September Bullet Journal Feature | Masha of @mashaplans

September Bullet Journal Feature | Masha of @mashaplans

It's time for another bullet journal feature!! This month we are focusing our feature on one beautiful bullet journaler, Masha of @mashaplans. Masha will be sharing her bullet journal journey as well as some tips for beginners! Keep on reading!

September Bullet Journal Feature | Masha of @mashaplans
September Bullet Journal Feature | Masha of @mashaplans

Meet Masha of @mashaplans

Hello there, my name is Masha! First of all, I’d like to thank Elizabeth for giving me a chance to share my Bullet Journal story and how it helped me to transform my life.

Who am I? Just an ordinary girl. In 2011 I moved to Beijing, China and ever since then I’ve been working here and trying to figure out what it is I really want to do with my life.

Masha’s Bullet Journal Journey

I’ve always been a pretty disorganized person. I always have a million ideas and want to do so many things, but I could never get to do them since my planning, and organizational skills were complete null.

At one point in my life, I understood there had to be a change, I just need to get it together and start transforming my life into the way I wanted it to be. And that’s where Bullet Journal came in.

Making the Change

In December 2017 I started playing with the idea of Bullet Journal with a small tryout notebook. By January 2018 I knew that was it, that was the tool I needed to start changing my life.

Within a few months, I knew what I wanted and how to get there, I had each day planned and every second of my time used for moving towards my goal (ok maybe not every second, but you know what I mean). It’s September now, and I’m happier than I have ever been! I know where my life is going and I know exactly what I need to do every day to make my dreams come true.

More Than A Planner

But for me, Bullet Journal isn’t only about being productive. It’s my artistic escape. Well, I say “artistic,” but actually I never had any major artistic skills and the only thing I could ever draw was a smiley face. What I mean is that Bullet Journal inspired me to work and improve on my drawing skills, design, color pairings, and all those other artistic things.

I never believed I could do it, but with BuJo I decided to give it a serious try, and now I see how it paid off. I’m immensely happy to see I can now actually doodle things and do lettering. Now instead of a chocolate on a sad day, I take a pencil and doodle. So Bullet Journal not only makes me productive and happy, but it also became kind of a therapy.

Bullet Journal Community

And of course, my Bullet Journal story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the community. I met so many amazing people who also use Bullet Journal, I made so many friends and got inspired to try more, to experiment! My Bullet Journal family is my happiness and support in all things, not just Bullet Journal.

This is my Bullet Journal story. I’m so thankful for this system, and I’m happy that every day I still discover new and great ways to use my journal. So I’m sure if you give it a try you’ll find it can help you too with whatever you need.

Masha’s tips for bullet journal beginners:

I could give you a million pieces of advice and tips based on my experience, but I think the one and most important would be - just start. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t artistic, if you’ve never used a planner, if you aren’t used to write down your tasks. Disregard all those worries! Just give it a try. This is your journal, and you make the rules here. Start and transform it into whatever you want it to be. Believe me, if you stay with it you’ll get amazing results!

Thanks for staying with me and I hope my story will inspire you to try it out yourself!

Thank you Masha, for sharing your story and advice! I love the way different people bring bullet journaling into their life in such unique and wonderful ways!

If you like Masha’s planner or what to check her out, head on over to her Instagram here!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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