year. After I decided on the general vibe, picking my color was next on the list. I knew I wanted to do a blue; however, I am very picky about the color blue. So, I decided on dark blue but with a metallic hue. I mixed a dark blue that I already had mixed for something else with silver acrylic paint to create this look. Once I painted all that required paint, I decided to utilize silver since silver would match better than gold. You probably know by now that gold is my preferred metallic. However, I decided to step out of my comfort zone since silver would go better with the dark muted and metallic blue. After doing my silver lettering, I chose to ad silver "snow" with the same ink but in different sizes. Thus, I created the midnight snowstorm theme for January!

January 2021 Layout Explanation

Next, let's talk about the overall layout. I wanted to keep it similar to before so that I did not have to adjust to something new. This means having a cover page and weekly logs. Then, if need be, I can add other things. However, there are a few differences this time.

January 2021 Cover Page

The first big difference is that I would like to utilize both pages for my cover pages moving forward, including for January. So, my title page will now consistently cover two pages instead of one. The second change is the inclusion of a running to-do list on my cover page. I need a more general to-do list, like one that I used to use in tandem with my old monthly logs. So, I decided to incorporate a smaller space for a monthly running to-do list on the cover page.

Weekly Log

My weekly log is not different. However, since it is a new year, I will talk about it. So, my weekly log covers a total of 4 pages for 4 weeks (each week gets one page). Then, each day of the week gets a square, except Saturday and Sunday split the same square. Then, the main header is at the top center between two weeks, with the week number is each outer top corner. The headers, page background, and sub-headers always depend on the theme. So, the headers are silver lettering, and the background is the same evening snowstorm theme as described before.

Hour Log

And finally, I added my hour log for work. This is a page that I only utilize every few months and have not yet shared. It's a simple table with almost no bells or whistles. Because this spread is not specific to the month, it does not follow January's theme, only the whole journal's minimal gold vibe.

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