Rustic November 2020 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Rustic November 2020 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

November is a vey potentially challenging month to come up with a theme. For me, I always battle with using seasonal themes, holiday themes, or something entirely different. This month, PoooliPrint helped me to decide and I went with a rustic theme! I love the way this month's spread turned out, read more, and watch my plan-with-me's below!

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Rustic Theme Breakdown

My theme concept began when PoooliPrint reached out to me, and I realized they had a gold printer paper. Gold is my favorite of the metals, and I already have several of their papers. The first idea was to print out the leaves and cut them out like stickers. I did this and started configuring them on the pages. However, they did not look right; something was missing. I am not sure what inspired me, but I realized that brown paper might give the spread the rustic feel that was missing. I started ripping up my brown paper and conceptualizing the pages. Around this time, I also realized it would only make sense to finish off the theme using the gold sticker paper for the headers! After all, was said and done, I realized I never created a rustic cover page for November. I was bummed and decided to still create one with my leftover leaves. Again, using the gold PoooliPrint paper and brown paper to create the rustic vibe I was going for.

November 2020 Layout Explanation

As usual, I stuck with my trusty cover and weekly spread. Like in my October bullet journal spread, I kept one week on each page and did not incorporate monthly logs or hourly logs. Each week includes the week number and header and six boxes to represent the days of the week. Then, the sixth box is split into Saturday and Sunday. To remain organized without hourly logs, I add events, appointments, and meetings to the bottom of the box. At the same time, I keep due dates at the top and to-dos in the center. I utilize specific to-dos less these days than I used to. Because my client schedule changes too frequently to keep track of, I don't write in each appointment, just that I see clients that day either in-person (ip) or via telehealth (tele). What you might notice is different is that the rustic brown paper theme overlaps with the functional daily boxes. This is something I have never done before and is an entirely new territory. However, because the brown paper is still paper and does not take up too much of the functional space, I use the boxes like I normally would. After I completed my weekly spreads, I realized that I had forgotten my cover page! As I already mentioned, I then created a rustic goodbye November spread with the leftover PoooliPrint stickers and brown paper.

Christmas Gifts Tracker/Planner

Each November, I create a Christmas gift planner. This year is no different. However, instead of the normal watercolor vibe, I go with, I kept it rustic this year and used silver PoooliPrint paper to create the components. While the rustic brown paper did not fit this particular page for what I wanted, I still feel the pine branches I chose instill the minimal rustic theme of November. Because I did not want to give up on watercolor entirely, I did use it behind the pine branches and stuck the silver printer paper over the top, adding layers or depth to the top of the page. Then, I printed off the bulbs on the silver paper and pulled the metals together by adding a gold header at the bottom. I also labeled each bulb in small print gold lettering. I think this layout pulled together well!.

Washi Tape Collection Page

It is not often that I share my product collection pages in my monthly plan-with-me pages. However, that is something I would like to change. Starting with the new washi tape that I got this month with my gold and silver printable sticky paper! I was absolutely delighted to learn that Poooli Print also offers washi tape! It is a thin tape, which I prefer, and comes in tons of different collection styles. I chose the Van Gogh collection because it was the most unique and something I might actually use in my own planner! While these tapes did not go well with November's rustic theme, I still wanted to use them. So, I created a collection page in another notebook for you to check out!

Products I Used

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