Purple is an incredibly popular color choice for bullet journalers. For this reason, here are some purple bullet journal layouts to help you get inspired.

20+ Purple Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

While purple is one of my least favorite colors, it is an incredibly popular color choice for my fellow bullet journalers. Purple is also a favorite color for many people in general. For these reasons, I wanted to collect a bunch of my favorite purple bullet journal layouts to help you get inspired, here they are.

Purple Facts

  • Carrots used to be purple before cross breeding
  • March 26 is purple day
  • only one nation has purple in its flag; Dominica
  • Originally, the color purple came from a dye made from the mucus glands of a tropical sea snail
  • Purple is the hardest color for the eye to distinguish
  • Purple is the color for epilepsy awareness and gay pride in most western cultures
  • The perfect complementary color to purple is yellow

Sources: Purpleologist; The Fact Site

Hello August

crystal hello august bullet journal
source: @plinthced

This gorgeous hello page exemplifies my favorite purple theme; crystals! I love a good gem or crystal spread and purple is the perfect color for it!

Inhale Calmness, Exhale Stress

Lavender is an incredibly popular aromatic flower. It is also the inspiration for this quote spread! Adding lavender is a great way to add some color.

Weekend Art

geometric weekend
source: @wiscobujo

This layout blows my mind, I absolutely love this style of art! This style of art fits perfectly with the color purple and related colors.

November Skyline

Skyline art is absolutely amazing and I love the contrast of black on the purple sunset. Additionally, I love the diagonal layout of this spread!

Painted June Week 26

Purple is one of my least favorite colors, but I decided to use it for my June bullet journal spread. I coated the page in purple paint and then added some white detailing over it. Regardless of the color, I love adding white over darker colors and this purple is no different.

Hello April

This whimsical watercolor spread is absolutely peaceful! I love the flowy feel of the colors and patterns. Also, the lettering is phenomenal!

Purple Whale

Generally, when you see underwater-themed layouts, you think of the color blue. However, this layout does an amazing job of pulling off a purple underwater theme!

Purple Sleep Tracking Circle

I am a huge fan of Coffee and Sarcasm and one of my favorite spreads of hers is her circular sleep trackers. I never gave much thought to mixing metallics with purple, but she does an amazing job with this already gorgeous spread!

June Memories

june purple memories gi month
source: Gi Student Bullet Journal

If you are looking for something much for simple, then this simple watercolor memory spread is perfect. There is a simple pop of color with the watercolor circles and some simple lettering. Super minimal and easy to create and use!

Purple Marco

I am not much for using mixed media, but I absolutely love these style of layouts. I love the use of images, ink, paper, washi tape, and more all in one place. This particular layout is put together so perfectly and I love it!

Hello February

I cannot even begin to express what I love about this layout. The watercolor style with the white leafs is gorgeous. Additionally, the lettering used is absolutely beautiful.

Purple Week 2

watercolor jar week 2
source: @dutch_dots

Galaxy and mystical themes are another type of theme that matches so perfectly with the color of purple. I love the way this layout did a galaxy escaping from a jar. This concept is super creative!

Purple Floral Notes

purple notes karyn watercolor
source: Karyn

Another great use for the color purple in bullet journals are flowers and floral concepts. This watercolor floral layout is a great example.

Winter in December

winter christmas december monthly watercolor
source: @machsschoen

If haven't noticed a theme yet, I really love watercolor spreads. However, it seems that a lot of these layouts also do a great job of replacing traditionally blue concepts with purple. Here is another great purple bullet journal spread.

Purple Weekly

This layout blew my mind. I love the creativeness and detail in this VW bus watercolor weekly spread. I wish I was able to create artwork to this level!

Purple Weekly

Here is another more simple layouts which uses the dutch door method. The color in this layout is super simple using purple watercolor as a background to the weekly spread.

Watercolor Weekly

watercolor purple weekly bujo
source: @frai.oh

Here is another great use of purple in more galaxy, mystical themes. Additionally, I love the script lettering!

Weekly Purple February

february week bullet journal
source; @stationerymagpie

If you are looking for a more simple or minimal use of color, this layouts is perfect. The use of purple generally comes from tapes and paper.

My First Week

my first week purple
source: @doodles_by_chlo3_walk3r

This particular layout has some incredible detail going on and I love it! The soap or bubbly feel of it makes me happy and is a great use of purple.

If You Can't Find A Path... Quote

If You Can't Find A Path... Quote purple
source: @vedi_bits_and_pieces

Purple and feathers just get along very well in my book. Additionally, I love the layout of this quote page and the way the purple feathers add to it.

MultiMedia Week

Do you see the purple snow-covered trees at the bottom of this layout? I LOVE it so much! I wish I was able to add this to my own bullet journal!

What color is your favorite to use in your bullet journal? Is it purple? Let us know in the comments! Love checking out our bullet journal ideas? Get more inspiration HERE.

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