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3 Simple Self-Care Tips For Homeworkers

Homeworking has become the norm for millions of people. With many spending more time at home, here are some self-care tips for homeworkers.

Homeworking has become the norm for millions of people all over the world in the last 12 months. With many of us expecting to spend more time at home in the coming months, here are some self-care tips to take on board.

Creating An Uplifting, Healthy Workspace

Balancing a laptop on a coffee table and working from bed might be viable solutions for the odd afternoon at home. But if you’re working from home full-time, it’s essential to create a healthy, uplifting, comfortable workspace.

Posture is essential for homeworkers who spend long periods of time at a desk. This is especially true if you are prone to back or neck pain. Use an adjustable chair with lumbar support and make sure your back is straight and your shoulders relaxed. Take regular breaks and consult a chiropractor if you’re struggling with aches and pains.

You can also angle your desk towards a window or the door. Doing this can maximize exposure to natural light and use colors that uplift or inspire you. Plants can help to boost productivity, reduce stress and induce calm and they also provide a beautiful focal point for offices and studios.

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Get Fresh Air When Working from Home

Fresh air is a powerful natural tonic. Fresh air can lift your mood, increase your energy levels, and help you clear your mind.

If you’re spending hours at a desk every day, it’s hugely beneficial to get out into the open air and stretch your legs. All homeworkers should try to incorporate a jog, a bike ride, or a gentle stroll into your daily routine.

Moving your body will make you feel good, and the outdoors will provide a welcome change of scenery.

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Scheduling & Time Management for Homeworkers

Many people assume that working from home is easier than being in the office. But it can actually be more challenging.

Homeworkers might be tempted to work longer hours because there are no set sign-in and clock-off times. So, it can be more difficult to switch off because your home has become your workplace. Try to get into a routine and manage your schedule to have clear boundaries between work and downtime.

Once you’ve logged off, make time for hobbies and activities that enable you to relax and unwind. You might call friends to catch up, read a book, listening to music, paint, enjoying a bubble bath, or going for a walk with your dog. There are plenty of ways to wind down and make the most of your evenings.

It’s essential to try and separate work and leisure. Avoid checking your emails late at night and give yourself time to rest, recover and recharge your batteries ready for the next day.

Working from home has its advantages, but it can also negatively impact your mental health. Some people find it difficult to switch off, they work long hours, and it’s hard to adjust to being at home rather than in a busy office.

If you’re a homeworker, take steps to look after yourself. Create an uplifting, comfortable workspace, go for regular walks or bike rides in the fresh air and manage your time to ensure that you balance work and downtime.

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