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How To Use Planners To Help with Brand Building

Small businesses are on the rise, so, here are some tips on how to use productivity planners to help with brand building without overwhelm.

In today’s day and age, different types of businesses, such as creative enterprises, are on the rise and are appreciated more than ever. From the jewelry businesses to the journals and planner businesses, ideas are always on the go.

So, where do you begin in the first place?

First, you got to have an idea of what you want to do, what sort of business you want to start. Next, you got to write it down somewhere, like a notebook or a planner.

What if I said that planners are essential not just for developing ones’ personal goals but also for building your brand? It is essential to use productivity planners to help with brand building.

The answer is yes! But how? Keep reading to find out!

Here are some tips for planning your business and using a planner to help you achieve your goals.

A Planner to Help with Brand Building & Organization

Do you want to stay motivated without getting overwhelmed? A planner is great for making a list of goals and ideas, not just business-related but also for personal use.

Amidst a busy schedule, planners for brand building serve as a great tool when you want to sit down and take a minute to plan out your ideas and strategies.

Next, use planners with weekly or daily spreads. Use one that is not only compact but has enough room for you to write. Write down your tasks for the day or week beforehand, so you don’t forget, and check them off or highlight them when you’ve completed them. This way, you will feel accomplished for the day.

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You Will Need To Decide On Your Goal/Vision

First, you want to create a vision of your dream business by asking yourself the following questions.

  • What is your goal in starting this business?
  • Why are you initiating it in the first place?
  • If you were a customer, would you be interested in buying anything included in your business?

Many planners have a section for vision board development, contacts, or goals for the year. I recommend using these sections to map out your goal or vision or note down people to reach out to. You will find that going back to these pages will give you a sense of purpose and a clearer sense of what you want to do in your life. Make changes if necessary, but it’s essential to have a clear goal to begin.

Once you’ve figured that out, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What will you be selling, and who are you selling it to, to help with your goal?
  • If it’s planners, what type of planners? Productivity planners?
  • What content do you include in them?
  • If it’s a jewelry business, decide what types are popular-earrings, watches, necklaces?
  • What designs or products are people looking for?
  • Who would be interested in buying them?

Build A Website

Next, you want to create a website to advertise your business. On your site, make sure you include a bio of yourself, contact page, general content (products, stories, etc.), and a call to action.

A call to action is a statement communicating a purpose or a goal that calls your readers to complete an action. Some examples include a sign-up page for your newsletters or links to purchase your products.

Use Social Media To Bring Awareness To Your Brand

Your next step is to advertise your products on your social media outlets. A productivity planner is a great way to plan out your social media marketing and brand building plan.

According to eMarketer, 79.8% think it’s most important to use social media to build brand awareness, whereas 28.9% think it’s most important to increase sales (find source below). You can also use your planner to write down your socials not to forget passwords or other important information.

Lastly, Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

Engage in healthy self-care routines. I can’t stress that self-care is so important for your wellbeing. If you are in any way feeling overwhelmed, I recommend writing as a way to destress. After a long day, create lists, track down what you are eating, drinking, or doing to unwind, and most importantly, reflect on your day. Buying self-care planners or journals and writing down how you destress are some calls to action. There are plenty of productivity planners and journals with those elements, so I recommend you buy them when you can.

I hope these tips were informative and motivated you to invest in a planner today and start on your dream business! Small businesses are on the rise, so, you should use productivity planners to help with brand building today.

Remember that believing in your visions and creating balance are the most important things you could do.
Stay productive!

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Meet the Author: Deepika Viswanath

Deepika Viswanath is from the Bay Area, California. She is an upcoming author and creator of the Deepika Viswanath site, where she creates and sells self-care journals and productivity planners. In her spare time, she loves to read, draw, and watch basketball.

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