This month's feature is Pixie because her content is super cute and she has a great story to tell! Let's get on to meeting Pixie of Productive Pixie!

Pixie of Productive Pixie | Bullet Journal Feature

This month's featured bullet journal is Pixie of @_productivepixie on Instagram. I chose Pixie for this month's feature because her content is super cute and she has a great story to tell! To stick to talking about her bullet journal content, it is obvious her favorite color is pink and boy does she pull it off so well! Anyway, let's get on to meeting Pixie of Productive Pixie!


Meet Pixie of Productive Pixie

Hi, I am Pixie, the blogger behind Productive Pixie! I blog about bullet journaling, productivity, fashion, and lifestyle. I love bullet journaling (Of course!), blogging, knitting, ballet, and doing calligraphy. Pretty much just anything and everything creative!

Facts About Pixie

  • I would love to travel to see the Eiffel Tower someday.
  • I am learning French just for fun.
  • My favorite color is pink! (It is probably rather obvious)

Pixie of Productive Pixie Bullet Journal Journey

Bujo Beginnings

I first heard about bullet journaling from a friend. I thought it was a great idea, but I had just bought a pre-dated planner, so I decided I would try it out later. Fast forward a few months (I had already failed my planner) I decided to start a bullet journal. I started in a composition notebook and made tons of tracker layouts. Well, after three months, I stopped using it because it took too much time to make a layout. So I went back to using a planner, but this time it was a ring-bound planner, and I made my own pages.

Getting Bored & Making Changes

Around a year went by, and I started feeling bored with the uniform printed layouts I had designed. I knew I couldn’t design new layouts every week or whenever I wanted to add a new page to my planner. Plus, I wanted to be more creative with my planner. It was back to the drawing board again!

I decided to start printing out dotted pages. And this worked great... for around half of a year, and then I started procrastinating. I didn’t want to make new pages. Further, I kept telling myself I would print out new pages the next day, the next week. I kept telling myself that bullet journaling in a binder was the perfect system because I could add and remove pages, have sections in my bullet journal, and use different types of paper. But, I didn’t really want to add and remove pages in my bullet journal. I didn’t use different types of paper, and I didn’t really need sections. So I decided to buy a new journal.

A Fresh Start

At first, I thought I would only use it for my bullet journal collections, but then I realized that I had no use for two bullet journals. So, I made the decision to only use the new one, which was a traditional style bullet journal. I also realized that I loved the paper quality and having dots on every page in my bullet journal! Lastly, I love sitting down to make new layouts!

This is where I am now in my bullet journal journey, but I know that my journal style will always be changing, so I just need to find what works for me at the moment!

Tips from Productive Pixie for Bullet Journal Beginners

My bullet journal journey is going to be different than yours, and I am definitely not a pro, but I have a few tips for you if you are feeling ready to dive into the wonderful world of bullet journaling.

Your Journal Does not Need to be Perfect

If you try to make your journal absolutely perfect, then it won’t be as fun, it might become stressful, and it will become time-consuming. The purpose of the bullet journal is to make your life easier, not harder, so don’t stress about imperfections and mistakes.

I like things to look perfect, but in the journal I am using now, I have been trying to draw and write things more freehand instead of doing everything in pencil first. I still sketch the general layout in pencil, but I don’t draw in all of the details like I used to.

Also, I tell myself that if I make a mistake, I can always fix it. One of my favorite bullet journal tools is to use a white gel pen to cover up mistakes. If you are a perfectionist, and you are hoping to break free from always having everything perfect, then buy yourself a white gel pen and start drawing freehand. If you make a mistake, you can simply cover it up and move on. I wish I had known about using a white gel pen to cover up mistakes when I first started bullet journaling.

Don’t Force Yourself to Bullet Journal Every Day

If you force yourself to bullet journal every day in the beginning, then most likely, it will turn into a chore, and it won’t be fun anymore. Form the habit of bullet journaling gradually, so it isn’t just another failed planner.

If you need a break from bullet journaling, then take it. Bullet journaling is supposed to help you have a more fulfilling life, and if it is not helping you to be happy, then take a break and come back later.

Find Supplies You Like

If you don’t like your journal, how motivated are you going to be to use it? I like to think of my first bullet journal as a “trial run.” Start out in any old notebook, but if you decide you like bullet journaling, then invest in a notebook and a pen you truly love.

It will make a difference! If your pen is scratchy and your pages are so thin, the ink bleeds right through every time you write anything, then it won’t be enjoyable to use. The supplies you buy don’t have to break the bank either! The notebook I am using now cost me less than $10, and I enjoy writing in it. If you love it, you will be more likely to use it. :)

Find What Works for You

It doesn’t matter if your journal isn’t like anyone else’s, because. if it works for you, then go for it! When I first started, I made almost every layout I could find. I went on Pinterest and read just about a million articles about bullet journaling. This is definitely unnecessary, and in the long run, it was what caused me to stop the first time. All those layouts were too much to keep up with.

While it is good to know the basics of bullet journaling, you don’t need to know it all. Your journal does not need to be perfect. Just find a cute notebook, which you like, and then take it from there. Your handwriting and layouts will improve over time. I know mine has!

Last Words

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this opportunity to be featured on your blog! I really appreciate it, and I enjoyed writing this article! :)


If you like Pixie’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Pinterest Here!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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