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Useful List of Planning & Reminder Apps for Students (You Need These)

A student’s life can be pretty hectic from managing school work to managing extracuriculars. Planning around the various aspects of academic life can be challenging so we created a list of useful planning and reminder apps for students. Check them out! Your time in school is one of the most exciting periods of your entire life. It is characterized not only by the studying process but also by spending time with friends, going to competitions, and many other areas that make up a student’s life. With that in mind, you’d agree that a student’s life can be pretty hectic from attending classes, doing assignments, participating in extracurricular activities, student politics, and a whole lot of other things. It seems like there isn’t enough time to juggle through everything, as you could get overwhelmed. According to Reliable Plant, 48.4% of college students say they don't have enough time to complete their coursework. That is where planner apps come into play. They are apps that can aid you by creating a system to organize your schoolwork, tests, and other activities. A good number of them are available, so you have to choose the one that suits you best. Let's now look at some of the best planner and reminder apps for students.

List of Planner and Reminder Apps for Students


Evernote is a fantastic tool for organizing your ideas and tasks. It has a customer base of over 250 million people worldwide. This great planner tool allows users to connect notes across various devices, which means if you're working on a project on one device, you can easily continue on another device without losing your progress. You may take notes in many formats, including text, photographs, audio, and videos. Word documents and PDFs can also be attached. It also allows you to collaborate with people, exchange ideas, schedule events, and create reminders. preview of student resources including: must-have resources for students, 10 tips to rock your new semester, and class & study schedule


Trello is a project management solution that divides your tasks into boards. According to the statistics, as of 2021, Trello has over 50 million registered users. Think of Trello as a whiteboard covered in sticky notes, with each note representing a project for you and your team. In Trello, you can see what's being worked on, who's working on it, and the progress made on each project with a single glance.


myHomework is an online student planner that allows you to conveniently monitor your classes, homework, tests, and projects, so you never miss any project. myHomework is available on various platforms, so you'll always know what's due, no matter where you are. The myHomework app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows, and the Web. It is available in free and paid versions. myHomework also connects with Teachers.io, where teachers exchange deadlines, documents, links, and reminders with their students. If you’re overwhelmed with tons of assignments, a college paper writer could provide you with a solution. They are an expert company that provides essay writing services at affordable prices. It is said that they have assisted a lot of students and made their paper writing less stressful. female student on bed with laptop and books looking at laptop and smiliing


Wunderlist is the simplest way to keep track of and share your daily to-do lists. This tool was made to assist students with planning and organization. Wunderlist guarantees that no aspect is overlooked with a stack of new features such as reminders, recurring and subtasks, as well as better notes, sharing, and alerts. All these details are then automatically synchronized across all of your devices. There is absolutely no way to be a good student if you don’t study. Therefore, you must know the best study tips to help you achieve your dreams. It is not just about studying but studying the right way.


Todoist is one of the finest student planner applications, featuring a simple task management system. It is very simple to do things such as adding projects and arranging plans. Its easy-to-use system is just one of its many cool features. The app isn't simply for personal use. It instantly syncs all updates across devices, allowing you to check out anything no matter where you are. Groups may also use it, and you could also keep track of how each activity is progressing, making it ideal for group activities. jenny planner kit banner with page previews_f you love pastel colors and nature themes, the Jenny Pastel Planner Kit is perfect for you! This kit comes with 255 pages of pastel-themed planner pages, including... Shop Jenny!


To get the best results, a hectic student life needs precise and comprehensive planning, and these planners will assist in making that possible. The tools are flexible to tailor their features to your specific needs, which goes a long way to simplify the planning process. Signature-Melony

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