You may find that your productivity levels slip when working from home. Here are some ways to stay productive when you are at home!

How to Stay Productive If You Work From Home

One of the best benefits that your employer could ever give to you is the chance to work from home. No commute, no annoying office politics and no worrying about what you have to wear for the next board meeting. You don’t even have to tiptoe apprehensively down the driveway in the dark because it’s winter and everyone goes to work in the dark in the winter months.

The only tiny complaint that most remote workers have is that it’s not always easy to stay productive when out of the office environment. Being around colleagues and working in a team can often improve office relationships, and you may find that your productivity levels slip a little when working on your own time. It’s okay - there are ways around it and you can make it work for you to be at home. Let’s take a look!

Play Pretend

No, really. It doesn't matter whether you have a control virtual address online to receive your mail or you have a call forwarding service from your employee’s office, you need to play pretend that you’re going to work! You may not hear the phones ringing off the hook, or see the mailroom staff working their way around the office anymore, but that doesn't mean that you should work in bed. Get yourself up early and get dressed just like you would if you were heading to the office. This alone can be a great way to get your motivation levels up and feeling like you are about to do something productive for the day. PJs are not appropriate work gear, even when you work from home!

Make Space

The best way that you can really up your productivity levels when you are working from home is to create a space that’s just for your job. This is going above and beyond the dinner table and creating an office for you at home. It gives you somewhere you can sit properly and work without sinking into the sofa and being distracted by day time TV.

Dance It Out!

When you feel your mind wandering it’s time to get up and move. Turn up the radio and shake out the cobwebs of sitting down for too long. That background music can also be beneficial for your productivity levels, as it’s true that you will work better with some surrounding noise.

Communicate Regularly

There are many methods of communication for getting back in touch with your office, and you should use them all. Text your former coworkers, Skype your boss if you have questions and utilize any of the methods of online chat that are at your disposal. All of these will help you to stay connected!

Working from home is nothing short of fun, but you still have to actively do your job if you hope to earn your salary. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your employer if you’re struggling, either. They need to know whether you feel like you’re doing well or not.

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