20+ Scary Halloween Bullet Journal Page Ideas

20+ Scary Halloween Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Happy Halloween! Well, it's not Halloween yet, but now is the time to prepare for Halloween. Here is a list of 25 Halloween bullet journal page ideas to help get you in the mood for and prepare for the best, most scare Halloween yet!

"Boo, Beware" by bumblebees and butterflies

I love the layering on this layout. Additionally, she teaches you how to create it over on her website!

Halloween Layouts by LaSoffittaDiSte

Do you like these two layouts? Well, they are actually for sale over on Etsy! These creepy Halloween printable layouts are a great addition to your October spread!

October Spread by @bulletjournalcollection

How can you not love this black and white layout!? Further, it's simple and beautiful! Oh, I'd love to recreate it!

Witch Weekly by @hhbujo on @Leuchtturm1917

I love this super witchy spread. Not only does it strike me as a Witch spread, but it also reminds me of Harry Potter. Regardless, a witch-themed spread is a great addition to your October spread.

Tim Burton by Ciloubidouille

I love the uniqueness of this layout. While it's not exactly a Halloween layout, but it fits the bill!

October by Gemma of @doodledaydarlings

This dual page spread is an amazing one. On one page is a phenomenal monthly spread. Then, on the other page is habit tracker and a few planning sections. Additionally, both pages include fun doodles.

Halloween Doodles by Alice of @bujoalice

I do not do doodles very often, but I love this layout!! My favorite of her doodles is the candy corn! Which is yours?

Hello October by Giovanna of @bujo_addict93

Do you like carving pumpkins? I do; I grew up carving pumpkins with my family every year. Further, this layout is a great depiction of pumpkin carving in October!

Halloween Doodles by Caitlin of @caitlinmariedasilva

More doodles!! These doodles are so fun! My favorite doodles here are the ghosts, they are so fun!

Wicked Witch by Michelle of @quirkyheart

Love the creepy green feel of this beautiful witch layout! Fits the scary October theme well!

Halloween Potions by @mrs_bullets_journal42

These potions! This layout is so creative for an October bucket list! There are so many great ideas in these potions, most are on my list too!

October by Giovanna of @bujo_addict93

This simple weekly October spread has a creepy Halloween flair. Additionally, the font used fits perfectly!

Hello October by Kim of @kim_artventures

This layout is one of my favorite layouts for this collection of bullet journal layouts. First, it is a super, clean design. Also, it's very creative and fun!

Hello October by Olivia of @oliviaamazingg

What a creepy Halloween bullet journal hello spread! Additionally, I love the lettering!

Halloween Week by Jann of @jannplansthings

I love the pumpkins in this layout! Also, I would love to know how @jannplansthings made them!!

Trick or Treating by Carolina of @lettersbycarolina

If you have not noticed, a lot of the layouts I am featuring are very artistic. This layout is no different, with its dozens of Halloween doodles. Additionally, the lettering is perfect!

Happy Halloween by Nina of @bujobeyond

I love the elegance and detail of this hello October page! This minimal yet intricate design is something I would love in my bullet journal!

Halloween Week by Shayne of @shaynechan

This layout is super creepy but also extremely cute. Additionally, the black and white feel of the layout really adds to the feel.

Crafty Halloween by Belle of @the_craftroom_project

This layout is super unique in the use of washi tape and stickers. Further, you do not see this as often for scary Halloween layouts.

Hello October by Christina of @christina77star

How adorable is this little ghost? I love super cute artwork. Also, the lettering in this one is phenomenal, both the header and the mini-calendar.

Goodbye October, Hello November Week by Whimsical Bujo

You know, when I have a week that is part of two different months, I generally only acknowledge the month with more days. However, I like the ideas of acknowledging both months with mini calendars.

Halloween Week by Arylea of @arylea_mondstern

I love the way Arylea took this picture with a black backdrop! It adds to the scary and gives the illusion that the page doesn't end!

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