Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

I am not a huge fan of purple or cutesy-girly things; however, I wanted to create something using purple and decided to step outside of my comfort zone. While I enjoy the execution of this month’s theme, it is my least favorite theme so far for 2019. Here are my purple and floral June 2019 Bullet Journal layouts.

Additional Layouts

During May, I created various list layouts. While I have to blur out most of the page’s contents, I still wanted to share them. The first is a “Vacay Packing List” for the family vacation I took at the end of April and beginning of May. Next, is a two page, “Product Ideas” list. Then, I have a to-do list for the Bullet Journal Beginner’s Course I am working on completing. And last is a several page to-do list for rebranding. I am working on rebranding from Jihi Elephant to Elizabeth Journal and Planning. If you’d like to learn more about why I initially chose the name Jihi Elephant read HERE.


The Purple and Floral Theme Process

This month’s theme is purple and flowers. I was not sure what to do for June, but I wanted to use purple since I have never really used it before. Since I already knew what I was doing for July and August, I could not do anything similar to those.

I decided to create a darker but bright plum purple and mimic the painting for February’s spread. I coated the cover page and decided that white would look best over top of this darker purple. I stuck with the minimal script lettering that I have been using throughout the whole year.

Next, I decided to use the white to draw cutesy flowers, thus, creating the purple and floral theme. My final dilemma was how to border the columns on my weekly layouts. I thought black would be too dark and white unnoticeable, so I settled with gold. I enjoy the combination of yellow and purple so I figured this would be close enough. Additionally, gold is part of my 2019 theme, so using gold kept this month in sync with the others.

I do not love this month’s theme, but I think it turned out nicely.

The Layout Descriptions

Like usually, I only have two layouts to describe, the hello June page and my weekly layouts. For the hello page I painted it over in purple paint, then in a minimal white script, I wrote “June” through the top of the middle. Coming up from the bottom are four white flowers.

The weekly layouts are very similar. There are seven columns outlined in gold. For the rest of the page, I painted it over with the same purple of the cover page. The top left page has “June” in a minimal white script. In the top right, I wrote the week number in the same white. Finally, the bottom right features one or two white flowers similar to those on the cover page.

Products Used

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