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Blue & Green Bullet Journal PWM

Shawna-Lisa ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planners. Shawna-Lisa's planner is an A5-sized Ice Blue Leuchtturm1917. For Shawna-Lisa's notebook, the primary colors used are blue and green. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, index, key, hello monthly, monthly calendar, custom weekly layout, monthly mood tracker, habit tracker, budget layout, sleep tracker, brain dump, morning and evening routines, movies to watch, password tracker, and a weight loss tracker. Here you can read more about Shawna-Lisa's planner.


Tools Used

Green and Blue Bullet Journal Layouts

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Shawna-Lisa’s custom planner.

blue title Shawna-Lisa (2)

Watercolor Title Page

Shawna-Lisa's title layout is a blue watercolor title page. For the header, "Shawn-Lisa" is in a calligraphy font. Then, on the second line, "2019 - 2020" is in an all-caps print font. At the bottom of this layout is a quote, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

key Shawna-Lisa

Key Page

This page features a black print title with a little black key. The icons in this key are simple. Further, the first section includes various icons. At the same time, the second section contains colors and the category they represent.

blue movie track Shawna-Lisa

Movies to Watch

This tracker resembles old-school film strips. The header is in blue calligraphy cursive font. Shawna-Lisa can fill in each part of the film strips with a movie she wants to watch or has watched.

green password track Shawna-Lisa

Password Log

This tracker is for tracking passwords. Columns involved include the website, username, and password in all-caps print. The main header is in a green calligraphy cursive as well.

green weight loss track Shawna-Lisa

Weightloss Tracker

This weight loss tracker is meant to resemble a board game. There is a starting location in the top left and a finish in the top right. At the top, there is also a section to write in rewards options. The header is done in a turquoise calligraphy font.

Monthly Cover Pages

Each monthly cover layout is either a blue or green watercolor page. Some of them mirror the title page while others are unique. You can refer to the images for these differences. For the header, the months are in a calligraphy font, minimal cursive, or print font.

Monthly Layouts

I used a custom layout for each month, including a simple grid calendar covering two-thirds of the layout. The lettering for the header is blue or green calligraphy cursive and is in the top left. Additionally, there are four sections to the right of the calendar. The sections are "wishlist," "goals," "tasks," and "waiting on." ing on."

Blue and Green Monthly Mood Trackers

The mood trackers are different each month. The most apparent difference is the theme or picture chosen. The images are broken into enough parts so that there is a part for each day of the month. Then, each day, the image parts get filled in. Each mood is assigned to a specific color, design, or shade of a color. Next, Shawna-Lisa can color in each part according to her mood or moods for that day. In the list below are the theme or imagery for each month. January – cacti

  • May –sunflowers
  • June – hanging light bulbs
  • July – sunshine
  • August – lemon wedges
  • September – honeycomb
  • October – Tetris
  • November – feathers
  • December – Christmas light bulbs
  • January – snowy mountains
  • February – outer space planets
  • March – potted cacti

Monthly Habit Trackers

Like a year in pixels layout, the habit tracker is a grid where each layout has a square for each day of that month. The header is either blue or green print font.

Monthly Budget

This budget includes 4 sections: income, expenses, debt, and savings. The main header is a print font in blue or green, and the section headers are a minimal calligraphy-style cursive. Each table includes 3 columns, the item, budget amount, and actual amount.

Monthly Sleep Trackers & Braindumps

The sleep tracking spread is a square for a graph. The horizontal axis has time and the vertical axis has the day of the month. Similar to the fitness layout, the main header is a blue or green calligraphy font

Then, the braindump layout is primarily blank. At the top of the page is a blue or green watercolor spot. Then, over the watercolor is "braindump" in blue, green or black bold print lettering.

Blue and Green Morning & Evening Routines

This layout covers two pages. The left is primarily for her morning routine, and the right page is primarily for her evening routine. This layout is difficult to describe; please refer to images for better detail. Main headers are done in black print lettering with a blue or green shadow.

The left page, or morning routine, includes various sections. First, in a cloud-shaped bubble is a reminder to experience a calming space. Below the cloud is a box that is a reminder to reflect. Then, below the box are four ways to reflect. Coming off of the reflex box is a circle that includes a reminder to breathe. The steps to breathing are in a box at the bottom of the right page. Below the circle is another cloud-shaped bubble, including a reminder to move. Then, below is a box filled with three steps to planning your day. Next to the breathing circle is a detox tea recipe and above this is a reminder to hydrate.

The right page, or evening routine, includes fewer sections than the morning routine. The top of the page consists of a calming tea recipe and a sizeable cloud-shaped bubble. The cloud-shaped bubble is a reminder to journal and reflect. Reflection can refer to the four reflection questions from the morning routine. Then, below the recipe is a reminder to stay hydrated. Below this box is a circle stating, "take a bath." The circle has a blue or green shadow. Finally, below the reflection cloud and above the breathing box is a skincare routine reminder.

Weekly Layouts

For Shawna-Lisa's notebook, there are three custom weekly layouts. Below are the descriptions of each design.

Weekly Grid

This layout is much like the weekly grid layout I use frequently. The weekly grid layout is a weekly layout that encompasses seven days. Further, each page includes eight sections that make up the grid. Seven of the boxes are for the days of the week, and the 8th box is labeled notes. While there is no main header, the grid sections' headers are in blue or green brush lettering.

Weekly Boxes

This layout is unlike any I have done before. Down the center of the two pages are seven boxes (four on the left and three on the right. The headers for these boxes are highlighted in blue or green and are in black print lettering. Next, on the left side of the left page, is the header, mini calendar with that week highlighted, and a meal planning section. Then, on the right side of the right page is a notes section. Finally, at the bottom of the right page is a section for reflections. The headers are done in brush lettering.

Weekly Column Boxes

This final weekly layout is simple. Across the top of two pages are six half-page columns. Five of these columns represent weekdays, and the sixth encompasses Saturday and Sunday. Then, on the left page, below the columns, is the header and another box for to-dos. The heading is in blue or green calligraphy brush lettering. Next, the bottom of the right page includes a mini calendar with that week highlighted. Below the calendar is a final box for notes. All box headers are in cursive.

Tools Used | Blue and Green Bullet Journal

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