Have you ever contemplated getting a pocket-style printer? Check out my thoughts on the Poooli Pocket Printer and get 15% off your own Pocket Printer!

Is The Poooli Pocket Printer Worth Buying?

Have you ever contemplated getting a pocket-style printer, but you weren't sure if it was worth buying one? Poooli was amazing and sent me the Poooli Pocket Printer to test out and share it with you! This article is a product review where I will walk through my first impressions, pros and cons after use, and final impressions. Check out my thoughts on the Poooli Pocket Printer and get 15% off your own Poooli Pocket Printer.

First Impressions

My first impressions of the printer after it arrived was how cute the printer itself is. The printer is shaped to look like a little bird with the beak being a removable magnet. The next thing I realized was that I did not know how to get it to work or what app to download because my box did not include instructions. After reaching out to the company, this ended up being a simple miscommunication. The instructions were not in my box to make the shipping process quicker, and I had missed the email that explained this and included the instructions. Once I got the instructions, the product was straightforward to use and navigate. Additionally, the amount of paper options is phenomenal; my favorite is the semi-clear paper.

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Pros & Cons of Poooli Pocket Printer


  • Wide variety of paper options
  • Image editing & printing
  • The plethora of printing options and customization
  • Can create a to-do list automatically
  • Super cute aesthetic
  • Fun magnet included
  • Image and text printing


  • The app is somewhat difficult to maneuver for the first time
  • Aesthetic is not for everyone
  • No simple shape options that I found
  • Limited font options

Final Thoughts

Even though I had some difficulties with the app and with working the printer at first, I really enjoy the options this printer provides. Not only can I print pictures, but I can also print text, customize it to some extent, and then I can also print all of the above on varied paper colors and styles! I prefer to keep the magnet on the printer, so it continues to look like a bird, but you can always use it as a magnet as well! I do recommend this printer if you are looking to get one!

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Did you know I own a lot of Poooli Print products including several printers, dozens of papers, and their washi tape!? You can check out my very honest Poooli Print review to learn more about my thoughts.

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