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7 Simple Tips on How to Write an Essay Faster

If you must write an essay fast, you probably have to deal with research, organizing information, writing, and editing. Yes, this is the common way of writing an essay on any subject in college. But what if your topic is unlike what you’ve been working on before?

Students know that one task could be totally different from another. As such, we would like to share universal tips to help you cope with various essay topics and make it interesting both for you and your reading audience.

1. Read Something On Your Topic

The preparation process includes passive research and collecting information. Reading thoroughly among many references about your topic gives you a robust background for further writing. Unfortunately, this step is particularly daunting for many. However, there are a lot of resources that can be helpful to you in every step of the way including an online paper writing service.

Pro Tip: If you find a resource that is particularly helpful or useful, you might want to check its list of resources. You might find more great resources there!

For example, students usually like to see examples of essays on students’ blogs and services. A popular educational platform for essay writing is the WriteMyEssayOnline website.

Many tips for essay writers and guides on how to format your academic work better are collected here. If you need to get some topic ideas, you can get inspiration from this online source.


2. Work With Concentration

Today our attention is easily disrupted by social media, unnecessary news, and other overwhelming information. The main goal for modern students is to manage appropriately distributing their attention.

For this purpose, you can start planning your time wisely with the help of the School Planner. You can also add to your phone the Study Bunny focus timer, which will help you increase productivity, especially when you do one of the subtasks for completing an essay.

3. Ask Peers For Help

Having a reliable response to your work is essential to write not only a fast but high-quality essay. Let your peer read your work before you send it to your teacher. Knowing your flaws will speed up your revising process so you can easily edit and proofread your text independently.

4. Collect A List Of Recommended Literature

Following your teacher’s instruction, you might know what books and sources you can use for your essay. Still, if you don’t know this, you can look for literature online by yourself. Having some books on hand will make you sound more confident in your essay, so you have more chances to gain readers’ trust.

5. Outline The Main Points

Organizing your essay before writing it is the best way to make it shorter. Your essay outline is a plan for the details you want to include in the main parts: introduction, body, and closing. Don’t forget to depict a strong thesis statement at the start so you can prove it throughout the writing process.

Featured-Image: write essay faster; female laying on white bed with laptop, notebooks, and books working on homework

6. Choose Your Writing Method

If you are more comfortable with writing by hand, then get a pen and a notebook. It doesn’t matter where you are more comfortable writing – on a laptop, journal, or a voice recording – it is still a working process. Use this one more recommendation to simplify your essay preparation and gain a quick result.

7. Use Online Editing Services

Look for reliable grammar checkers to improve your grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues. It would be best if you endeavored by yourself, but having a grammar helper is a much more efficient tool to quickly complete your essay.

Finish Your Essay in No Time

Writing a fast essay is even more challenging than the ordinary essay writing process. In this case, a student should be more attentive not to miss anything in the formatting style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or other), and cite all facts properly.

Also, don’t forget in this race to include evidence in body paragraphs and compare your research results to your viewpoint. Most of all, try to have fun pushing faster – you may produce great work due to this game!


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