Sarah's Burgundy Red Bullet Journal

Sarah's Burgundy Red Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Sarah. Sarah's notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook with the main color being burgundy. Layout involves include a title page, index, key, a year at a glance, important dates, passwords, gifts, books to read, movies to watch, tv show list, appointments, notes, yearly goals, seasonal wants and needs, monthly calendar with a prayer list, monthly habit tracking, weekly rows with a food diary, weekly to-do, weekly meal plan, and weekly gratitude.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

This is a burgundy watercolor title page. In a calligraphy font, I wrote "S.E.B." Then, on the second line"2019 Planning" is in an all-caps print font.


I used a very basic index layout here. The header is in a burgundy red calligraphy cursive. The page includes three columns.


This page features a red maroon calligraphy font title with a little black key. The icons in this key are basic.

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months on 1 page, January 2019 through December 2019, in a calendar format. The months are horizontal in red maroon cursive. The main header is “2019 at a glance” in a print font which a border underneath.

Important Dates:

This layout is a circle or wheel sliced into 12 sections, one for each month. In calligraphy cursive in the center of the wheel, the header reads “important” then, in print font I wrote "birthdays, anniversaries, etc." A line comes off of each section where Sarah can write in important dates.


This tracker is for tracking passwords. Columns involved include website, username, and password in print. The main header is in burgundy print font as well.


This page has the header “Gift Ideas” written in maroon calligraphy font . The column included are who, what, where, why, and price.

Books to Read:

This page is a simple black and white bookshelf covering two pages. The header is in a red maroon calligraphy-style cursive. with "to read" inside of a book.

Movies to Watch:

This layout covers two pages and features a bag of popcorn. At the base of the page is the red and white popcorn bag. Then, the remainder of the page includes popcorn kernel doodles. The header is in a bold red calligraphy-style cursive as well as a fun print font.

Tv Show List:

This layout features several old-school antennae TVs. The title states “the tv show list.” “the” and “list” are in print and “tv show” is in red maroon calligraphy font.


This layout features 3 rows per page, each row features a month from that year and a mini-calendar of the month. The header is in maroon print font.


This is a mostly blank page with "notes" written in print font on the left and a line connecting the words to the other side of the page.

Yearly Goals:

This page is blank with “yearly goals” written at the top in a calligraphy and print fonts.

Seasonal Wants and Needs:

These pages occur seasonally and are mostly blank. The header signifies the season in a colorful print font in the center with wants on the left and needs on the right in minimal cursive fonts. Winter is in blue, spring is in pink, and summer is in yellow.

Monthly Calendar:

The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The days of the week are indicated by maroon red letters. The right side features a calligraphy cursive font header and a prayer section below. This section is titled in a minimal cursive.

Monthly Habits:

The habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. The header is red maroon calligraphy font and black minimal cursive font.

Weekly Rows:

The weekly layouts includes 7 rows, 4 on the left page and 3 on the right. The main header is an all-caps black ink print. The day of the week is a bold red maroon capital letter and the date is a small subscript. in the center of the two pages, each row has a second section titled "food."

Weekly To-Do:

This two-page layout is mostly blank. At the top of the left page in maroon is “wk” in calligraphy cursive and the corresponding week number next to it. Next to that is "to-do" written in a vertical print font. On the top right of the same page is a calendar of the month with that week circled.

Weekly Meal Plan:

This is a weekly layout with a section for each day of the week. The sections are broken into 4 rows: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. The right side of the page is left blank for groceries.

Weekly Gratitude:

This is, again, a mostly blank page with the header stating "I am grateful for..." "I am" is written in small black print font above "grateful" which is written in bold maroon font. To the left, "for..." is written in small black print font vertically.

Tools Used

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