Rene's Purple and Blue Watercolor Bullet Journal

Rene's Purple and Blue Watercolor Bullet Journal

Rene ordered a custom bullet journal inspired planners. For Rene's notebooks, the main colors are purple and blue. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, birthday cupcakes, books to read, movies to watch, year in pixels, measurements, weight loss tracker, self-care list, monthly calendar, habit tracker, monthly budgets, sleep tracker, to-do lists, weekly grid, monthly notes, currently, Christmas gifts, shop logo, and shop idea pages.

Rene ordered two identical notebooks, each covers 6 months of the year 2020. However, the heading colors alternate between pages and months for both notebooks starting with different colors. The notebook that includes December also includes a Christmas Gift tracker. Here you can read more about Rene's planner.

Layouts Included

Here you can read more about the layouts in Rene's planners.

Title Page:

Rene's title layout is a pink watercolor title page. For the header, "Rene's" is written In a calligraphy font. Then, on the second line, "bullet journal" is written in an all-caps print font.

Purple & Blue Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, January through December 2020, in a calendar format. Further, the months are vertically purple and blue cursive lettering. Then at the top of the page, "2020" is in a print font. Lastly, "at a glance" is in a minimal script font.

Purple & Blue Birthday Tracking:

For the birthday tracker, there are 12 different cupcakes. Each cupcake has colorful detailing. Each cupcake represents a month. Lastly, the title is a bold calligraphy cursive font.

Purple & Blue Books to Read:

This page is a black and white bookshelf covering two pages. The Books-to-Read header is a bold blue or purple calligraphy-style cursive. Additionally, the subheader is a purple or blue print font.

Purple & Blue Movies to Watch

This layout covers two pages and features a bag of popcorn. At the bottom of the page, there is a blue and purple popcorn bag. Further, popcorn kernels fill the remainder of the page. Finally, the header is in a bold calligraphy-style cursive and a fun print font.

Purple & Blue Year in Pixels

This page is a grid involving a square for each day of the year. Down the right side is a key indicating how to fill in the square for each day. The key is unfinished so that Rene can decide how to fill it in. The title of this layout is in calligraphy cursive. The year, "2020" is written in the bottom right-hand corner.


For this layout, the right page features measurements as a list with space left blank to write in measurements. Then, at the bottom, there is a chart for rewards. The headers are in brush lettering. Flower doodles fill the space.

Weight Loss Tracker

This weight loss tracker resembles a board game. In the top left is the starting location and in the top right there is a finish. In the top, there is also a section to write in rewards options. Finally, the header is a blue or purple calligraphy font

Self-Care List

For this layout's header, "Self Care" is written in a large bold print font. This layout includes 4 sections highlighted in blue or purple. Further, the sections mind, body, heart, and soul are written in simple cursive. Additionally, there are 4 bullet points below each section for Rene to write in self-care ideas related to these sections.

Monthly Calendar

I used a simple grid calendar and simple print fonts. Additionally, the calendar has a column on the right side for to-dos. The header is in a minimal cursive on top of purple or blue watercolor.

Habit Tracking

Like the mood tracker, the habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. Instead of being a basic grid, the tracker is drawn out more like a table or graph. The header is in a minimal cursive over top of purple or blue watercolor.

Monthly Budget

This budget includes four sections: income, expenses, debt, and savings. The main header is a classic print in blue or purple, and the section headers are a minimal calligraphy-style cursive. Additionally, each table includes three columns, the item, budget amount, and actual amount.

Monthly Sleep Tracker

This spread is a square for a graph. The horizontal axis has time, and the vertical axis has the day of the month. Then, like the fitness layout, the main header is a mint green calligraphy font.


For the "to-do" page, the header is in minimal cursive overtop blue or purple watercolor. Then, the rest of the pages are blank.

Weekly Grid

The weekly grid layout is a weekly layout which encompasses seven days. Further, each page includes eight squares which make up the grid. Seven of the boxes are for the days of the week, and the 8th box is titled "meals" in a simple script font. For the headers, the lettering utilizes a minimal cursive over top of blue or purple watercolor. Additionally, all of the other letterings is done using a black print font.


For the notes layout, the header is in minimal cursive overtop blue or purple watercolor. Then, the rest of the pages are blank.


There are 12 sections in this layout. For each category, there is a corresponding doodle: loving, feeling, thinking, going, making, buying, celebrating, seeing, doing, wishing, planning, practicing. Further, this page is for tracking what Rene is currently into according to the category. The main header is in either purple or blue brush lettering. Finally, each sub-header is in a black calligraphy cursive.

Christmas Bulbs Gift Tracker

This title of this page is a gold cursive. Then, hanging from the header is red, green and gold watercolor Christmas bulbs. Further, in these bulbs, one would write gift ideas for Christmas time.

Blue Rustic Rene Shop Logo

By request, this page is a recreation of Rene's logo.

Shop Ideas

Lastly, the shop ideas layouts are blank. However, the header is on the right page in minimal cursive.

Tools Used

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