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Amazing Rainbow Pride Bullet Journal PWM

It only makes sense to have a rainbow pride bullet journal this June. I usually steer clear of world events and holiday themes in my journal, but I absolutely had to make a change this year. So, without further ado, let me walk you through the creation of my amazing rainbow pride bullet journal!

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Rainbow Pride Theme Breakdown

My pride theme was initially inspired by a rainbow roll of tape (used for weeks 23 and 24) that I bought in response to exploring my sexuality this year. I really enjoy this roll of tape. First, however, I wanted to get some more use out of the dozens of thin, colored washi tapes I have organized in rainbow order.

Using Rainbow Washi Tape

So, I decided to start creating a rainbow out of those tapes (similar tape linked). The process ended up taking SO much longer than I expected, so it was good that I started in mid-May. I was already late to creating my May spread, so I decided to skip it and switch to Google Calendar for the time being since I already used that for work.

As I mentioned, this was extremely tedious, especially once I began working on the weekly logs. So, I decided to use that single roll for the next set of weekly logs to see if that was easier. It was a little easier, but only a little, and I preferred the look of the individual rolls. So, I went back to the first concept for the final week and the Happy Pride Month page.

Creating Headers with Poooli Print

I am a HUGE fan of lettering in my journal; however, my pens were not going to stick so cleanly or easily to slick tape. So, for June, I pulled out my trusted Poooli Printer and created some headers in photoshop to print.

Initially, I had wanted to have the headers printed on white sticky paper for a nice clean white outline. However, I could not find my white sticky paper and had to settle for semi-transparent paper instead. Nevertheless, I am glad I did because I really like how it turned out.

Then, of course, my final headers were created in rainbow fashion using rainbow twintone pens.

June 2021 Layout Explanation

Unless you are new to ElizabethJournals, you are likely extremely familiar with the details of my monthly spread layouts. I have been using the same concept for years now.

Regardless, I wanted to explain it for anyone who is unfamiliar. Each month I follow a same concept. This concept includes a two page title page then one page weekly designs.

I love to completely cover the backgrounds and then leave any writing space blank.

rainbow background with "june" in script font sun upper right and cloud bottom right. poooli printer on bottom left. rainbow ordered pens along the top

Rainbow Pride Monthly Cover

So, like in previous months, I completely covered the monthly cover with my rainbow washi tape pattern. Then, I slapped the header over the top. I generally write the headers, but as I mentioned previously, this would not work. So, I chose a semi-bold brush/script lettering.

I have no idea why, but I became very inspired to drawn a burst of sunshine coming from the upper left of the header and a cloud from the bottom right. I was a bit hesitant because I did not want to ruin the rainbow spread. However, I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!

Rainbow Weekly Logs

Similar to the concept that I used for the cover page I used for the weekly log. The background was covered with washi tape. I left six boxes un-taped for each day of the week. I split the sixth box into two for Saturday and Sunday to share.

Then, each weekday gets a vertical box outlined with black using my Sakura paint pen. These boxes have a print-lettered header in one of the rainbow colors. The headers include the three-letter shorthand of the day in the upper left corner and the date in the upper right corner.

Happy Pride Month Bonus Page

In celebration of pride month, I, of course, had to use my odd page to create a Happy Pride Month page. I love the short-hand "Happy Pride" and chose to keep "month" off this celebratory page.

I covered the background in the washi tape rainbow continued from week 25. Then, I used photoshop to create a header with "happy" in print lettering and "pride" in the same script lettering as the other headers. Finally, I used my Poooli Printer to print this off, just like the other headers. This is my favorite page of all of them.

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